Top 20 Times Anime Guys FINALLY Got the Girl

Top 20 Times Anime Guys FINALLY Got the Girl
VOICE OVER: Ashley Bowman
They finally did it! Join Ashley as we count down our picks for the lads in anime who after plenty of highs and lows, earned the affection of their girls of their dreams, as seen in series such as "Kaguya-sama", "Re:Zero", "The Seven Deadly Sins", and more!

Script written by Alex Crilly-Mckean

Top 20 Times Anime Guys Finally Got the Girl

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we are counting down our picks for the Top 20 Times Anime Guys Finally Got the Girl.

For this list, we’re looking over the times where anime guys, be they bold leads or anxious side characters, finally earned the affection of their dream girls! Be on the lookout for smooches and spoilers down the line! And let us know in the comments who you feel is the ultimate anime power couple!

#20: Haruo & Akira

“Hi Score Girl” (2018-19)

Turns out gaming can really bring people together. Starting off as the fiercest of gaming rivals, the brash and outspoken Haruo eventually finds himself falling for his silent opponent over the years. While their love for arcades never dwindles, their relationship continues to shift as hormones and life threatens to drag them apart. However, with some wise words from Street Fighter’s Guile, Haruo was able to go the distance and earn himself the true best ending when he promised to always love Akira no matter what.

#19: Nfirea & Enri

“Overlord” (2015-22)

Turns out all you really need to do to win the heart of a fair maiden is risk your life against a troll. Who would’ve guessed? While silently pining for the strong-willed Enri from the sidelines (as well as behind that overhanging fringe of his) Nfirea finally got his chance when he tried to sacrifice himself for her sake; the aftermath of which launched him from the friendzone all the way to prime boyfriend material. Careful Niffy, anymore charm and you might find yourself warming the village chief’s bed next!

#18: Yuta & Moriko

“Recovery of an MMO Junkie” (2017)

See? It’s not just adolescents who struggle with crossing that threshold from unnerved NEET to responsible adult. Sometimes the adults do as well! Going through something of a midlife crisis, Moriko throws herself into an MMO world…only to form a deep friendship with another player online she believes to be a woman. Only, shock horror, it turns out she’s her old childhood friend. It certainly takes a while, but as both their online and offline relationship progresses, the two gaming nerds find a way to try to make It work, adorkable as they are!

#17: JP & Sonoshee

“Redline” (2009)

You’d think that a cool cat like JP would have all manner of intergalactic babes wanting to ride his hyperdrive. After all, just look at that magnificent hair! However, the only one he’s ever had eyes for is the galaxy’s infamous Cherry Boy Hunter. After finding themselves competing in the deadly, planetary race known as Redline, the two not only get to show off their slick driving skills, but also find time to admit they’ve both got the hots for each other. Winning the greatest race in the universe with the girl of your dreams on your lap certainly makes for one hell of a first date.

#16: Goro & Ichigo

“Darling in the Franxx” (2018)

There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing the best boy turn into man. While very much aware that Ichigo had feelings towards Captain Bland Hiro, Goro was still willing to keep his silence for the sake of their friendship and her happiness. That is, until Hiro suddenly fell in love with the sassy hybrid Zero Two, who then turned into a spaceship and promptly flew off into another dimension. Don’t ask. As such, Goro stepped up to the plate in order to aid humanity’s resurgence over the barren Earth…but not before putting the moves on Ichigo. You sly dog!

#15: Shinichi & Ran

“Detective Conan” (1996-)

FINALLY! After thousands of episodes, hundreds of cases, and countless examples of will they won’t they, the world’s most brilliant mind finally worked out how to be honest with the girl of his dreams, and win her heart in the process! Sure, Ran doesn’t exactly know about Shinichi’s current situation and how he and the pint-sized Conan are one and the same, but the fact he was finally willing to cement their relationship is a milestone we didn’t expect to see in our lifetime. A text has never been so romantic.

#14: Kaneki & Touka

“Tokyo Ghoul” (2014-18)

Given everything the poor boy went through, from nearly being eaten by his date, turned into a half-Ghoul, and relentlessly tortured until his hair changed color, Kaneki was due a break. Though who would have guessed that his single moment of sweetness would be from his simmering crush Touka. After being put through so much trauma, the two Ghouls decide that they shouldn’t waste any time denying their feelings, leading to a salaciously saucy night of passion…and biting. Lots of biting.

#13: Anasui & Jolyne

“JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean” (2021-22)

We knew from the get-go that Anasui was down bad for Florida’s resident JoJo. Not hard to see why – her best girl status is plain for all to see! Though it’s fair to say his particular art of wooing fell flat, with Jolyne constantly rejecting his advances. Turns out all it took for her to give him a chance was for all of creation to be rewritten. Following the events of Made in Heaven, we find that Jolyne, or rather her parallel counterpart Irene, has found happiness with Anasui’s universal double. I guess you could call that a victory…somewhat.

#12: Krillin & Android 18

"Dragon Ball Z" (1989-96)

Given the amount of times this guy was beaten, impaled, crippled, and outright blown up, it's only fair that he was the one to end up with the sexy blonde killer robot at the end of it all. While he had originally planned to fry her with an insta-kill switch, Krillin just couldn't resist that tantalizing terminator, choosing instead to spare her. Sure, this allowed Cell to achieve his Perfect form and led to a whole lot of unnecessary death - but who cares! So long as Krillin got his well earned, celebratory booty call.

#11: Okabe & Kurisu

“Steins;Gate” (2011)

Admit it, you would risk the spacetime continuum for her as well. After finding a way to alter timelines by sending texts back to the past, resident mad scientist Okabe thinks he’s found the means to rise up to the pinnacle of the scientific field…until it all comes crashing down when a sinister organization sends its enforcers to put the kibosh on the whole operation. Throughout all his time-hopping efforts to right this wrong, he finds a true companion in fellow scientific prodigy Kurisu. This all culminates in a truly tender confession when they both realize what they have to sacrifice in order to save Mayuri.

#10: Naruto & Hinata

“The Last: Naruto the Movie” (2014)

In spite of both the shinobi and shipping wars, Naruto’s ultimate romance finally came to fruition in the most dazzling way possible. I mean, they dedicated a whole movie to it! While the future Hokage battling for his captured bae on the surface of the moon was all kinds of thrilling, the real draw here was Naruto finally coming to the realization of just how special Hinata truly is, and how her support had kept him going throughout his troubled years. It’s impossible to not be swept up in the sheer majesty of that final moonlit kiss!

#9: Shinji & Mari

“Rebuild of Evangelion” series (2007-21)

Speaking of shipping wars. While we’re sure many were left confused and annoyed that Shinji’s chosen love interest was neither Asuka nor Rei, we can’t deny that seeing him get out of the robot and find his own happy ending pretty much made the Rebuild-verse worthwhile. Mari herself is a funny, spunky and downright spicy character, and seeing the two of them get their flirt on right up until that Anno of Anno endings is genuinely sweet. Look at Shinji channeling his inner Misato! Good on him!

#8: Satou & Todoroki

“Working!!” (2011-15)

While a restaurant is the last place you would expect to find heartfelt confessions, these two crazy kids still find a way to make it happen. While originally coming across as the too-cool-for-school kind of guy, Satou nonetheless manages to cut through all of the show’s running gags in order to land a pretty suave bombshell about his feelings towards the katana wielding chief of staff. One that she promptly returns. It’s cute enough to almost make you forget they probably left a lot of customers waiting for their food…

#7: King & Diane

“The Seven Deadly Sins” (2014-21)

There’s no shortage of fantasy hanky panky going on this world, but for our buck there’s only one pairing that we were rooting for all throughout – and that was for the fairy king to finally earn the affection of his gentle giantess. Despite suffering numerous bouts of amnesia, Diane eventually recalls everything King had done for her, leading to a sweet series of confessions that was utterly adorable. So much so it made us totally forget about King’s atrocious future wardrobe or that terrible animation…

#6: Hachiman & Yukiko

“My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU” (2013-20)

Turns out that even Hachiman’s immense cynicism wasn’t enough to completely disregard the idea of falling in love, and he could do a lot worse than having his heart stolen by the ultimate ice queen. While Yui was also a worthy candidate for his affections, Yukiko’s own bluntness and unsavory elements allowed the two to work off each other tremendously, both comedically and tragically. We’re honestly not sure how he pulled it off, but the two ultimately decided that whatever misery they’ll face, they’d rather do so together. And coming from Hachiman, that’s pretty much the most romantic thing he could have said!

#5: Inuyasha & Kagome

“Inuyasha” (2000-10)

From the moment we first saw this high school girl squeeze this half-demon dog’s ears, we knew they were destined to end up together. That and the countless number of filler episodes and love hexagons. Starting off as traveling companions in search of the infamous Shikon Jewel, the two gradually became closer with each and every one of Naraku’s subordinates they brought down. Of course, it wasn’t until the Final Act a decade later that they actually managed to seal the deal. Ah, puppy love.

#4: Ryuji & Taiga

“Toradora” (2008-09)

There’s a lesson to be learned here folks; even if you have a face like a pissed-off bear and the girl you like prefers to punch said face in, there’s still hope for you. While these two fought like cats and dogs for the better half of the series, it soon dawned on them that instead of setting each other up with their respective crushes, they were actually starting to warm up to one another. From there, it wasn’t long until the dragon managed to get himself some lip-locking action with his precious tiger. Hope all those smooches made up for the time she knocked your teeth in Ryuji.

#3: Subaru & Emelia

“Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World” (2016-21)

Even if you still feel the pain from Subaru’s rejection of Rem, you have to give the lad credit for sticking true to his heart and pursuing his beloved she-elf. Even throughout his numerous deaths, rebirths and other soul-shattering experiences, Subaru never lost sight of his love for Emelia, so much so that he was able to power on through and convince her that she wasn’t only worthy of love, but that his feelings were beyond the pale of genuine. Now that takes commitment!

#2: Miyuki & Kaguya

“Kaguya-sama: Love is War” (2019-23)

Pride comes before a fall, and fall these two did – fall so hard for each other that they were left in a constant cycle of trying to get the other to confess first. In spite of their various schemes, Miyuki ultimately chose to pull out all the stops before graduation, and while the words weren’t exactly spoken, the gesture itself made it obvious just how he felt about Kaguya. So many failed attempts, so much frustration and false hope, and it all came to a head with one of the most romantic declarations we’ve seen in anime. Talk about a payoff.

#1: Ed & Winry

“Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood” (2009-10)

It took him, his arm, his leg, and nearly getting punched out by God, but eventually, the older Elric managed to cross that final hurdle by confessing to the girl next door…several years down the line and with the lamest confession in anime mind you, but hey, it still worked wonders. With the Homunculi and Father far behind them, the former Fullmetal Alchemist and Ms Rockbell finally decide to transmutate some lovey dovey-ness into their lives. The fact he finally grew a couple of inches couldn’t have hurt!