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Television and creepy content go together like peanut butter and jam. For this list, we'll be looking at the most disturbing and spine-chilling moments that were captured live, and left viewers deeply disturbed. Our countdown of the creepiest things caught on live TV includes Rubzy's Paranormal Livestream, Blue Light in New York City, Spanish Reporter With Reptilian Eyes, Mystery Voice Interrupts Queen Elizabeth's Funeral, and more!

#20: Rubzy’s Paranormal Livestream

This eerie encounter looks like something straight out of a horror movie. YouTuber Rubzy was reportedly pet sitting at a friend’s house when his livestream audience noticed something strange. At first, it appeared that the door behind him was opening unaided. Sure, that could be attributed to a faulty hinge, but when it suddenly slammed shut all by itself, it became apparent that something spooky was going on. From there, things devolved into a horror fest. Lights going on and off, objects moving about seemingly on their own. There’s enough happening to make just about anyone lose their mind. But surprisingly, Rubzy maintains his composure throughout the ordeal, adding an even more unsettling layer to the unfolding situation.

#19: 2002 Falun Gong Hijackings

The spiritual movement Falun Gong gained notoriety in China after they were branded a “heretical organization” by the government in 1999. After years of physical protests and arrests, the group took their dissent to the airwaves. In 2002, they hijacked state TV broadcasts, airing a film accusing the Chinese Communist Party of oppression. The film also claimed that the government staged certain events to give the group a bad image. Such anti-government messages are far from the norm in China, so they understandably left a lot of viewers stunned. The duration of these interruptions varies depending on who you ask, but they occurred multiple times throughout 2002, even once cutting off the FIFA World Cup finals.

#18: A Nearly Fatal Collision

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News reporting can be a dangerous job, though seldom is it so unexpected as this case. KTVU correspondent Alex Savidge was covering an unrelated incident alongside a San Francisco highway, when an out-of-control automobile nearly smashed into him. As he leapt out of the way, the disoriented camera tilted and eerily settled on one of the tire’s loose hubcaps. If that image of the crash’s aftermath wasn’t chilling enough, Savidge’s later reflections on the moment might be. He commented that his choice to go right, instead of left, was “split second.” The footage is a hair-raising reminder that the forces threatening our mortality are often only moments away. Just listen to Savidge’s shaking voice, just moments afterward, and you might be robbed of peaceful sleep.

#17: Wendy Williams Passes Out

This moment might hug the line between “scary” and “creepy,” but it’s disturbing in either case. During what was supposed to be a fun Halloween-themed intro, veteran TV personality Wendy Williams suddenly lost control of her motor functions. She stumbled backwards in wide-eyed horror, inexplicably dropping to the floor. Williams later explained that dehydration and a sudden rise in body temperature caused the incident, and she was able to recover before the broadcast was even over. Though the incident was ultimately minor, the host definitely didn’t know that at the time…and we can see that frightened uncertainty in her expression. And if you watch the clip without context, she almost looks possessed. Initial creepiness aside, we agree with Wendy’s self-assessment of herself as a “champ.”

#16: Ventriloquist Senate Candidate

In 2012, Republican hopeful Barry Hinckley challenged Democratic incumbent Sheldon Whitehouse for the Rhode Island senate seat. During his campaign, Hinckley released an adorable ad featuring his young son Hudson that grabbed everyone’s attention. However, when they both appeared for a follow-up interview on Fox News, many were unsettled by what they saw. When host Neil Cavuto questions Hudson about the ad, Hinckley strangely mouths the exact words the boy says. If we didn’t know any better, we’d think the Senate candidate and his son were just a bad ventriloquist act looking for some airtime. The interview, unsurprisingly, left a bad taste in people’s mouths, which may have contributed to Hinckley’s eventual loss at the polls.

#15: Mysteriously Moving Glass of Water

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The “Primera Edición” breakfast show in Honduras had their own fair share of a spooky occurrence during a live taping in 2015. While presenting the morning news, host Carlos Molina notices his glass of water move on its own. He is taken aback, naturally, and calls the attention of his co-host Pablo Zapata to it. Molina described feeling a chilling sensation just seconds before observing the self-sliding glass, attributing it to a paranormal experience. Viewers were a bit more skeptical, however, speculating that it was likely a prank on the hosts by their co-workers. This notion has since been dismissed by Molina, who countered that when he tried to move the glass afterwards, it remained stuck to the table.

#14: Blue Light in New York City

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Aliens. UFOs. The apocalypse. Those were some of the thoughts on the minds of New Yorkers when a bright blue light engulfed the sky in December 2018. Many who were indoors witnessed the eerie lights being broadcast on the news, as they pretty much turned nighttime to day. To further complicate matters, some residents saw the lights in their homes flicker and the LaGuardia Airport experienced a total blackout. Fortunately, this one wasn’t the work of any extraterrestrial force. Instead, the blue light was caused by an explosion at a power plant in Queens, which would explain the outages residents experienced. Guess the aliens decided to take a rain check on their invasion plans.

#13: UFO Flashes Intense Bright Light

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In February 2020, a crowd of over 200 people gathered for a UFO sighting at Yaya beach in Peru, which has been described as a hotspot for the strange objects. The event was covered by Capital TV and broadcast live to thousands of viewers. At one point, some people in the audience noticed an unexplained light hovering above the sea. They pointed their laser pens at the mysterious object, only to be hit by an intense bright light in response. As the program was filmed late in the night, it’s not quite clear what the light source could be. A boat? A drone? A UFO? We’ll leave that for you to decide.

#12: Spanish Reporter With Reptilian Eyes

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This unsettling footage was captured by a viewer who was watching the Spanish news channel TVE Internacional. Towards the end of the piece, the reporter blinks repeatedly and, for a brief moment, a second set of eyeballs appear over his closed eyelids. According to the viewer, this was possible proof of the reporter being an anthropomorphic reptile camouflaging among humans. The actual explanation, however, may be a lot less fantastic. Some internet users speculated that the reporter may have been wearing contact lenses, which made him blink often. That, combined with a camera compression glitch likely resulted in the reptilian effect. Either way, the appearance is sure to give anyone watching the creeps.

#11: Paranormal Newspapers

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These days, it seems poltergeists and breakfast shows go hand in hand. Yet another alleged poltergeist disturbance occurred on the “Morning Club” show at Club FM in Tirana, Albania. At first, everything seems normal, until it suddenly isn’t. The host, Blendi Salaj, appears to be interviewing a guest on the program when a newspaper on the table in front of them abruptly flies off camera. What makes this particularly disturbing is that the two are the only ones sitting in the booth and there aren’t any open doors or windows in sight. So what exactly could have thrown the newspapers in the air? Understandably, Salaj and his guest are dumbfounded. And frankly, so are we.

#10: TV Solidarity

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In September 1985, Polish audiences who tuned into the popular crime show “07 zgłoś się” were met with strange inscriptions superimposed over the broadcast. The messages read “Enough price increases, lies, and repressions. Solidarity Toruń” and “It is our duty to boycott the election”. It was later revealed that this intrusion was carried out by four astronomers from the University of Toruń in Poland. This was done as a show of support for the Solidarity opposition movement, which had called for a boycott of the 1985 parliamentary elections in protest of the communist regime. The men were eventually apprehended but due to their significant contributions to the Polish scientific community, they were only fined and given probation.

#9: UFO Descends on London Football Match

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In February 2019, the 8th edition of the FA Women's League Cup was underway. The second semifinals match saw Arsenal go up against Manchester United, with the former winning by two goals to one. But it seems humans weren’t the only ones interested in the league. During the aforementioned match, one eagle-eyed fan spotted a mysterious object hovering above the stadium. Upon closer inspection, the viewer noticed a strange red object emitting the light. Like many other such sightings, it’s hard to tell if this was some form of spacecraft or just a drone. If it was indeed a bunch of aliens watching, we can only hope they at least enjoyed the game.

#8: The Ghostly Groundsmen

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In September 2016, football fans who tuned in to Sky Sports for Sunderland’s match against Everton were in for a spooky surprise. While the pundits discussed the game afterwards, observant viewers picked up an enigmatic figure on a screen in the background, which then mysteriously vanished. The individual appeared to be a groundsman tidying up the stadium after the game. Moments later, a similar phenomenon occurred with another figure. Fans who spotted the ghostly groundsmen took to social media to voice out their perplexity. This could have been two phantoms caught on camera, or just stock footage of the stadium being played on a loop. If only we knew which.

#7: Flemish Secession Hoax

In 2006, the Belgian TV station RTBF orchestrated a hoax that caused quite the stir in the French-speaking parts of the country. On December 16th, they interrupted a broadcast on one of their channels with an urgent announcement that the Flemish parliament had declared independence from Belgium. The piece appeared genuine, including interviews with politicians and a fake evacuation of the Belgian royal family from their palace. To top it all off, they showed footage of crowds cheering and waving the Flanders flag. The result? More than 2,000 worried people flooded the station’s hotline with calls, and their website eventually crashed. Thirty minutes later, RTBF admitted that the report was a hoax.

#6: Mystery Voice Interrupts Queen Elizabeth’s Funeral

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The 2022 state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II was one of the most watched TV broadcasts in British history, with over 26 million residents tuning in to catch the event. Those who watched the funeral on ITV may have picked up a mysterious voice as the Queen’s hearse made its way to West London. For a few seconds, a female voice can be heard whispering about death and being trapped. Soon after, social media erupted with speculation about where the sound could’ve come from. One notable theory surmised that it was possibly the voice of the late Princess Diana. However, according to certain sources, it was simply that of a guest being picked up by the presenter’s microphone.

#5: The Playboy Channel Religious Message

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The last place you may expect to find the gospel is on the Playboy Channel. So we can imagine how stunned Playboy audiences were on Sunday, September 6th 1987 when a broadcast of the adult film “Three Daughters” was interrupted by religious texts. The messages came from the bible verses Exodus 20:8 and Matthew 4:17, which warned them to repent and keep the Sabbath day holy. Safe to say that someone wasn’t pleased with all of the unholy viewing going on. A federal investigation later revealed that that someone was Thomas Haynie, a technician at the Christian Broadcasting Network. Haynie was found guilty of satellite piracy and sentenced to three years probation.

#4: The Great Tantra Challenge

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In March of 2008, audiences in India bore witness to a bizarre showdown. Author and self-proclaimed rationalist Sanal Edamaruku dared the tantric guru Surinder Sharma to kill him live on television. Sharma had bragged during a prior panel that he could take a person’s life within three minutes using his mystic powers. Edamaruku then decided to put him to the test, volunteering himself as tribute. For several hours, Sharma seemingly invoked supernatural forces to take Edamaruku’s life, to no avail. At one point, the tantrik claimed that his subject served a more powerful god, to which Edamaruku retorted that he was an atheist. The challenge was reportedly watched by hundreds of millions of viewers, all of whom witnessed Sharma’s epic fail.

#3: Captain Midnight

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For four and a half minutes on April 27th 1986, HBO experienced a signal intrusion that was caught by viewers along the east coast. While showing the 1985 film “The Falcon and the Snowman,” the feed abruptly cut to a blank screen with a strange text across it. The message appeared to have been sent by an individual named Captain Midnight, who didn’t seem too pleased with HBO’s subscription fees. The incident was investigated by the FCC and FBI, resulting in the arrest of John R. MacDougall. MacDougall owned a satellite dish which was struggling due to the cable channel’s high rates. His protest earned him a little infamy, as well as a $5,000 fine.

#2: Samuel J. Seymour’s Secret

The CBS game show “I've Got a Secret” featured a panel of celebrities trying to guess a contestant’s secret. Most of these were funny or embarrassing, but on February 9th 1956, 95-year-old Samuel J. Seymour strolled onto the set with a chilling account. After being questioned by the celebrity panel, Seymour revealed that he was reportedly the last surviving witness of Abraham Lincoln’s assassination. Seymour claimed that at the age of five, he sat across from the presidential box at Ford’s Theater in Washington, D.C. when John Wilkes Booth fired the fatal shot. His haunting recollection of the event brought history to life and must have sent shivers down the spines of all who listened.

#1: Dutch TV Presenters Eat Each Other

Yep, you heard that right! In December 2011, Dennis Storm and Valerio Zeno, two presenters on the Dutch show “Guinea Pigs” took a bite into the bizarre by seemingly devouring pieces of each other’s flesh live on air. It was undoubtedly an unsettling sight, as Storm and Zeno underwent surgical procedures to remove small chunks of flesh from their buttocks and abdomen respectively. These were then cooked by a chef in front of a live audience and presented to them. The brazen stunt certainly left a bad taste in many viewers’ mouths. Nevertheless, it didn’t cross the legal line, as cannibalism is permitted in the Netherlands, provided that it is not done with malicious intent.