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VOICE OVER: Callum Janes WRITTEN BY: Jordy McKen
These Karens paid the price for their ridiculous behavior. For this list, we'll be looking at Karens according to the strict definition of the term and anyone exhibiting Karen-like behavior. Our countdown includes Low Battery Meltdown, The Anti-Influencer, Hot, Beautiful, & Unemployed, Airplane Assault, and more!

#20: Low Battery Meltdown

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Getting a low phone battery is annoying, sure, but launching into a racist tirade against someone that has nothing to do with that…well, that’s bonkers. In November 2022, a video emerged of an Uber driver getting a load of abuse from a customer. With footage taken from the worker and by a witness, we see the entitled woman yelling at the guy about her battery and wanting a charger. To make her behavior worse, she uttered multiple racial slurs at the driver, sparking gasps from the witness. The police interviewed the driver. However, he didn’t issue a formal complaint. Uber then announced the woman was banned from the platform. Delightful.

#19: No Cruz Control

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It might not come as a surprise to anyone, but even politicians can be complete Karens. In March 2022, Texas Senator Ted Cruz was running late and ended up missing his flight from Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport in Montana. Instead of handling it like an adult, he argued with the staff for his poor timekeeping, even reportedly whipping out the “Do you know who I am?” card. In the end, the police had to be called to calm Cruz down. Another US politician who hates being told what to do is Amanda Chase. After refusing to wear a mask during the Virginia Senate sessions in February 2021, she had to sit in a plexiglass box of shame. Pretty humiliating.

#18: New Jersey Slurs

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When Tameka Bordeaux walked out of her Bayonne, New Jersey, home in January 2021, she was quickly greeted by the sight of a mail carrier being chastised by Claudia Emanuele, who was complaining about some late post. Reportedly attempting to be a good samaritan, she went to help. But as soon as she walked over, Emanuele erupted with a litany of racial slurs at her. Bordeaux tried to simmer down the situation, but that didn’t work. Even walking away had no effect as Emanuele followed and kept using abusive word. Emanuele only stopped with the abuse when Bordeaux went into a store and after two other people had intervened. Bordeaux ultimately handed the video to the cops, who arrested Emanuele.

#17: The Anti-Influencer

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Even if you’re just walking down the sidewalk, apparently, that’s enough to summon a Karen from the Shadow Realm to torment you. In December 2022, TikToker Bianca Figueroa said she was doing just that when Sandra Jean Allen was walking in the other direction, so the influencer attempted to get out of her way. After she did, Allen had to escalate the situation with racist insults. When confronted, Figueroa claimed Allen got physical with her, which in turn caused the TikToker to defend herself and her family. Allen proceeded to scream for help, for some reason, then threatened to call ICE on Figueroa…yikes. After throwing in cringey phrases like “are you triggered?”, the altercation got police called to the scene. They were eventually shown the footage, leading Allen to be later arrested for her behavior.

#16: Escalation Karen

Enjoying the warm weather in March 2022 in Bristol, England, Faye Johnson and her three children decided to paddleboard on a river. However, a group of tweens was enjoying their own entertainment, albeit inappropriate and reckless, as they launched rocks and mud balls at folk on the water. Johnson erupted with rage when she and her kids had items lobbed at them. She grabbed her paddle and struck Antwon Forrest on the head, leaving a nasty injury. After the police originally failed to react, which caused much public outrage, they eventually arrested Johnson for her assault. In January 2023, she was handed a four-month suspended sentence and told to give Forrest £500 in compensation.

#15: Walmart Ken

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Usually, we see Karens as customers launching a tirade of irrational abuse against employees. Well, not this time! Instead, it’s reversed! In November 2022, an unnamed customer was trying to leave Walmart with a cart of paid items. Instead, he was blocked by an unidentified employee. For context, the worker was white, and the customer was black. The employee demanded to see the receipt before spitting racial insults and slurs. The worker then began taking items from the cart. This caused the two to get into a ruckus over the products. Afterward, the customer issued a formal complaint with Walmart, who later announced the racist employee was no longer working for them.

#14: South African Karen

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In 2016, in Johannesburg, South Africa, estate agent Vicki Momberg’s car was broken into. When the police arrived, instead of them being able to help solve this crime, they became victims of another. Momberg launched into a racist tirade against the officers and emergency service dispatchers, even throwing in apartheid-era slurs 48 times. So, she was arrested for crimen injuria, which concerns impairing another’s dignity. In 2018, Momberg became the first South African to be sentenced to jail for such a crime. She was originally handed a sentence of three years, with one suspended. She appealed the decision but failed. By December 2019, Momberg was released from prison and hopefully learned from the experience.

#13: Pizza the Problem

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It’s really bizarre how some Karens are so triggered by hearing languages other than their own. In February 2023, this was certainly the case when Rita Bellew went into Amy’s Pizzeria in Hatboro, Pennsylvania. She lost her marbles upon hearing the TV behind the counter speak in Spanish. Bellew spewed a litany of racial insults toward the employees and owners of the restaurant. She then demanded a refund as she wasn't handing her cash to an “illegal immigrant,” in her view. She then claimed that people who called her racist were racist themselves…right. Afterward, Bellew was charged with hate crimes. And to make her more annoyed, hopefully, the pizza shop has reportedly seen an increase in business since her racist rant.

#12: Doorbell Degenerate

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For over a year, the Suarez family in St. Louis, Missouri, was harassed by Judy Kline. But, seemingly, it wasn’t until her Ring-recorded exploits went viral that anything was done by the authorities. She often turned up at their property and issued racially charged and violent threats, claiming it was her house. But that’s not all. At one point, she even broke into the building and threatened one member of the family with a hammer. According to reports, Kline’s family had owned the property decades ago but sold it. For some reason, she decided this meant she could still control what someone else does with their home. In February 2023, Kline was arrested and charged for her barrage of crimes against the Suarez family.

#11: Hot, Beautiful, & Unemployed

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The unearned confidence of a white Karen is truly a sight to behold. In October 2018, two unidentified black women were in the parking lot of a block of apartments in Charlotte, North Carolina, as they awaited help with a car problem. All of a sudden, a seemingly intoxicated Susan Westwood descends on the duo, proclaiming she is “hot” and “beautiful.” She then rants with tones of racism as she questions why the two are there, with plenty of cursing. Even after being asked to leave, Westwood continued harassing them. So, the women called the cops. Afterward, Westwood lost her job with cable company Spectrum. Then, in 2019, she was sentenced to 12 months of probation for her various charges.

#10: Collier Karen

Educators are often seen as one of the noblest and most trustworthy groups. But then there’s Patricia Schmidt, who smudges that reputation and then some. In August 2021, she was an Exceptional Student Education Specialist at an elementary school in Naples, Florida. According to the unidentified mother, she and her children were walking on the pavement down a road. Schmidt, who was driving, beeped her horn before she rolled down her window as she thought the two were trespassing. She embarked into a curse-filled racist and ableist rant, screaming multiple slurs at them. With all the negative publicity, the Collier County School District initially put Schmidt on leave before they fired her for her disgusting behavior.

#9: Skatepark Police

Some Karens just hate seeing folk enjoying themselves. In August 2020, a group of youngsters was at a skatepark in Austin, Texas, having fun one night. Well, not on Laura Lewis’s watch! For whatever reason, she wasn’t a happy bunny. She got into an argument with the group, resulting in her pushing one guy. In response, another poured water over her head. And Lewis didn’t like that. She kicked the man repeatedly before someone else came in and pushed her away. Then, the police arrived. After arguing her case and continuing to harass the group, Lewis was arrested after they witnessed her breaking the law.

#8: Sheep in the Bank

Once again, we have someone who has a tantrum over being asked to wear a facemask inside a business. In March 2021, in Galveston, Texas, Terry Lynn Wright refused to comply at a bank. So, they asked her to leave, which she declined. With no opinion, the staff called the cops to have Wright removed. When the police arrived, Wright tried to tell the officer about the law. Yikes. After getting physical with the cop, Wright was arrested. In the process, she tried claiming it was “police brutality,” but multiple witnesses hilariously disagreed, prompting her to call them “sheep.” A week later, to the surprise of no one, Wright had a similar incident at another location. She was later sentenced to 12 days in jail.

#7: Key Fob Kelly

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Even just trying to get home apparently ruffles the Karens’ feathers. In October 2018, D’Arreion Toles was trying to enter the apartment complex where he lived in St. Louis, Missouri. In his way was a white woman, Hilary Brooke Mueller, armed with a tiny dog, who had a problem with the black man trying to get to his residence. Acting as though she owned the building, she demanded proof that he lived there, dabbling in some racial profiling. Thirty minutes after this incident, a police officer sent by Mueller spoke to Toles in his apartment. Yikes. When the video went viral, Mueller’s employers weren’t too happy. The real estate company Tribeca-STL fired her publicly for her stunt.

#6: Radio Karen

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Oh, boy, another incident of a white American snapping when hearing a non-English language spoken. In July 2020, a group of landscapers was working in the street in Nashua, New Hampshire. Suddenly, they were accosted by conservative Donald Trump-loving radio host Dianna Ploss, who recorded the incident. She laid into them for speaking Spanish, then accused some of the workers of being in the States illegally. A passerby stepped in to confront Ploss. But she only made more racial statements and called him a “social justice warrior” for wearing a facemask. According to George Russell, who owned the radio station WSMN Broadcasting, he received thousands of complaints about Ploss’s actions. So, he dropped her show from their slate.

#5: Cocktail Catastrophe

Many of us have had the joy-slash-trauma of having too much to drink on a night out. But not many of us will descend into a racist rant. Then again, we’re not Justine Morrison - and admittedly, we don’t know how much she drank - but reports did say she threw a drink in January 2023. In fact, she was removed from a cocktail bar in Halifax, England, after causing a scene. Outside, Morrison decided being ejected wasn’t enough. She decided to go on a racist rant at the doorman, Dally Whylie, spitting her disgust at him as her tirade was recorded. Not only was she cautioned by the police for her hate crime and got permanently banned from the bar, but Morrison was also fired from her part-time accounting job for the Shine Theatre Arts.

#4: Parking Lot Karen

In August 2022, four Indian-American women had left a restaurant and were about to leave a parking lot in West Plano, Texas. Before they could go home after a nice evening, Esmeralda Upton appeared. She launched into a racist tirade against the four, saying that she hates Indians. Fearing for their safety, the group began recording the incident on their phones, which caused Upton to attack them and threaten their lives. The police eventually arrived, and Upton left. The following day, the Texas Karen was arrested on numerous charges. But to make it worse for Upton, she was then issued not one but two lawsuits by the victims of that eventful night.

#3: Airplane Assault

It’s strange the trajectory some minor celebrities can go through in their lives. Take Patricia Cornwall. She was an NFL cheerleader and did a little acting in the past. Then, in December 2021, she was videoed attacking an older man on a plane. Cornwall was apparently enraged that Russell Miller wasn’t wearing a facemask as he was eating and drinking. While he didn’t help calm down the situation, instead calling her some choice phrases, Cornwall’s unhinged reaction was something else. She struck, scratched, and spat on Miller. Thankfully, the flight staff managed to separate the two. However, Cornwall was arrested by the FBI after landing and charged with several crimes for her bizarre behavior.

#2: Smoothie Tirade

Hospitality employees have it rough. They’re not paid enough and have to serve the public all day. Nightmare. But it got worse for teenage workers at Robeks in Fairfield, Connecticut, in January 2022 when James Iannazzo walked in. Apparently, he had bought his son a smoothie from there, resulting in an allergic reaction which required medical treatment. However, according to the staff, Iannazzo didn’t mention the peanut allergy when he ordered. He erupted with a racist tirade at the employees, even throwing the beverage at them. Iannazzo was fired by Merrill Lynch and was arrested. He was given a year of probation and had to donate $500 to charity. Then, he settled a lawsuit from one of the employees for a reported $7,500.

#1: SoCal Karen

In 2020, Torrance, California, and the surrounding area were haunted by a figure that harassed folk with Asian heritage. Lena Hernandez, who used to be a social worker – weirdly – was involved in several incidents where she launched into grim racist rants at people for seemingly little to no reason. At one point, she put on a mock Asian accent to belittle one victim. But in July 2020, she was finally arrested for attacking Kayceelyn Salminao at the Del Amo mall the previous year. In October 2020, Hernandez pleaded no contest to misdemeanor battery. As such, she received 45 days in jail, three years of probation with a year of anger management, and was barred from being near Salminao and the mall.