Top 5 Crazy Facts About Sex Laws

Top 5 Crazy Facts About Sex Laws
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Written by Michael Wynands

There are some crazy laws that reach right into our bedrooms! Flirting, oral sex, selling a dildo or a vibrator... There are places in the United states where that kind of thing can send you to jail! ...Sometimes, what's just as shocking is what IS legal! Check out this edition of WatchMojo's Top 5 Facts to learn the can't un-learnable.

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Written by Michael Wynands

Top 5 Facts: Unbelievable Sex Laws

A three-way might be a sexual fantasy for some, but the reality is, any sexual encounter already has a third party involved whether you like it or not… the government. Welcome to WatchMojo’s Top 5 Facts. In today’s instalment, we’re counting down the top 5 facts about unbelievable sex laws. Most of our research revolved around North American laws, so that’s the focus of these facts.

#5: You Could End Up in Jail For Flirting

You might call it a little bit of harmless fun - but certain cities in America consider it a crime. You’re welcome to try your best pickup lines across most of the United States, but try those sorts of shenanigans in Haddon Township, New Jersey or Little Rock, Arkansas, and you'll be flirting with your cellmate for the next 30 days. In practice, these laws are very rarely used, but the fact that they still exist is pretty ludicrous. Little Rock and Haddon Township are one thing, but how about New York City? In the Big Apple “a fine of $25 can be levied for flirting,” which given the city's rep is a pretty lame way to drop 25 bucks.

#4: Sex Toys Are Banned in Multiple Cities & States

Talk about an invasive piece of legislation. Nevada might be home to the “City of Sin” and legalized prostitution… but some counties aren’t on board. While it may not have been enforced for a long time, until 2009, Reno, in Washoe county, had a law prohibiting the sale of sex toys, unless marketed as “novelty products”. In the town of Sandy Springs, Georgia, distribution and acquisition of sex toys is strictly prohibited, even from online stores. The real kicker? This is a town in which guns can be carried everywhere– bars, churches, schools… even some government buildings. Sure, you can pack heat, but there better not be a concealed vibrator in that purse. Over in Alabama, there’s a state-wide ban on the distribution of sex toys– except for “medical, scientific, educational, legislative, judicial, or law enforcement" purposes.

#3: There Are Laws Against “Sodomy” in Many States

Sodomy is a word of biblical proportions that comes with a lot of judgement attached. You don’t name an act after a city of sinners unless you’re trying to throw some serious shade. And here’s the thing… sodomy isn’t just anal sex, it’s any form of oral sex, too. While some politicians might have a strict exit only policy, it seems hard to believe they’re willing to give up the other stuff, too. “Crimes against nature” apply equally to heterosexual couples, but historically, have only been used to discriminate against the LGBTQ community. While the Supreme Court deemed such laws unconstitutional in 2003 in a landmark case against the state of Texas, another 13 states refuse to repeal their state legislation.

#2: Bestiality is Legal in Canada…As Long As There’s No Penetration

Here’s where we shift from unbelievably overbearing and paternalistic to the “WTF” side of unbelievable. As the result of a Supreme Court case, it was found that bestiality isn't illegal in Canada, so long as there’s no penetration between man and beast. Let’s be clear, when one man actually got his bestiality conviction overturned on these grounds in the court of appeal, Canada was just as shocked as anyone else. Like many of the aforementioned laws, this oversight in Canadian law is a testament to how outdated many sex laws actually are, and how desperately legal definitions of sexually related crimes need to be updated. But unless parliament makes those changes, certain forms of bestiality are technically legal in Canada.

#1: Necrophilia Isn’t Illegal in Louisiana & a Few Other States

Hey, remember when we discussed the 13 states where sodomy was illegal? Well, Louisiana and North Carolina were counted among them. Oral and anal sex are totally off the table, but the corpse sitting on that mortician’s table? TOTALLY FAIR GAME. Yes, a quick BJ under the bleachers can technically land you in prison, but being found mid-thrust with the recently deceased is apparently… only frowned upon. So… how exactly can someone get away with necrophilia? Nowhere is it stated that necrophilia is explicitly legal. But it’s made possible due to a lack of clear legislation against it.

Which of these unsexy sex facts did you find to be the most unbelievable? Are there any other boner-killing sex laws you’ve heard of? For more insane top 10s and so-crazy-they-must-be-true Top 5s, be sure to subscribe to
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