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VOICE OVER: Phoebe de Jeu WRITTEN BY: Matt Klem
We doubt these celebs have ever struggled to make Santa's "Nice List". For this list, we'll be looking at celebrities who have reputations for being overly kind and gracious to their fans and others. Our countdown includes Paul Rudd, Dave Grohl, Chris Evans, Emilia Clarke, Hugh Jackman, and more!

#20: Adam Sandler

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Whether you like his movies or not, one thing that can be said about Adam Sandler is that he’s a genuinely nice guy. Despite his often radical demeanour onscreen, his real-world persona tends to be far more reserved than you would expect. He’s been seen on numerous occasions taking time out to talk to his fan or take photos, all while remaining down to earth. Even Hollywood superstars like Jennifer Aniston have spoken about how great a guy Sandler is. Given how successful he’s become, both as a comedian and now a dramatic actor, we have to admire how grounded he’s remained.

#19: Paul Rudd

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He’s been the subject of countless memes about how he never seems to age. And yet with all the attention the guy has received, Paul Rudd is still someone who remains clearly in the “nice guy” column. In virtually every interview with the Ant-Man star, you see someone who is so down to earth, you’d swear he’s just like your favorite uncle. Always polite, smiling, cracking jokes, and putting you at ease, he’s someone that everyone out there seems to connect with. It’s no wonder he’s been able to slide into some of the world’s biggest franchises such as “Friends” and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

#18: Shaquille O' Neal

Considered one of the best players in basketball history, Shaquille O'Neal, or Shaq as he's known, is more than just a big guy who shoots hoops. From video games to wrestling to sports commentary, he’s a guy who’s had his hands in many pies. However, despite his massive popularity, he’s remained someone who continues to appreciate his fans and gives something back to the world he’s a part of. Whether it’s taking time to shoot hoops with some local kids or help out strangers in paying their bills, his generosity is as large as his physical stature.

#17: Mark Hamill

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What’s that guy's name who was in that movie with all the laser swords? That would be Mark Hamill, and let’s face it: he’s awesome. Despite a long filmography spanning both television and film, Mark has always been synonymous with his iconic role of Luke Skywalker. Where some might have been put off from the zealous attention of fans, Hamill has embraced his legacy and charmed his many followers. He’s always shown love for his fans and has never been afraid to poke fun at himself or the world around him. Whether it’s surprise appearances or on-topic tweets, he’s a Jedi we can all get behind.

#16: Denzel Washington

In today’s modern world of film, it’s easy to get lost in all of the special effects and over-the-top action found in so much cinema. But Denzel Washington is an actor who has brought a sense of old Hollywood grace and dignity to all of his onscreen personas. The same can also be said about the man himself. Always well spoken, and kind to his fans, he’s the kind of person that defines the word gentleman. You might be a bit surprised to see his clever sense of humor, but that just makes him all the more likeable to the rest of us.

#15: Dave Grohl

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In the early days of his career, Dave Grohl was merely the drummer for a band called Nirvana. Since then, however, Grohl has gone on to become one of the most well known musicians of the 21st century. Yet it’s not just his talent that has made an impression on his fans. A quick search on YouTube will yield countless videos of Grohl interacting with his fans both on the streets and even in the middle of his concerts. He’s a grounded guy who loves his mom, loves his fans, and loves sharing his passion with everyone.

#14: Jennifer Garner

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Audiences learned who Jennifer Garner was when we saw her play Sydney Bristow on ABC’s “Alias.” We quickly found ourselves both enamored and a little bit intimidated by her secret agent persona. However, it didn’t take viewers very long to find out what kind of person Garner was off-screen. A dedicated mom and an always cordial interviewee, she’s also been described as a “domestic goddess.” It’s hard not to love someone who can afford to pay someone else to make their food, but does it themselves, from scratch. She’s genuine to everyone around her and beyond.

#13: Benedict Cumberbatch

Much like many others on this list, Benedict Cumberbatch is someone who has a real appreciation for his fans. Often actors can get caught up in their fame and forget the fact that it’s the audience that gave them the notoriety in the first place. Benedict has been seen on numerous occasions taking breaks from his scenes to chat with fans. He even went outside at Comicon to talk to the people who had been waiting in line overnight to come to his panel. Despite his massive successes, he’s a celebrity who acknowledges and embraces the fanbase that helped get him where he is today.

#12: Kelly Clarkson

Audiences across the world watched her star rise on “American Idol”. From there, she became a musical force to be reckoned with and arguably one of the best things to come out of the talent show. Yet somehow, throughout her rise in popularity, this Texas native has remained as steady as the hand of a surgeon. She’s been cited repeatedly as being one of the nicest people in Hollywood. All you need to do is watch any episode of her talk show to see how genuine of a soul she really is. From fans to colleagues and beyond, everyone experiences the same Kelly which makes her that much more alluring.

#11: Tom Hiddleston

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He’s not the first Marvel actor on this list and he won’t be the last. Fans got their first real taste of Tom Hiddleston when he appeared as Loki in 2011’s “Thor.” Since then, he’s gone on to become one of the most adored characters in the MCU, even spawning a hit Disney+ show dedicated to the character. As conflicted as Loki might be, there’s nothing to be misunderstood about Hiddleston’s love of his fans and his colleagues. He always seems willing to engage with his followers and show appreciation for what they mean to him. His appearance at Comicon cemented his image as that of someone who is willing to go all the way for his fans.

#10: Chris Evans

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One of the things the MCU has consistently got right is casting. Time and time again they’ve shown their merit by picking the absolute perfect person for their biggest heroes. Captain America is the embodiment of the so-called “good guy.” No one could be better suited for the man with a shield than Chris Evans. On more than one occasion the actor has shown himself to be as much of a hero as his red, white, and blue character. He’s donated to countless charities, visited sick kids in the hospital, and has been seen several times on award shows being a perfect gentleman. Chris Evans is possibly even more of a “nice guy” than his Captain America persona.

#9: John Cena

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If one thing can be said about professional wrestlers it’s this: the mere look of them can be incredibly intimidating. As one of the WWEs top performers, John Cena is a guy most of us would never want to mess with. That is until you see him with his fans. A notable advocate for the Make-a-Wish Foundation, Cena has been giving back to his fans since the beginning. Time and time again we see how much he adores every one of his fans, and goes out of his way to be there for them. Just go watch some of his fan interactions on YouTube and try not to get teary eyed.

#8: Emma Stone

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One of the surefire ways to spot the more genuine and down to earth people from Hollywood is how they react to their own heroes. Watching Emma Stone completely lose herself when she thinks she’s going to meet a Spice Girl on Graham Norton is enough to win all of us over. She’s more real than most from Tinseltown, and endears us even more so by her sheer awkwardness on countless occasions. There’s nothing about her that appears phoned in or artificial. She’s real with fans, real with the press, and just real with everyone, and that’s why she’s adored.

#7: Emilia Clarke

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She rode dragons around Westeros in “Game of Thrones.” She fought off the deadly attacks of Skynet in “Terminator: Genisys.” Yet to see Emilia Clarke offscreen, you’d be shocked by how much of a sweetheart she really is. It’s utterly adorable to see how cute and intimidated she is sitting with Matt LeBlanc from “Friends” on “The Graham Norton Show.” Between these little bits and countless interviews with the actress, it’s easy to see how authentic and true she is. Throw in how she’s handled her health scares with grace, you’ve got a queen who can kill them with kindness.

#6: Dolly Parton

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When it comes to that warm, southern personality, there’s no real competition to Dolly Parton. At 75 years old, she’s still doing shows, still talking to fans, and is still as delightful as always. She’s a true rags to riches story, but you’d never guess it from the way she treats everyone around her. As someone who is recognized the world over, you’d swear she was just the nice neighbor down the street. Forever a southern charmer, Dolly treats her fans like family. As an artist with more than 40 albums under her belt, she’s shown that no amount of fame can eclipse a golden heart.

#5: Ryan Reynolds

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Did you know if you look up the term “meta” in the dictionary, there’s a photo of Ryan Reynolds there? Ok, maybe not, but there should be. Reynolds has made a career out of self-deprecating humor. In doing so, he disarms anyone who talks to him, meets him, or has any interaction with him. His willingness to give back is seen more recently with his visits to sick kids in full Deadpool garb. With all the love he gives to his fans, it’s even more impressive how he shows the same for his wife and kids. He’s a merc with a mouth on-screen, but a hero to the hearts of many.

#4: Hugh Jackman

He may have played a cigar smoking, three clawed mutant for 17 years, but Hugh Jackman is pretty far removed from Wolverine. He is yet another entry on this list that shows us a far more serious side in film, yet such laughter and kindness in the real world. He’s been generous both with his time and money through countless fund-raising events for charity. But above all that, he’s been a man who connects with his fans on many levels. Whether it be personal appearances, or interviews, Jackman makes it clear he’s just another guy you could sit down and have a coffee with.

#3: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

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Quick, name five wrestlers that became huge movie stars? Dwayne Johnson is probably one of the only ones on your list. Not only has he become such a bankable star in Hollywood, his real-world persona has become just as popular. We can’t help but laugh at the countless interviews and blooper reels showing off his laughter, especially when Kevin Hart is involved. Then our hearts just melt when we see him singing as Maui with his real-life daughter. He’s always cordial and happy to meet and greet his fans, even when he’s just driving his car. It’s truly touching to see such a huge star be so real with the people who put him there.

#2: Tom Hanks

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Similar to a previous entry on this list, Tom Hanks is another example of an actor who brings a full spectrum of talent to their roles. Yet as big of a star as he has become, he’s yet another entry on this list that we can’t help but smile at. With all of the lovable characters he’s played, it’s easy to assume he’s just as nice in person. It just so happens that in this case, it’s the literal truth. Fans love him not just for his onscreen characters, but for the person behind the camera. Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions. Tom Holland He’s More Like Peter Parker Than You’d Think Chris Pratt This Is No Andy Dwyer in Real Life Jim Carrey Nowhere Near as Maniacal as His Signature Characters LeBron James Always Available for Time with His Fans Steve Buscemi Not Afraid to Poke a Bit of Fun at Himself

#1: Keanu Reeves

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Ignore any memes you may have seen about “sad Keanu.” There’s a good reason why Keanu Reeves is number one on this list. Above all else, this Canadian actor has always kept both feet planted firmly on the ground. A man without ego, he’s shown far more appreciation and gratitude to all who come into and surround his life. Whether it’s giving up his seat on a subway, being respectful to his female fans, or even sitting down to chat with a homeless man, what hasn’t this guy done to show his genuine kindness? We say those “sad” memes should be changed to “glad.”

This list was good. It's too bad that David Tennant, Danny DeVito, Will Smith, Johnny Depp, Robert Downey Jr., Jeff Goldblum, Anthony Hopkins, George Clooney, Patrick Stewart, or George Takei weren't on this list.