Top 50 Times Karens Faced Justice

Top 50 Times Karens Faced Justice
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These unruly Karens (and Kens) paid the price! Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we're counting down 50 times Karens faced justice for their selfish, entitled, and generally unacceptable behavior! Our countdown of times Karens faced justice includes Fast Food Karens, Park Karens, Airplane Karens, and more!

50 times Karens faced justice

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down 50 times Karens faced justice for their selfish, entitled and generally unacceptable behavior! We won’t be limiting it to the ladies however, so Kens are also fair game!

#50: Low Battery Meltdown
Getting a low phone battery is annoying, sure, but launching into a racist tirade against someone that has nothing to do with that…well, that’s bonkers. In November 2022, a video emerged of an Uber driver getting a load of abuse from a customer. With footage taken from the worker and by a witness, we see the entitled woman yelling at the guy about her battery and wanting a charger. To make her behavior worse, she uttered multiple racial slurs at the driver, sparking gasps from the witness. The police interviewed the driver. However, he didn’t issue a formal complaint. Uber then announced the woman was banned from the platform. Delightful.

#49: Tube Slow
On England’s London Underground, there’s a list of unspoken rules. Don’t talk loudly, don’t speak to strangers to be friendly, and don’t eat smelly stuff. There’s also a written rule about not spitting racist vitriol that one Ken ignored. In 2020, he was yelling aggressive abuse at other passengers like “this is my home” and other such ridiculous things. He even referred to non-white people as his “pets.” Gross. As the tube stops, a group of black guys goes to leave. However, Ken tries to intimidate them. Suddenly, one of the guys spins and punches him, knocking the now-unconscious Ken to the floor in a heap. While cheers erupted from the carriage, some people put Ken in the recovery position.

#48: No Cruz Control
It might not come as a surprise to anyone, but even politicians can be complete Karens. In March 2022, Texas Senator Ted Cruz was running late and ended up missing his flight from Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport in Montana. Instead of handling it like an adult, he argued with the staff for his poor timekeeping, even reportedly whipping out the “Do you know who I am?” card. In the end, the police had to be called to calm Cruz down. Another US politician who hates being told what to do is Amanda Chase. After refusing to wear a mask during the Virginia Senate sessions in February 2021, she had to sit in a plexiglass box of shame. Pretty humiliating.

#47: New Jersey Slurs
When Tameka Bordeaux walked out of her Bayonne, New Jersey, home in January 2021, she was quickly greeted by the sight of a mail carrier being chastised by Claudia Emanuele, who was complaining about some late post. Reportedly attempting to be a good samaritan, she went to help. But as soon as she walked over, Emanuele erupted with a litany of racial slurs at her. Bordeaux tried to simmer down the situation, but that didn’t work. Even walking away had no effect as Emanuele followed and kept using abusive word. Emanuele only stopped with the abuse when Bordeaux went into a store and after two other people had intervened. Bordeaux ultimately handed the video to the cops, who arrested Emanuele.

#46: Buffalo Bigot
In May 2022, Katelynn Bolden, Brandon Hawkins, and Erica Seymour were part of the Behavioral Health Team for the Buffalo Police, which specialized in cases with mental health incidents. The trio watched a video of a black police officer being pulled over by a white officer, highlighting racial profiling, before showing the clip to their captain, Amber Beyer. She reportedly launched into a racially-charged 20-minute rant slating black people. Citing other incidents of her racism, including claims she repeatedly used grim slurs, the three spoke to Commissioner Joseph Gramaglia, who removed her from managing the department. Then, in December 2022, the trio initiated a $15 million lawsuit against Beyer, who was quickly suspended from her role.

#45: Texas Tirade
One common factor of Karens is making sure everyone knows their vile thoughts, even if no one requested them. In August 2022, four Indian-American women were going to their cars after being at a restaurant in Plano, Texas. But then Esmerelda Upton came out of the shadows and decided she was going to go on a racist rant. Fearing for their safety, the women filmed Upton’s outburst. She told the four how much she hated Indians, issued threats of violence, and assaulted them. It was bonkers. On top of being arrested on several charges, Upton also had to contend with not one but two lawsuits from her victims.

#44: Taped Up
Sometimes, people come together to get justice. In 2021, on a flight from Philadelphia to Miami, a drunk Maxwell Berry was causing havoc as he groped two female flight attendants. When a male attendant confronted him, things kicked off. After spouting verbal abuse, Berry attempted to attack the man, but it didn’t work out for him. The attendant, cool as a cucumber, restrained Berry easily. Other passengers got involved and helped by tapping the unruly Berry to his chair. Genius. He was arrested when the plane landed. On top of his cinematic embarrassment going viral, Berry faced charges of three counts of assault. He pled guilty and received sixty days in prison with one year of supervised release.

#43: The Anti-Influencer

Even if you’re just walking down the sidewalk, apparently, that’s enough to summon a Karen from the Shadow Realm to torment you. In December 2022, TikToker Bianca Figueroa said she was doing just that when Sandra Jean Allen was walking in the other direction, so the influencer attempted to get out of her way. After she did, Allen had to escalate the situation with racist insults. When confronted, Figueroa claimed Allen got physical with her, which in turn caused the TikToker to defend herself and her family. Allen proceeded to scream for help, for some reason, then threatened to call ICE on Figueroa…yikes. After throwing in cringey phrases like “are you triggered?”, the altercation got police called to the scene. They were eventually shown the footage, leading Allen to be later arrested for her behavior.

#42: Escalation Karen

Enjoying the warm weather in March 2022 in Bristol, England, Faye Johnson and her three children decided to paddleboard on a river. However, a group of tweens was enjoying their own entertainment, albeit inappropriate and reckless, as they launched rocks and mud balls at folk on the water. Johnson erupted with rage when she and her kids had items lobbed at them. She grabbed her paddle and struck Antwon Forrest on the head, leaving a nasty injury. After the police originally failed to react, which caused much public outrage, they eventually arrested Johnson for her assault. In January 2023, she was handed a four-month suspended sentence and told to give Forrest £500 in compensation.

#41: Walmart Ken

Usually, we see Karens as customers launching a tirade of irrational abuse against employees. Well, not this time! Instead, it’s reversed! In November 2022, an unnamed customer was trying to leave Walmart with a cart of paid items. Instead, he was blocked by an unidentified employee. For context, the worker was white, and the customer was black. The employee demanded to see the receipt before spitting racial insults and slurs. The worker then began taking items from the cart. This caused the two to get into a ruckus over the products. Afterward, the customer issued a formal complaint with Walmart, who later announced the racist employee was no longer working for them.

#40: South African Karen

In 2016, in Johannesburg, South Africa, estate agent Vicki Momberg’s car was broken into. When the police arrived, instead of them being able to help solve this crime, they became victims of another. Momberg launched into a racist tirade against the officers and emergency service dispatchers, even throwing in apartheid-era slurs 48 times. So, she was arrested for crimen injuria, which concerns impairing another’s dignity. In 2018, Momberg became the first South African to be sentenced to jail for such a crime. She was originally handed a sentence of three years, with one suspended. She appealed the decision but failed. By December 2019, Momberg was released from prison and hopefully learned from the experience.

#39: Pizza the Problem

It’s really bizarre how some Karens are so triggered by hearing languages other than their own. In February 2023, this was certainly the case when Rita Bellew went into Amy’s Pizzeria in Hatboro, Pennsylvania. She lost her marbles upon hearing the TV behind the counter speak in Spanish. Bellew spewed a litany of racial insults toward the employees and owners of the restaurant. She then demanded a refund as she wasn't handing her cash to an “illegal immigrant,” in her view. She then claimed that people who called her racist were racist themselves…right. Afterward, Bellew was charged with hate crimes. And to make her more annoyed, hopefully, the pizza shop has reportedly seen an increase in business since her racist rant.

#38: Doorbell Degenerate

For over a year, the Suarez family in St. Louis, Missouri, was harassed by Judy Kline. But, seemingly, it wasn’t until her Ring-recorded exploits went viral that anything was done by the authorities. She often turned up at their property and issued racially charged and violent threats, claiming it was her house. But that’s not all. At one point, she even broke into the building and threatened one member of the family with a hammer. According to reports, Kline’s family had owned the property decades ago but sold it. For some reason, she decided this meant she could still control what someone else does with their home. In February 2023, Kline was arrested and charged for her barrage of crimes against the Suarez family.

#37: Hot, Beautiful, & Unemployed

The unearned confidence of a white Karen is truly a sight to behold. In October 2018, two unidentified black women were in the parking lot of a block of apartments in Charlotte, North Carolina, as they awaited help with a car problem. All of a sudden, a seemingly intoxicated Susan Westwood descends on the duo, proclaiming she is “hot” and “beautiful.” She then rants with tones of racism as she questions why the two are there, with plenty of cursing. Even after being asked to leave, Westwood continued harassing them. So, the women called the cops. Afterward, Westwood lost her job with cable company Spectrum. Then, in 2019, she was sentenced to 12 months of probation for her various charges.

#36: Snow Day

Apparently, like Karens, Kens regularly can’t cope with putting a piece of cloth over their mouth for a bit of time to protect others. In 2022, at a ski resort in Ontario, Canada, one snowboarder wasn’t happy with the business’s wear-a-mask rule. The guy kept trying to get on the ski lift, but the security staff repeatedly stopped him. The unfortunate patient skiers had to watch as Ken's actions slowly ate into their slope time. After the man tries to fight out of security's grasp, the police arrive, and the crowd cheers as this drama finishes. The man was escorted from the resort, but no charges were filed. However, he did get the embarrassment of this video going online.

#35: Takeout Freakout

In the modern world, online reviews are vital. A business can be successful or collapse on that mark out of five. Well, David DeMerchant phoned the restaurant Frank D’s to order takeout. However, he was put on hold. So, DeMerchant let the world know about his bad experience. Sadly for him, the owner added some details he conveniently left out. His server actually had a seizure while on the phone with DeMerchant. He then arrived at the restaurant to pick up his order, ignoring the ambulance outside. When they offered to make it there, DeMerchant refused, went home, and wrote this misleading review. Now, he has to live with the shame of getting publicly called out.

#34: Miss-Kick

After having a few drinks, people tend to get an inflated ego. In 2021 at the Linksters Taproom in Florida, one patron thought more highly of his fighting skills than he should have. In the video, we see him yelling at a guy on the street. As the guy approaches, the patron goes to showcase what he’s learned from watching three UFC fights with a roundhouse kick. Only… he misses, big time. He pretty much takes himself out of the battle with some instant karma. Various other bar folk descend on the scene and separate the duo. However, the patron tries to punch the guy to save face… it doesn’t work. On a side note, the lights on the tree outside are really mesmerizing.

#33: IHOP Patience

Waitstaff has to deal with a lot of annoying and unnecessary stress from customers. Honestly, they should be paid so much more than what they get. Especially this IHOP employee in 2022. One sneaky customer recorded one man having a meltdown at the restaurant. This Ken decided that slow service was the thing that tipped him over. After arguing with Ken and getting abused, she tells him to leave and walks off. Like a rational person, he picks up his glass and throws it on the floor, causing pieces to fly around and hit other people. Yikes. Quickly, security descends on Ken and forces him out of the restaurant with plenty of shame.

#32: Collier Karen

Educators are often seen as one of the noblest and most trustworthy groups. But then there’s Patricia Schmidt, who smudges that reputation and then some. In August 2021, she was an Exceptional Student Education Specialist at an elementary school in Naples, Florida. According to the unidentified mother, she and her children were walking on the pavement down a road. Schmidt, who was driving, beeped her horn before she rolled down her window as she thought the two were trespassing. She embarked into a curse-filled racist and ableist rant, screaming multiple slurs at them. With all the negative publicity, the Collier County School District initially put Schmidt on leave before they fired her for her disgusting behavior.

#31:Sheep in the Bank

Once again, we have someone who has a tantrum over being asked to wear a facemask inside a business. In March 2021, in Galveston, Texas, Terry Lynn Wright refused to comply at a bank. So, they asked her to leave, which she declined. With no other option, the staff called the cops to have Wright removed. When the police arrived, Wright tried to tell the officer about the law. Yikes. After getting physical with the cop, Wright was arrested. In the process, she tried claiming it was “police brutality,” but multiple witnesses hilariously disagreed, prompting her to call them “sheep.” A week later, to the surprise of no one, Wright had a similar incident at another location. She was later sentenced to 12 days in jail.

#30: Key Fob Kelly

Even just trying to get home apparently ruffles the Karens’ feathers. In October 2018, D’Arreion Toles was trying to enter the apartment complex where he lived in St. Louis, Missouri. In his way was a white woman, Hilary Brooke Mueller, armed with a tiny dog, who had a problem with the black man trying to get to his residence. Acting as though she owned the building, she demanded proof that he lived there, dabbling in some racial profiling. Thirty minutes after this incident, a police officer sent by Mueller spoke to Toles in his apartment. Yikes. When the video went viral, Mueller’s employers weren’t too happy. The real estate company Tribeca-STL fired her publicly for her stunt.

#29: Radio Karen

Oh, boy, another incident of a white American snapping when hearing a non-English language spoken. In July 2020, a group of landscapers was working in the street in Nashua, New Hampshire. Suddenly, they were accosted by conservative Donald Trump-loving radio host Dianna Ploss, who recorded the incident. She laid into them for speaking Spanish, then accused some of the workers of being in the States illegally. A passerby stepped in to confront Ploss. But she only made more racial statements and called him a “social justice warrior” for wearing a facemask. According to George Russell, who owned the radio station WSMN Broadcasting, he received thousands of complaints about Ploss’s actions. So, he dropped her show from their slate.

#28: Cocktail Catastrophe

Many of us have had the joy-slash-trauma of having too much to drink on a night out. But not many of us will descend into a racist rant. Then again, we’re not Justine Morrison - and admittedly, we don’t know how much she drank - but reports did say she threw a drink in January 2023. In fact, she was removed from a cocktail bar in Halifax, England, after causing a scene. Outside, Morrison decided being ejected wasn’t enough. She decided to go on a racist rant at the doorman, Dally Whylie, spitting her disgust at him as her tirade was recorded. Not only was she cautioned by the police for her hate crime and got permanently banned from the bar, but Morrison was also fired from her part-time accounting job for the Shine Theatre Arts.

#27: Horsing Around
In 2013, Christine McGrail and her daughter Olivia decided to wait in the drive-thru at McDonald’s in Whitefield, England. Sounds normal so far. Except they were on horses. When they were refused service for safety reasons and told to go inside the building to order, McGrail decided that meant letting Olivia take her pony inside as she waited outside with her own horse. Confused and disgusted customers were soon more grossed out when the horse defecated in the restaurant. Lovely(!) But it’s okay, as McGrail later claimed that everyone found it funny, which is doubtful, but especially not hilarious to the staff who had to clean the mess. McGrail was fined £90 and was banned from the McDonald’s property.

#26: Airplane Assault

It’s strange the trajectory some minor celebrities can go through in their lives. Take Patricia Cornwall. She was an NFL cheerleader and did a little acting in the past. Then, in December 2021, she was videoed attacking an older man on a plane. Cornwall was apparently enraged that Russell Miller wasn’t wearing a facemask as he was eating and drinking. While he didn’t help calm down the situation, instead calling her some choice phrases, Cornwall’s unhinged reaction was something else. She struck, scratched, and spat on Miller. Thankfully, the flight staff managed to separate the two. However, Cornwall was arrested by the FBI after landing and charged with several crimes for her bizarre behavior.

#25: Smoothie Tirade

Hospitality employees have it rough. They’re not paid enough and have to serve the public all day. Nightmare. But it got worse for teenage workers at Robeks in Fairfield, Connecticut, in January 2022 when James Iannazzo walked in. Apparently, he had bought his son a smoothie from there, resulting in an allergic reaction which required medical treatment. However, according to the staff, Iannazzo didn’t mention the peanut allergy when he ordered. He erupted with a racist tirade at the employees, even throwing the beverage at them. Iannazzo was fired by Merrill Lynch and was arrested. He was given a year of probation and had to donate $500 to charity. Then, he settled a lawsuit from one of the employees for a reported $7,500.

#24: SoCal Karen

In 2020, Torrance, California, and the surrounding area were haunted by a figure that harassed folk with Asian heritage. Lena Hernandez, who used to be a social worker – weirdly – was involved in several incidents where she launched into grim racist rants at people for seemingly little to no reason. At one point, she put on a mock Asian accent to belittle one victim. But in July 2020, she was finally arrested for attacking Kayceelyn Salminao at the Del Amo mall the previous year. In October 2020, Hernandez pleaded no contest to misdemeanor battery. As such, she received 45 days in jail, three years of probation with a year of anger management, and was barred from being near Salminao and the mall.

#23: Randy Marsh Cosplay

You know it’s a big deal when a performer has to stop what they’re doing to address some nonsense in the audience. And that’s exactly what happened in Georgia in 2022 as the comedian Lewis Black was doing his set. Comedians usually deal with hecklers swiftly and harshly. But not in this case. Black bluntly called out the guy who was harassing people in the audience. The crowd then turns their displeasure on Ken and yells for him to leave. Quickly, security arrives to escort him from the venue. At this point, Ken produces his best Randy Marsh impression from “South Park” by yelling that he thought this was America. It is. Which is why a private business can throw him out.

#22: Party Pooper
The bachelorette party is a cherished symbol for those taking the plunge into married life. In 2022, one group of women rented a $4,000 AirBnB to have a big shindig. But one local resident wasn’t happy. This Ken trespassed onto the property as the women were enjoying the pool. He reportedly videoed them to make it extra creepy. Yelling that the party is disturbing the neighborhood, apparently, he uses transphobic slurs and threatens violence against the group. The woman stood their ground with this nonsense and called the police. Unfortunately for Ken, he was arrested for his nosey behavior. On top of that, he was already on probation for a domestic dispute the week before. Uh-oh.

#21: Baldwin Baddie
Hey, even famous men can be Kens! It’s not just a title for us normies. In 2018, actor Alec Baldwin had a bit of an… incident. He had apparently gotten into an argument with Wojciech Cieszkowski over a parking space in New York City. Instead of dealing with it rationally, Baldwin reportedly shoved Cieszkowski hard in the chest and then punched him across the jaw. In 2019, Baldwin sued Cieszkowski for the accusations and false imprisonment. He also claimed Cieszkowski was exaggerating his injuries. But the actor did admit guilt for a violation of harassment. Baldwin received a conditional discharge and enrollment in an anger management course. In 2022, this drama eventually concluded when the case was settled.

#20: SoHo Karen
At the end of 2020, a video went viral that showcased the later-named SoHo Karen. Taking place at the Arlo Hotel in SoHo, Manhattan, New York, Miya Ponsetto couldn’t find her phone. Instead of being calm and rational, she decided to accuse a random Black person, the 14-year-old Keyon Harrold Jr, of stealing it. He didn’t have it. With Ponsetto also losing patience with Harold’s father, she tackled the young boy to the ground, all of which was caught on camera. In the aftermath, a warrant was issued for her arrest. After a brief car chase, the cops got her. But she made it worse for herself by resisting. She pled guilty to a felony hate crime and received two years of probation.

#19: Dog Park Karen
For some reason, Karens seem to flock to dog parks. It’s bizarre how often this seems to happen. In 2021, author Frederick Joseph and his partner enjoyed a night walk with their pup in Brooklyn, New York. Suddenly, they were harassed by a woman. According to Joseph and a bystander in the video, the woman threatened to get the cops involved and told the couple to “stay in [their] hood.” This was all because the dog was barking loudly at night. There’s just one problem: she got another apparently loud dog mixed up with Joseph’s. After the video spread online, she was ID’ed as Emma Sarley. Once her employer, software firm Bevy, heard about the incident and her discriminatory behavior, Sarley was fired.

#18: Karen Named Karen
Sometimes, it’s the little things in life. A rainbow, the smell of cut grass, and a Karen actually named Karen. In 2021, Karen Turner attempted to shop in a grocery store in Ohio. But since the pandemic was underway, people were on edge. Well, not Turner, who refused to wear a mask. The store’s staff told her to leave, but she stubbornly didn’t. We’re not sure what she was expecting here, but it probably wasn’t the police turning up. Bodycam footage shows Turner being as uncooperative as possible with the cops. As they attempt to take her handbag from her, she hilariously screams: [SB: “illegal search.”] Turner was fined $573, plus court costs, for her strange protest.

#17: Cat Meat Karen
Here’s a woman who ticks off loads of boxes on the Karen bingo card. In 2022, TikTok user “iriskessler” posted a weird interaction that occurred outside a Mexican restaurant near her work. A customer known as Ariel accused the place of serving her cat meat instead of chicken. It's a bit weird that she apparently knows what cat meat tastes like. She then threw things at the restaurant’s windows and threatened further violence against them. As “iriskessler” and others stood outside to stop her from returning, Ariel spat out various insults and homophobic remarks while they waited for the cops to come. Her nonchalant demeanor soon went out the window as she was bundled into the back of the police car while screaming.

#16: Zombie Karen
Imagine a plague where zombies are created. That’s already grim. Well, now picture a zombie Karen…sorry for that image. In 2020, an unnamed woman was reportedly told to leave a Louisiana bar and wasn’t let back in. It isn’t hard to see why. With the door closed, she didn’t take the news well. She threw herself against the glass multiple times while yelling. She then began licking the door for some reason. Not getting anywhere with her “Walking Dead” schtick, she tried to bust in using her head. She also accused the person filming of being racist…riiiight. By the end of the video, we see her being taken by police. She probably felt so silly the following day…hopefully.

#15: Plane Karen
Babies and planes can be a rough mix. But in 2018, Susan Peirez handled things really poorly. Complaining about having to sit next to a young child and insulting the mom, Peirez seemingly wanted to be moved, but this wasn’t do-able. She subsequently demanded the name of the flight attendant, Tabitha. Once she got it, she basically implied that she could get the worker fired. Well, Tabitha wasn’t going to let that slide. She called for Peirez, now with a surprised Pikachu face, to be removed from the plane. The Karen tried to say she was sorry, but the damage was done. Her employer, the New York State Council on the Arts, suspended her.

#14: Healthcare Karen
It’s not every day a Karen tells on themselves. It makes our job a little bit easier though. In 2021, worldwide events caused Karens in all fields to get…weird. One working at a medical center in Kentucky decided this was going to be the hill she wanted to metaphorically perish on. In a video posted by the TikTok account @journeyintruth, the woman is asked to leave the building. She claims she hasn't resigned or been fired. Well, seemingly, one of those isn’t correct. In reality, the woman refused to comply with a vaccination mandate, meaning she could no longer work there. The head of security demands her and a fellow like-minded colleague’s badge, while she flicks her foot about and refuses to comply.

#13: Cornerstore Caroline
In 2018, a woman claimed to have been assaulted by a young boy in a corner store in Brooklyn, New York. That’s shocking and horrific, right?! In a video released online, we see the apparent victim, Teresa Klein, calling the cops on the young family as the children cry. However, her version of events was very, very wrong. CCTV showed that as the boy walked out of the store, his backpack lightly grazed her. So she put this family through unnecessary stress over nothing. She apologized to the falsely accused Black child after the truth came out, but her words were widely seen as insufficient. There was talk of an investigation into her actions, and while she wasn’t arrested, she was mocked and called out.

#12: Marjorie Taylor Greene Fined
Even politicians can be Karens! Marjorie Taylor Greene is one of the most controversial figures in the US. If she isn’t spouting conspiracy theories, then she’s showing her pro-virus tendencies during a pandemic. Greene refused to wear a mask in Congress, despite it being required. She ignored this easy-to-follow mandate many times. When a person breaks this House rule, they’re fined $500 the first time, then $2500 for each following incident. Usually, the amount is taken off the representative’s salary. In January 2022, Greene claimed she had been fined nearly $90,000 as a result of her ignoring the directive. Using math, that means she’d flouted the decree around 37 times at that point…yikes.

#11: Cat Karen
Nobody likes to be told they can’t do something. But sometimes, it’s best to just listen and take the L. In 2020, a woman arrived at the World Gym in New Taipei, Taiwan. However, she wanted to bring her cat in with her. We can only assume she needed a trusted spotter. After attempting this numerous times in the past and reportedly having her membership taken away, she tried once more. But this time, she used violent threats. Then, still not getting her way, she took all her clothes off, stormed into the gym, and began working out. About thirty minutes later, the police arrived and arrested her after making sure she was dressed.

#10: Armed Ken & Karen
In 2020, as a group of George Floyd protestors went through a neighborhood in St. Louis, Missouri, all was fine. Well, it was until Patricia and Mark Thomas McCloskey came out of their house yelling and pointing firearms at the protestors. Due to their bizarre actions, the two were invited to appear at that year’s Republican National Convention, where they criticized the Black Lives Matter movement. In 2021, the McCloskeys pled guilty to misdemeanor offenses. This resulted in fines for the pair and the destruction of their notorious weapons. However, the Missouri governor Mike Parson pardoned them. In 2022, the Supreme Court of Missouri indefinitely suspended their law licenses, but then gave them a year’s probation instead.

#9: Anti-Mask Karen
When the worldwide events kicked in during 2020, most people rallied and helped each other out. But there’s always some that ruin it for everyone else. In 2021 in Nebraska, a woman was filmed in a grocery store without a mask on. Already off to a rough start. When questioned about it by masked shoppers, she patronizingly calls them “cute” and “sheep.” And, oh yeah, she dramatically coughs at people while claiming she has “allergies.” After the video went viral, the coughing woman's identity was discovered to be Janene Hoskovec. Her employers at German software company SAP caught wind of what had happened and fired Hoskovec for her disregard for the public's health and safety.

#8: Starbucks Karen
Ah, more anti-mask people. In 2020, Amber Gilles posted an image on Facebook of Starbucks barista Lenin Gutierrez in San Diego, California. She claimed she was refused service for not wearing a mask, and she wasn't best pleased. And it didn’t have quite the effect she was going for. Instead, a GoFundMe page was created for Gutierrez to give him tips for standing up to Gilles. Currently, it has over $105,000! Well, Gilles wasn’t happy. In 2021, she decided to sue Matt Cowan, who created the GoFundMe page. She claimed that a screenshot of her original post included in the fundraiser violated her rights. The suit was dismissed by a judge. However, Gilles is appealing the decision.

#7: BBQ Becky
It’s the video that launched a thousand memes. In 2018, a group of people were enjoying the nice weather by having a barbecue at Lake Merritt in Oakland, California. Well, not on Jennifer Schulte’s watch! She told the group that they couldn't be there for a barbecue and that she apparently owned the park – she doesn’t. She then proceeds to call the police. She even takes and refuses to give back one person’s I.D. Eventually, the cops arrive with Schulte sobbing over the incident. They assessed her for a psychiatric hold but felt she didn’t fit the criteria. After this event, Oakland residents came together at the site to have a large cookout, probably causing Schulte a sleepless night with all those grilled goodies.

#6: San Fran Karen
In San Francisco in 2020, James Juanillo was stenciling a B.L.M message on his OWN wall. But someone asks for his attention. As he turns, he’s greeted with one of the most terrifying expressions a person can have in the shape of Lisa Alexander. Juanillo is then told by her that he shouldn’t do that on other people’s property. He plays along for a bit until Alexander states she knows the wall isn’t his as she knows the person whose it is. Uh-oh. Juanillo then goads them into calling the cops, which they do. After the video went viral, Alexander apologized for calling the police. Several companies also cut ties with the skincare firm she’s C.E.O of.

#5: QAnon Karen
In 2020, with the world struggling with restrictions, Melissa Rein Lively in Scottsdale, Arizona, went to a nearby Target and recorded herself wrecking their display of face masks while yelling “it’s over,” in reference to the pandemic. When confronted by Target staff, she – for some reason – brings up her $40,000 Rolex. Ya see, Lively had fallen prey to the QAnon conspiracy cult. She had fallen down a rabbit hole of misinformation that had slowly filled her with irrational rage. After the video spread online, she returned home to find her husband had called the police to take her in for a psychiatric evaluation. After her treatment, Lively saw QAnon for what it is and became an advocate against it.

#4: Permit Patty
In 2018 in San Francisco, 8-year-old Jordan Rodgers was saving up to afford to go to Disneyland. This entrepreneur did this by selling cold bottled water on the street, right outside her house, for $2. Well, because people hate plucky kids, apparently, Alison Ettel decided to intervene. In a video, she is shown calling the cops on Rodgers for not having a permit. Ettel claims the yelling about the water being for sale for hours on end is what drove her to make the harsh decision. After the video was uploaded, Ettel was nicknamed “Permit Patty” by the wonderful internet. Due to the backlash, she was later forced to resign as C.E.O of TreatWell Health.

#3: Non-Flying Senator
Sometimes, U.S. senators like to think of themselves as untouchable. Well, in 2021, Alaska State Senator Lora Reinbold learned this isn’t always the case. She was videoed at Juneau International Airport, arguing with staff over their mask rules. In a classic Karen move, whenever a member of staff asked her to wear it properly, she wrote down their name for daring to question her authority. Later on, Reinbold called it “mask tyranny.” With all the online backlash to the video, Alaska Airlines stated they told Reinbold she’s no longer allowed to fly with them. As a result, she asked to be excused from legislative sessions until next year since traveling was now a nightmare for her. Whoops.

#2: Mother & Son Karen
Sometimes, being a Karen can be a family affair. And that was the case in 2021 in Tennessee. Johnny Martinez, who was doing his job checking vehicle permits in a residential building’s car park, was accosted by mother and son, Bitsy and Edward Brennan. They demand to see his I.D. and state he shouldn’t be there. Martinez refuses to go along with their antics. Out of nowhere, Edward attacks Martinez since he’s recording on his phone. Bitsy then calls the cops. Edward then tries to gaslight the video camera by claiming he never touched Martinez… riiiiiiight. In the aftermath, Edward was served with an arrest warrant for assault and Bitsy was fired as an investment broker at U.B.S.

#1: Central Park Karen
In 2020, Christian Cooper went to watch birds in New York’s Central Park. But he spots namesake Amy Cooper with an unleashed dog, which they need to be in that area. So, Christian asked her to put a leash on the pup. Instead of realizing her mistake and being sorry, she goes all Sith and refuses. Christian records the scary part where she announces that she'll call the cops and recklessly claim, “an African-American man [is] threatening my life” when he was doing no such thing. It’s also really distressing seeing her yank her dog’s collar all over the place. After the video came out, Franklin Templeton Investments fired Amy. She was also charged with several crimes, but those charges were later dropped.

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