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Drake's New Album Cover is...Controversial! | Kanye West's “Donda” | Kandle Interview

Drake's New Album Cover is...Controversial! | Kanye West's “Donda” | Kandle Interview
VOICE OVER: Cassius Morris, Frank Pavan, Joe Pacheco WRITTEN BY: N/A
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Episode 37 of Innersleeve features Canadian singer and songwriter, Kandle! She opens up about the challenges of being a solo female artist, toxicity within the music industry, going through 4 different labels and 8 managers, and producing 40 songs in a calendar year!

The boys are reunited once again. They kick back and weigh in on both the Kanye and Drake albums, play a bit of music trivia and look ahead to what's next for the channel. Cheers!

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0:00 Intro
0:51 Welcome back Cassius
1:36 SoundMojo Merch: https://shop.WatchMojo.comcollections/soundmojo
2:49 SoundMojo Community Tab
5:12 Drake new album cover
9:12 Kanye "Donda"
11:28 Music Trivia
17:30 On This Day in Music
20:41 Kandle
21:57 The journey to Set The Fire album
23:41 Multi-genre artist
24:40 Music Industry experience
26:30 Releasing 40 songs in a year
27:22 Ditching labels and going independent
28:40 Gender Discrimination in the Music Industry
31:02 In it for the music
32:12 Biggest misconception in the music business
34:40 When it Hurts music video
37:26 Working with Keenan Tracey
39:05 Pandemic silver lining
40:42 Relocating to Vancouver
41:43 England
43:52 Favourite current artist
45:16 Touring plans
47:12 Kandle takeaways
49:09 Paul Stanley tests positive for Covid

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