Top 20 Times Kenny Was The Best Character On South Park

Top 20 Times Kenny Was The Best Character On South Park
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Who doesn't love Kenny? For this list, we'll be looking at Kenny McCormick's best and most iconic moments on South Park. Our countdown includes Kenny to Peruvian Music, Kenny Lives Another Day, Sabotaging Cartman's NASCAR Career, Commanding Heaven's Army, and more!

Top 20 Times Kenny Was The Best Character On South Park

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Times Kenny Was The Best Character On “South Park”.

For this list, we’ll be looking at Kenny McCormick’s best and most iconic moments on South Park.

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#20: Kenny to Peruvian Music

Peruvian flute bands have taken the town of South Park by storm; they can practically be seen on every corner of the street. Initially, the boys don’t give it much thought, that is until they quite literally cannot escape the music. The sole exception however, being Kenny. Not once, but twice, we see Kenny get down and show off his dance moves as the music plays. Viewers can’t help but feel both amused and entertained at how Kenny expresses his appreciation for the music genre. Leave it to the South Park creators to have such subtle, brief yet funny moments during scenes.

#19: “Screw You Guys I’m Going Home”

Kyle gets sick, so, naturally, his best friend Stan is feeling down about it. He laments the possibility of losing his friend for good and feels powerless. This is understandable, but it ends up being in bad taste considering he’s doing this in front of Kenny, who,as we all know, has passed on multiple occasions without anyone even going so far as to bat an eyelash. Furious, Kenny gets up and exclaims one of the most iconic catchphrases of the series belonging to Cartman. It’s muffled, but it’s another moment showcasing how iconic Kenny can be.

#18: Not Letting Cartman Have The Chinpokomon

Chinpokomon is the talk of the town for the children in South Park, and everyone wants a piece. When Cartman enters the town’s toy store, he eventually sets his sights on buying the chinpokomon toy named Pengin. He soon sees that there are none left and the last one has been taken by Kenny. Cartman attempts to take it from him, but Kenny doesn’t let up. What ensues is a hilarious tug of war between both boys. We give credit to Kenny for standing his ground and not letting Cartman have his way.

#17: Kenny Lives Another Day

On a trip to Costa Rica, Kenny meets and develops a crush on a girl named Kelly. The relationship is up and down to say the least, but it’s fortunate that Kenny got acquainted with her. Near the end of the episode, he gets struck by lightning. Initially, we expect this to be another typical gruesome end for our favorite orange parka wearing fourth grader. But not so fast. In an unexpected twist, Kelly comes to the rescue and saves his life. Alright, so while he doesn’t exactly do anything here, we’re just grateful and glad he survives and is able to remain alive the entire episode.

#16: Kenny Comes Back For Good

Speaking of living, you knew we had to go with his return to the show for this list. In season 5, the creators decided to kill off the character for good after growing tired of having to find new ways to get rid of him. Fortunately, they missed his presence and decided to casually and nonchalantly bring him back at the end of season 6’s “Red Sleigh Down.” He was dearly missed, so his reappearance was a sight to behold, in turn making viewers cherish and appreciate him all the more. We just love how it was made to seem like nothing had ever happened in the first place.

#15: Trying to Prevent His Parents From Having A Child

After his parents tell him that they are interested in having another child, Kenny is displeased to say the least. Unable to bear what may come if this were to happen, he decides to take matters into his own hands. He does whatever he can so that his parents do not conceive, and takes drastic measures to do so. His schemes are childish but hilarious to say the least, but we can’t help but love Kenny’s determination and be thoroughly entertained. Unfortunately, it’s his father who is on the painful receiving end of his son’s efforts. In the end, he doesn’t technically get another sibling, so we suppose that means he came out on top?

#14: Kenny Saves the Day

E-Scooters have caused chaos during Halloween trick-or-treating in South park, and it’s up to Kenny and Mr. Mackey to save the day. Since the scooters are activated via telephone, they head by a cell tower in an effort to turn off everyone’s cell phones. They manage to bring the tower down and the scooters cease to function. This pairing was the one we least expected yet never knew we really needed. However, what truly has us in all the feels is seeing Kenny’s joy at being able to trick-or-treat with his friends.

#13: Kenny Attacks Death

As previously mentioned, Kenny is no stranger to death. However, season 2’s “City on the Edge of Forever” sees him quite literally fight back and take matters in his own hands. In a reimagined memory, boys look back on the time they were pursued by the Grim Reaper. While Kenny in reality met his demise during the encounter, his recollection however shows him confronting the figure head-on and beating him up. We love the idea of Kenny changing the course of his fate and doing so in such badass fashion. It doesn’t matter who you are; don’t mess with Kenny.

#12: Dr. Kenny McCormick

The “South Park: Post Covid” specials take us 40 years into the future. Viewers get a glimpse at older versions of the boys and see how they’re doing in life. The only thing that comes as close to being as shocking as Cartman converting to Judaism is Kenny becoming a world-renowned scientist. While only mentioned in passing (due to, of course, not being alive in the future timeline) during the specials, fans can’t help but get a kick at seeing how far Kenny has come in life. Oh yeah, and not to mention the fact that he was the primary force behind finding a cure for COVID and discovering time travel. What a guy.

#11: Spin Blossom Nut Squash

To get to the bottom of what’s going on with Chef, the boys pay a visit to the headquarters of the Super Adventure Club, the group which he joined after leaving South Park. Learning of the club’s true intentions, the club’s leader calls security to get them off the premises. But before being escorted out, the boys retaliate and decide to rescue their friend. How do they dispose of the Super Adventure Club member guarding Chef might you ask? Like this. This totally came from left field and we didn’t even know Kenny was capable of such a maneuver.

#10: Sabotaging Cartman’s NASCAR Career

For some strange reason, Cartman believes that being incompetent and impoverished means you have the talent of becoming the best NASCAR driver. Being the superfan that he is, Kenny takes great offense to this and refuses to let Cartman get away with his insulting beliefs while potentially succeeding as a NASCAR driver. And so, Kenny takes it upon himself to sabotage his friend’s races, going so far as to try and bring a sniper rifle with him and even leaping onto the track mid-race. Though his attempts are unsuccessful, Cartman’s career does crash and burn in the most humiliating way possible.

#9: Picture Day

Just like with any other school, there’s always one kid who has to pull something ridiculous for Picture Day, and Kenny had the best idea. For his photos, Kenny has put his clothes on in such a way that his butt ends up where his face should be. Hilarious? Oh, a hundred percent! But the joke stops being funny to Cartman once a couple mistakes Kenny’s photo for their missing son. And yes, these grieving parents also have rear ends for faces. Honestly, our biggest question was “how come none of the other adults noticed Kenny was pulling a prank on them?”

#8: Working at City Wok

For Kenny McCormick, life is hard. His parents are drunks, and there never seems to be enough money for proper meals and a decent childhood. And so, he takes it upon himself to get a job at City Wok. How Mr. Kim managed to get away with child labor is beyond us. Luckily, he does pay Kenny, and we soon find out why Kenny took the job to begin with. With what little cash he managed to earn from Mr. Kim, Kenny buys a doll for his sister. What a sweet big brother!

#7: Saving Hawaii

On account of Butters being angry with everyone but him, Kenny somehow ends up having to go to Hawaii for Butters’ Hapa Noa. Unfortunately, a series of events leads the Hawaiians to believe that Kenny might bring an end to them, forcing him to prove himself as a Hawaiian. Though he disappoints with his surfing skills, Kenny manages to turn things around with a little bit of help from Elvis Presley…and a large supply of beverages. With the Hawaiians having more ingredients for chi-chis, Kenny successfully saves the islands.

#6: Owning in Magic: The Gathering

If you’ve ever played “Magic: The Gathering”, you’ll know how complex of a game it can become, what with several decades worth of cards made since 1993. However, we didn’t anticipate Kenny to be the MTG Master between the boys. Throughout the episode, Kenny obliterates his opponents with all of the powerful cards in his deck, and he does so with great confidence. Doesn’t matter if you have been playing for years or if you are only a chicken, Kenny makes it clear that he has the perfect deck assembled, and he is prepared to wipe the floor with you.

#5: Commanding Heaven’s Army

All Kenny wants to do is play his brand new PSP and conquer the new game, “Heaven vs. Hell”. He’s so enthralled with his game that he practically shuts out the entire world, which gets himself hit by an ice cream truck. Surprisingly, his PSP skills will be put to the test as the real Heaven is about to be invaded by Hell’s army. And so, God appoints him as the commander of Heaven’s forces. As expected, Kenny does not disappoint and manages to fend off Satan and his minions…though it did come with some casualties.

#4: Protecting Karen

As we saw in the episode where Kenny works at City Wok, he is one of the best brothers we’ve seen on television, an absolute role model. This side of Kenny is shown once more in the episode, “The Poor Kid”, where he dons his Mysterion persona. Karen is having trouble fitting into her new school and is about to get beat up by Jessica Pinkerton. Luckily, Kenny comes in to save the day. He not only gives the meanie a taste of her own medicine, but he also grabs Karen to bring her to safety. Big Brother of the Century, folks!

#3: Becoming a Princess

For some reason, Kenny does not desire to be a barbarian, a ranger, or even a cleric. No, when the boys are playing “Game of Thrones”, Kenny wants to be a princess. Sounds absurd, yes, but it isn’t until much later when we understand why he had this ambition. To aid Kenny and his army in the console war, tech company Sony gives Kenny what he needs to become a true princess. With Sony’s medallion, Kenny possesses the powers of a true magical anime princess and proceeds to stop entire shipments of Xbox consoles. We have a feeling this was all just to give Cartman the bird.

#2: Being a True Superhero

When it comes to playing superheroes, Kenny is much, much different than the rest of the kids. See, the kids don their superhero personas because they’re simply pretending to be superheroes. Kenny, on the other hand, DOES possess a superpower - being unable to truly die. Under the guise of Mysterion, he actually uses this as a means to legitimately fight crime, acting as the Dark Knight to South Park’s Gotham. From exposing his foster parents’ mistreatment to bringing down a cult to aiding in Cthulhu’s defeat, Kenny is absolutely the hero we don’t deserve, but the hero South Park needs.

#1: Convincing Satan to Dump Saddam Hussein

Satan is trapped in a toxic relationship with former dictator Saddam Hussein. Whereas the Dark Lord wants something serious, Hussein wants only one thing. Things take a turn for the worse when Terrance and Philip are executed, fulfilling a prophecy that will allow Satan and his army to invade Earth. However, Kenny gets some one-on-one with Satan a few times, telling him to ditch Hussein so he may live a better life. At the film’s climax, Satan finally reaches his breaking point and hurls Hussein off a cliff. As thanks for building his confidence, Satan lets Kenny make one request, no stipulations. Kenny, being the kind soul he is, simply wishes for everything to return to normal, thus saving South Park and the world.