Top 20 Healthiest Desserts That Are Actually Delicious

Top 20 Healthiest Desserts That Are Actually Delicious
VOICE OVER: Peter DeGiglio WRITTEN BY: Arianna Wechter
These tasty and healthy desserts will make your mouth water. For this list, we'll be looking at some of the most delicious yet nutritious treats. Our countdown of the healthiest desserts includes Grilled Peaches, Chocolate Banana Bites, Applesauce, Fruit Salad, Halva, and more!

Top 20 Healthiest Desserts

These desserts give you the best of both worlds. Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 20 Healthiest Desserts.

For this list, we’ll be looking at some of the most delicious yet nutritious treats.

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#20: Grilled Peaches

Peaches are delicious on their own, and grilling them takes them to an entirely new, delicious level. Heating them up causes the sugar within the fruit to brown, which activates a whole new flavor and texture. Besides tasting great, peaches are also good for you. They contain vitamin C, which is vital in helping protect the immune systems from various illnesses, such as the common cold. They also have a high water content, which means they’re low in both calories and fat. While you can eat them by themselves, they also make for a great base for other slightly decadent toppings, such as honey. This unique dish is sure to be a crowd pleaser at any function, due to the look and taste.

#19: Frozen Yogurt Bark

Making “bark” is a great way to be creative while making dessert. While there are many types of it, one of the healthiest is frozen yogurt bark. Greek yogurt in particular is packed with vital minerals, such as calcium, and contains twice the amount of protein as the classic version. Besides the health factor, it’s also a breeze to make– just spread it onto a pan, add whatever garnishes you’d like, and then freeze until it’s hardened. The options for toppings are nearly endless– you can add anything from fruit, to chocolate chips, to granola– and can come with benefits of their own. No matter what you dress it with, it will make for a distinctive dessert that will be sure to please.

#18: Avocado Brownies

Move over, avocado toast– it’s avocado brownie’s time to shine. While this may seem like an odd flavor combination, the fruit acts as an excellent substitute for less healthy ingredients, such as oil. The creaminess of the avocado meshes perfectly with the chocolate to create a rich, yet non-indulgent brownie. They also help pack the treat with important nutrients and healthy fats, so you can eat it without a shred of guilt. Making them with dark chocolate instead of milk can also increase the health factor by a slight amount. Trying this particular recipe can also be a great way of stepping outside your comfort zone when it comes to flavors. While it’s undoubtedly unusual, the results speak for themselves.

#17: Peanut Butter & Jelly Cups

This sweet combines peanut butter and jelly in a little cup, and it’s genius. All it takes is a bit of oil to bind these ingredients together into the perfect, portable little cup. Each ingredient comes with its own health benefits. Peanut butter helps add a healthy amount of fiber, while jelly provides a special fiber called pectin, which is beneficial in conserving gut health. With this healthful recipe, you’ll be able to enjoy this childhood favorite on the go while still maintaining a healthy diet. Not to mention, the novelty behind it makes it a perfect snack for kids, or anyone who wants to experience those classic flavors in a much smaller serving size.

#16: Fruit Crumbles

Crumbles are interesting – they’re a baked good, but don’t require many of the ingredients that pastries do. They are primarily made with fruit and rolled oats, and while the recipe is simple, it’s undoubtedly delicious. No matter what fruit is chosen, it will still provide enough energy to keep you full, making it the perfect light snack to tide you over between meals. Oats also come with a plethora of vitamins, like vitamin B, and minerals like manganese. Additionally, they’ve been found to reduce cholesterol levels, which make them ideal for anyone trying to lose weight in a healthy way. These crumbles can be an excellent replacement for pies, which is nice for people who want to enjoy a sweet, yet healthy delicacy.

#15: Ambrosia

Ambrosia is a timeless dessert, and for good reason. Normally consisting of orange, pineapple, and coconut, this sweet treat hits the spot. While it’s typically made with things like marshmallow fluff, a healthier alternative like Greek yogurt or sugar free whipped cream can make this dish diet-friendly, as well. It adds just a bit of extra sweetness to a classic fruit salad, while not overpowering the fruits themselves. With those substitutions, you’ll be able to enjoy it without having to worry too much about the fat and sugar content. Being able to transform a historically less healthy dish into one loaded with nutrients shows how far we’ve come in our knowledge of health and food.

#14: Chocolate Banana Bites

Many foods taste amazing dipped in chocolate, and bananas are no exception. While the fruit is primarily known for containing potassium, they are also beneficial in helping relieve nausea, due to their quick ability to pass through the digestive system. While they’re already great on their own, they can be made even more flavorful by dipping them in a bit of dark chocolate, which has its own benefits. It can contain a high amount of zinc and phosphorus, which are two important minerals to consume. While it’s important to consume dark chocolate in moderation, you can still afford to be a tad indulgent. Since the slices are small, it makes it the perfect low-calorie confection to share with friends.

#13: Chia Pudding

Chia seeds have been an addition to smoothie bowls for a while now, but they also make a mean pudding. With only three core ingredients, this is a dish that anyone can make. The seeds themselves have unsaturated fats, which are far healthier than the saturated kind and can aid in relieving inflammation. While chia pudding is already healthy, it can be made even healthier by switching out the dairy milk for a nut variety, such as oat. Since it’s so easy to prepare, it’s the perfect thing to make right before bed, since it will be ready to consume once you wake up the next morning. The proof is in the pudding– this dessert will satisfy your cravings and make you feel great.

#12: Zucchini Bread

Zucchini bread is proof that almost any ingredient can be tasty and nutritious at the same time. While it does add a slight green coloring to the bread, it doesn’t affect the taste in a bad way– in fact, it can help it taste sweet! It’s a great option for people who may want to remain cognizant of the calories they may be consuming. Zucchini also comes with its own perks, such as being a great source of folate, which is a necessary component in creating DNA – so having an easy and delicious source of it is fantastic. While it is a strange concept, the nutrition and the taste definitely make it worth it.

#11: Applesauce

This versatile dish can be served as a side to a savory dish or on its own as a sweet dish – now that’s what we call the best of both worlds. Eating applesauce is a great way to get a serving of fruit, especially if you find it harder to fit them into your diet. It’s ideal to eat while sick, and can help relieve discomfort caused by digestive illnesses. It’s also a great way for babies to get a healthy and fiber-rich snack, since it’s easy to swallow. Additionally, you don’t need to be too worried about portion sizes, since it has a low fat content– so you can enjoy to your heart's content. It’s the perfect dessert for all ages and occasions.

#10: Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

While cookies may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of something healthy, some variations actually come with a surprising amount of nutrients. Oatmeal raisin cookies specifically have ingredients that can aid your health. Raisins have minute levels of fat, making them the perfect sweet addition to any cookie. The oats contain carbohydrates that have the ability to make you feel full faster, meaning there’s less chance of overeating. They can also be modified to be even healthier by using whole wheat flour or replacing the butter with a low fat oil. While they still shouldn’t be eaten all the time, they’re a great way of satiating that craving for cookies.

#9: Yogurt Parfaits

These parfaits may be a slightly newer trend, but we hope they never go out of style. By layering fruit, granola, and yogurt, you can create an appetizing confection that will leave you feeling satisfied. Using low fat or Greek yogurt is a great way to boost the amount of probiotics and calcium. The Greek variety also has iodine, which is vital for the thyroid glands to properly function. They’re also great to have post workout, as the protein can help potentially stave off any exercise related stress done to the body. They’re ideal for people with plant based diets, as they’re rich in vitamin B12– something that’s primarily found in meat. A dessert that’s perfect for everyone– who could ask for anything more?

#8: Halva

One of the best aspects about exploring food is getting to experience other cultures. Halva is a fudge-esque sweet dish that hails from Iran– only instead of chocolate, tahini is used. The result is a less calorie dense, slightly nutty dessert that has ample vitamins, such as thiamine and vitamin B. It also provides the eater with high levels of energy, making it perfect to consume before working out. If tahini isn’t your style, that’s okay– it can also be made using ground sunflower seeds or peanuts, which both contain high amounts of protein. Most importantly, halva leaves you feeling full for a longer amount of time, which makes it great for those trying to cut down on snacking throughout the day.

#7: Fruit Salad

This quick crowd-pleaser of a dessert also makes for an excellent side dish at any picnic. The prep is simple– all it takes is cutting up the fruit and mixing it in a bowl, with an optional syrup to make it even sweeter. You can also enjoy the fruit on its own for optimal nutrition. This can be made year round, depending on what fruits are in season. In the summer, you can opt for things like grapes, watermelon, and peaches. In the winter, you can swap those out for apples, kiwi, and pears. No matter what fruit you use, you’re still getting amazing benefits– such as a lowered risk for heart disease– and amazing taste.

#6: No-Bake Energy Bites

At its core, food is meant to provide energy, and no dessert does that better than no-bake energy bites. The name describes it all– these bite-sized nutrient bombs take minutes to make, and you don’t need to turn on a single appliance. Packed with protein-rich ingredients like oats, flaxseed, and peanut butter, these will help give you that much needed energy boost in the morning. Seemingly simple additions like fruit can help take these to the next level in both nutrition and flavor. They’re the perfect snack to have before exercising, or just for a quick bite between meals. Their small size makes them the perfect treat to have while traveling, and for sharing with others.

#5: Dole Whip

Disney was onto something when they started selling this. Dole Whip is a fruit based soft-serve treat, which is vegan and gluten-free. Thus it’s the ideal snack for nearly everybody, no matter their dietary restrictions. It’s typically made with pineapple, which has compounds called bromelain that can help relieve inflammation and aid digestion. While this frozen delicacy used to be sold primarily at Disney parks, in 2020 an official recipe was published. This gave people the ability to enjoy it from home while the parks were closed. To make things more exciting, as of 2023 it is available to buy in stores – so now anyone can get a little taste of the Disney experience.

#4: Sorbet

Having a cool, sweet treat is a must for warmer seasons. Sorbet is a dairy free alternative to ice cream. It’s primarily made up of water, fruit puree, and sugar– making it the perfect light dessert for a warm evening. Not to mention, the flavor of sorbet can be customized depending on what fruits you use– for example, strawberries would make it sweeter, and lemon would make it more sour. While sugar is used in the recipe, a lot of it comes from the fruit itself– and if you’re making it homemade, then you can control the amount used. It’s also far easier to make than dairy based frozen sweets– meaning anyone of any culinary skill level can make and enjoy it.

#3: Breakfast Cookies

These cookies are the best way to start the day. Made using staple breakfast ingredients such as bananas and rolled oats, they are an energy and nutrient filled snack that are bound to help you start your morning on the right foot. The oats contain compounds that can help lower cholesterol, while the banana adds both a sweet taste and plenty of potassium. You don’t have to stop there, though – once those two ingredients are down, the world is your oyster. The toppings you use can also add extra benefits. For example, adding nuts would add ample amounts of protein to your cookies. Additionally, there are no refined sugars in this recipe, making it ideal for anyone trying to cut back.

#2: Frozen Fruit Pops

While popsicles are good on their own, there’s something about using real fruit juice within it that makes them even better– both in taste and in health. Unlike other frozen treats like ice cream, there’s no whipping or extra effort involved in making these. All one would have to do is blend fruit into juice, pour into a mold and let it freeze. For some extra texture, you can also add small pieces of fruit within the liquid. The result is the perfect snack to enjoy on a hot summer day. Not to mention, fresh fruit juice contains the same amount of dietary value as whole fruits, meaning you don’t have to be worried about missing out on any of those great vitamins.

#1: Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

Chocolate covered strawberries don't just have to be for Valentine’s Day– with these nutrients, they can be enjoyed any time of year! Since there’s only two ingredients, it makes it easier to track just how many calories and nutrients you’re consuming. Strawberries have high water content, meaning that they’re low in both calories and fat. They’re also packed with antioxidants, which can help aid in warding off free radicals that may lead to disease. To make them a bit healthier, you can use darker cacao, which can help provide some extra energy. They’re perfect for sharing, or for enjoying yourself. They’re incredibly easy to make– just heat up your chocolate of choice and get dipping.