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VOICE OVER: Joe Pacheco, Cassius Morris WRITTEN BY: N/A
Hey everyone! This week on Innersleeve, we are joined by Canadian engineer and producer, David Strickland! We discuss his new album 'Spirit Of Hip Hop', collaborating with 10+ artists on the project, his recent NFT collection, roots in Toronto starting as a DJ, coming up with famed Drake producer OVO '40', Drake's impact on the Toronto music scene and much more! Joe and Cassius open the show discussing Ozzy Osbourne's return to music and the SoundMojo community tab!

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0:00 Intro
2:03 Ozzy's back!
5:15 Black Sabbath at the Commonwealth games
11:34 George Pacheco music review
13:18 Pan/Scan - A Far Distant Corner of Nothing Special
15:37 Morlock - The Outcasts
19:03 Cassius takes on Def Leppard
22:56 SoundMojo Audience suggestions
32:00 Who is your favourite singer
39:12 TV show with a great theme song
44:57 David Strickland
51:23 Collaborations
53:53 Producing & Engineering
59:28 Working with the OVO crew
1:01:46 Indigenous community & Hip Hop
1:07:49 Toronto music scene
1:09:40 Artwork
1:11:33 NFT's
1:14:48 A young David Strickland
1:16:07 Message to the audience
1:20:43 Interview takeaways

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