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Metallica M72 Tour & Rod Stewart Concert Reviews | Is Hip-Hop Dying? | The Criticals Interview

Metallica M72 Tour & Rod Stewart Concert Reviews | Is Hip-Hop Dying? | The Criticals Interview
VOICE OVER: Joe Pacheco, Cassius Morris WRITTEN BY: N/A
In this episode of the Innersleeve Music Podcast, We are joined by Nashville rock duo The Criticals! We discuss their latest EP 'Front Door Confrontations', their electrifying new video for single 'Clever Girl', the Nashville music scene, being hands-on in the production process and much more! Joe and Cassius open the show with two event reviews - Joe gives his take on Metallica M72 Tour with Pantera & Mammoth live in Montreal, while Cassius gives his reaction to Rod Stewart and Cheap Trick live in Edmonton!

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0:00 Intro
1:42 Is Hip-Hop Popularity Declining?
8:45 Concert Review: Metallica, Pantera, Mammoth WVH
20:50 Concert Review: Rod Stewart and Cheap Trick
28:00 Concert VS Music Festival
32:50 The Criticals
34:07 Front Door Confrontations EP
35:27 Releasing Older Songs
37:23 How Would You Describe 'The Criticals'?
39:32 Being Hands-On With Your Music
43:17 How Do You Navigate Tasks/Distractions?
44:15 Clever Girl Music Video
46:20 How Do You Decide What Song Is The Single?
48:18 How Did 'The Criticals' Form?
51:04 Recording/Production Process
59:49 Top 10 Song Meanings Everyone Gets Wrong
1:00:46 Outro