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Coachella 2023 Recap | Iron Maiden VS Judas Priest | lofi Producer Zensei Interview

Coachella 2023 Recap | Iron Maiden VS Judas Priest | lofi Producer Zensei Interview
VOICE OVER: Joe Pacheco, Cassius Morris WRITTEN BY: N/A
Coachella 2023 recap. Iron Maiden Vs Judas Priest, Lofi artist/producer zensei.

In this episode of the "Innersleeve" music podcast, hosts Joe and Cassius are joined by Vancouver-based lofi producer, Zensei. Together, they delve into Zensei's latest release "Destination Heartbreak" and explore the genre of lofi music in more detail.

The show kicks off with a lively recap of Coachella 2023's opening weekend, including Bad Bunny's headline set and Frank Ocean's disappointing set. Additionally, they chime in on the age-old debate of Iron Maiden versus Judas Priest and other noteworthy entries from the SoundMojo Community tab.

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0:00 Intro
2:35 Coachella 2023 Recap
12:20 Elton John VS Billie Joel
13:24 Iron Maiden VS Judas Priest
14:33 Have You Ever Been To A Concert Alone
19:14 Zensei
20:14 New Album
20:59 What Is Lofi?
22:20 How Do You Record Lofi?
23:45 Who Inspired You To Start Lofi?
25:15 Lofi VS Slow/Reverb
26:01 How Did You Start Music?
27:02 J Dilla
27:54 What Instruments Do You Play?
29:40 Family Support
32:17 Post-Secondary For Music
33:59 Monstercat Record Label
35:05 Separating EDM Duo
35:33 Acoustic VS Electric
37:09 Vancouver Music Scene
38:25 Destination Heartbreak
39:33 Work vs Play
40:45 Multi-Instrumental Skills
45:03 Top 10 Coolest Musical Instruments
47:02 Outro

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