Top 10 Weirdest Products You Won't Believe Exist

Top 10 Weirdest Products You Won't Believe Exist
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These weird products will make you say "huh?" For this list, we'll be looking at strange products that'll make you do a double-take. Our countdown includes Hay Fever Hat, Potato Pal, Finger Covers, and more!

Top 10 Weirdest Products You Won’t Believe Exist

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Weirdest Products You Won’t Believe Exist.

For this list, we’ll be looking at strange products that’ll make you do a double-take.

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#10: Hay Fever Hat

Don’t you hate it when you have a runny nose, but no tissues? Or how about when you run out of toilet paper at exactly the wrong moment? Well never fear, because this is the perfect solution that’s not weird at all! Say hello to the “Hay Fever Hat”. Now, when you’ve got the sniffles, you will have fashionable, easy access to toilet paper! This headwear falls into a category of gadgetry in Japan called “Chindōgu”. It’s something that causes more problems than it solves, and there are plenty of examples to pick from. Hey who knows, this hat could be strutting down the walkway during a fashion show at some point.

#9: French Fry Cup Holder

Your car can be so many things nowadays, but it’s more like a food venue with this contraption! Having no proper place to set your food can be frustrating and lead to a mess! This French Fry Cup Holder for your car is exactly what it says on the tin. You place it in your car’s cup holder and now you have a snug place to fit some French Fries on the road! Say goodbye to rogue fries down the side of your seat! We think everyone could benefit from this innovative food container, but it doesn’t fit any standard “large” portions of fries. We believe they are missing out on a key demographic there.

#8: Grass Flip-Flops

Usually, footwear is used so that you don’t have to feel the ground below. But what if you desired to feel a certain kind of ground texture all the time? We would like to direct your attention to the Grass Flip-Flops! Never again be without the sensation of freshly cut artificial grass between your toes! And we’re not joking when we say that reviewers love this product, stating that they’re incredibly comfortable! Yes, they may look weird, and some might say they defeat the purpose of flip flops, but you can’t say they don’t fulfill their intended purpose!

#7: Petchup

Have you ever had a picky dog? A canine companion that prefers the more refined tastes life has to offer? Will they just not eat that dry food no matter what you do? Well, how about adding a pinch of flavor to their meals with “Petchup,” the pet version of flavored sauces! There’s not much more to these products, they’ve just been created as the “healthy” alternative to feeding a dog without resorting to sprinkling in human food. Our question is… do the creators taste test the product themselves?

#6: Potato Pal

When it comes to elaborate decorations on food, most cooks stick to sweets. But why stop there? Well, there is actually a toaster that allows you to print selfies on toast! And if that’s not enough, how about having a message, or just your face, on a potato? With Potato Parcel, you can! It’s a fun and unique concept that even got an investment from “Shark Tank”! But while these potatoes are definitely one of a kind, they are printed with actual ink, so the creators don’t suggest eating them. If you planted them, would they produce little potato pal offspring?

#5: Nicolas Cage Mermaid Pillow Cover

Sure, you could get a friend, family member, or your face printed on something like our previous entry. But what would be even better is a celebrity. More specifically, the “unique” Hollywood actor: Nicolas Cage! So whenever you want to feel close to the star of “Face Off”, “Ghost Rider” and “Vampire’s Kiss”, you can just brush the sequin pattern to reveal the most flattering photo of the actor. It’s a piece of art welcome in any living room, and he’s not the only actor to get the patterned pillow treatment! We’re sure Nic knows of his meme status by now, but we’d sure love to see his reaction to being given one of these!

#4: Finger Covers

The downsides of having some good finger food to munch on are the crumbs, dust, and grease that remain afterward. If you’re a gamer, you know all too well how some Cheeto dust can completely ruin a good controller. But this problem will plague you no more with these silicone Finger Covers! Enjoy all your favorite foods consequence free with washable covers for your fingers! You won’t have to wash your hands after every bite with this added layer of protection. As weird as they may look, they do solve a problem with many popular snacks out there.

#3: The Isolator

While every other entry on this list is available for purchase online, this invention isn’t. And for a good reason! The first iteration looks like something straight out of a horror movie! The Isolator was a helmet contraption from 1925 built by author and inventor Hugo Gernsback to increase productivity! Blocking noise and narrowing vision, it’s sensory deprivation in the pursuit of complete attentiveness to work. There have been some recent developments with a similar product called the “Helmfon,” but it still seems like a strange concept. While this helmet didn’t attract broad appeal, South Park created a potentially unintentional parody of the device with the “Buddha Box.”

#2: Girlfriend / Boyfriend Body Pillow

Feeling lonely after a long day of work but don’t have a partner to wrap their arm around you? Why not buy an arm or two with the boyfriend/girlfriend pillow! Yes, it’s as weird-looking as it sounds, complete with a torso, one arm, and sometimes decorated with a shirt. With this pillow, you too can feel like you’ve cut apart someone’s body for your comfort! While specialist pillows are nothing new to the market (anime fans with their body pillows will know what we’re talking about), it still doesn’t change that it's still weirdly unsettling. But once you get past how weird it looks, many customers have responded positively to their new unique pillow!

#1: Instant Underpants

Do you remember those “Just-add-water” toys when you were young? Well, it turns out they have those… but with underpants! Instant Underpants are a weird concept matched with an underwhelming execution. The idea of the product is that if you need some new underwear quickly, you dump the contents of the tin into water, and boom, fresh underwear! The only caveat is that it takes ages to rehydrate, and they’re not even a good pair. If you’re not the one size they serve, you’re also out of luck. So if you’re planning on stuffing some stockings this Christmas, get them actual pairs of underwear, as this gag gift barely has a punchline.
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