Top 10 TV Casts We Want to Reunite For One Final Episode

Top 10 TV Casts We Want to Reunite For One Final Episode
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We've love to see these cast reunite for one final episode! For this list, we'll only be looking at shows that are no longer on the air. Additionally, to make our list the shows need have been successful and / or a cult favorite. We've included shows like “Happy Ending”, Drake & Josh, Gossip Girl, Charmed, Freaks and Geeks and more!

Top 10 TV Show Casts We Would Like to See Reunite for One Final Episode

Maybe by saying them out loud we can actually make these wishes come true! Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 TV Show Casts We Would Like to See Reunite for One Final Episode.

For this list, we’ll only be looking at series that are no longer on the air. We’re focusing on shows that were successful or became a cult favorite.

#10: “Happy Ending” (2011-13)

The chemistry between the six cast members of this show was the driving force behind its popularity. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough to stop network executives from giving it the axe in 2013. ”Happy Endings” took place in Chicago, and was noted for its constant stream of pop culture references as well as its heartwarming moments. We’re still wondering why this show didn’t make the cut, as its strong writing and even better performances should have been enough to keep it running. We understand it hasn’t been gone for that long, but that will never change the fact that we would love to see them all together again for one last hurrah.

#9: “The Suite Life of Zack & Cody” (2005-08)

These two identical twins lived the suite life (pun intended) for a total of 3 seasons in the late 2000s. The premiere had a whopping 4 million viewers, and was even nominated for total of three Emmys. Sprouse brothers Cole and Dylan have kept busy since the show ended with Cole staring in the hit show “Riverdale” while Dylan got a degree in video game design and later opened his own business. However we will never forget watching these two goofballs wreaking havoc in the fictional Tipton Hotel. Just imagine these two at it again and keeping their mom on their toes brings a smile to our faces.

#8: ”Drake & Josh” (2004-07)

The story of two stepbrothers living together and being complete polar opposites with different interests and different groups of friends, brought on hilarious adventures for the viewers. The show lasted for a grand total of 4 seasons (and two movies), and left us wondering what ever happened to these two. The character of “Drake” is played by Drake Bell, who moved on to focus on his singing career, while “Josh”, played by Josh Peck, continued focusing on acting and married his longtime girlfriend Paige O’Brien. There was a bit of tension as Bell was not on the guest list for Peck’s wedding, but we’re hoping they’ve patched things up since then.

#7: “Gossip Girl” (2007-12)

Based on a series of books by author Cecily von Ziegesar, “Gossip Girl” was the show you and your highschool gal pals were obsessed with for years. The show was based around “it” girl Serena van der Woodsen, who comes back to New York from a stint in boarding school only to get wrapped up in the drama she thought she had left behind. Although the show aired for six seasons, we can’t help feeling like our favorite collection of spoiled Upper East Siders had so much more to say! We know, we know, the flash forward in the finale wrapped everything up nicely, but we would still watch them in their adult lives.

#6: ”Charmed” (1998-2006)

This show followed three sisters - Piper, Phoebe and Prue - who were the most powerful good witches of their era. “Charmed” is based out of their family’s Halliwell Manor located in San Francisco. Each episode had its own twist as we watched them using their powers to save and protect the lives of those around them, from any evil beings including other warlocks and demons. They were each gifted with their own unique power, and as the show continued you could witness their powers, as well as their bond as sisters, growing stronger. The show lasted for a grand total of eight seasons, but boy we would love to see them together again one more time.

#5: “That ‘70s Show” (1998-2006)

How could anyone forget this classic sitcom that was based on a group of best friends spending most of their high school days in Eric Forman's basement or shooting hoops in his driveway? The show was set in a fictional town called “Point Place”, in real life Wisconsin, and portrayed what growing up as a teenager was like in the ‘70s. The show was loaded with iconic characters, from Ashton Kutcher’s goofy but lovable Kelso, to Mila Kunis’ Jackie, who despite being a bit of a spoiled rich girl, still made us love her. Even the supporting characters like Eric’s parents were great! Seeing these guys together again would be a total blast from the past.

#4: “Freaks and Geeks” (1999-2000)

Despite having only aired for one season, “Freaks and Geeks” became a cult classic for a generation of young people. Judd Apatow and Paul Feig’s hilarious yet heartfelt comedy-drama about two very different groups of high schoolers trying to figure it all out in 1980s Michigan was definitely a show that left us too soon. What would make this reunion really cool, is the fact that a lot of the cast went on to become huge Hollywood stars. Because of this, a one-off reunion episode would be a unique experience for both the actors and the viewers.

#3: “Lizzie McGuire” (2001-04)

Who could forget about the clumsy and shy Lizzie McGuire and her two hilarious sidekicks? This show stuck around (thankfully) for a total of 65 episodes, but sadly went off the air in 2004. Watching Lizzie, Miranda and Gordo go through the life stages of highschool together and learning valuable lessons each time was an unforgettable experience. Lizzie had a pest of a brother and two quirky parents “Jo” and “Sam” who were just as hilarious as the rest of the cast. To see them together again would make a lot of people who grew up in the early 2000s pretty happy, to say the least.

#2: “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” (1997-2003)

A supernatural vampire drama the likes of which we have not seen since, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” was one of the first shows that proved a strong female lead could attract viewers. Sarah Michelle Gellar's performance as the titular character was completely multifaceted, going from hilarious to heartbreaking from scene to scene. During its heyday, the show would regularly pull in millions of viewers each episode. As many of the cast went on to do bigger and better things, it sure would be fun seeing them back to their old slaying ways.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

“Pushing Daisies” (2007-09)

“Ugly Betty” (2006-10)

“Victorious” (2010-13)

#1: “Friends” (1994-2004)

For ten seasons, Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, Joey and Ross made us laugh, cry and cheer. Watching them grow as individuals and as a group, while trying to navigate the complex world of being single in New York, was one of the best small screen experiences of the era. So how incredible would it be for the world to see them together again, even if it was only for one episode? Maybe Joey would be dating an Instagram model, maybe Smelly Cat would have become a viral sensation. Would Rachel and Ross still be together? Now all we can do is cross our fingers and hope that the TV gods answer our prayers.