Top 10 Times Bystanders Ruined News Broadcasts

Top 10 Times Bystanders Ruined News Broadcasts
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All these times bystanders ruined new broadcasts were news stories in themselves. We interrupt your regular programming with this breaking list! We'll be taking a look at the most hilarious, inappropriate, or cringeworthy instances of bystanders wrecking news reports. WatchMojo ranks the times bystanders ruined news broadcasts. Which news broadcast did you find the most awkward? Let us know in the comments!

We interrupt your regular programming with this breaking list! Welcome to WatchMojo, and today, we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Times Bystanders Ruined News Broadcasts.

For this list, we’ll be taking a look at the most hilarious, inappropriate, or cringeworthy instances of bystanders wrecking news reports.

#10: A Flood of Exaggeration

Most of the time, you can tell when a reporter is taking liberties with a story for dramatic effect. But in the case of Michelle Kosinski and this particular story, things really went off the deep end. After a massive rain storm, Michelle Kosinski went out to observe the damage in New Jersey. Judging from her canoe, it looked like New Jersey was underwater… that is until these two walked into frame - the water only coming halfway up their boots. We THOUGHT her paddle technique looked particularly shallow! Even her co-workers back in New York can’t help but poke fun at the misleading broadcast.

#9: Dog On Set

You know what the news is missing? Unexpected appearances from animals! In the middle of her report, Russian news anchor Ilona Linarte was caught off guard when an adorable pup appeared behind her desk. Poor Linarte seemed terrified, but all this dog wanted was some attention! Once she recovered from the shock, she did give him a little pat, but told audiences that she’s more of a cat person - something pretty clear from her initial reaction. In a follow-up to the showstopper, the studio said the dog was with a show guest before it got loose.

#8: Location, Location, Location

When covering breaking news, it’s important to carefully pick your location before going live. After all, you don’t want to find yourself in the same situation as KENS 5’s Marvin Hurst. As Hurst tried to report on brush fires from the back of the crew’s truck on the side of a road, a man claimed he was on private property, climbed aboard, and dropped a big ol’ F-bomb. He then started harassing the crew and messing with their equipment. Whether or not they made a mistake, the man’s reaction as they tried to update audiences on a natural disaster was . . . unexpected to say the least.

#7: Jumpscare

Anything can happen when you’re reporting live, and KTLA Reporter Wendy Burch knows this fact better than most. While she was covering a story on who might be hosting the Olympics, a passerby slid into view and gave a devilish smirk at the camera. What followed was perhaps the best jumpscare in journalism history. The crew didn’t seem to appreciate the prank, telling him that they were trying to work, but viewers at home certainly got a good chuckle, and Burch couldn’t stop laughing after getting over the initial fright.

#6: A Short Investigation

Sadly, not every individual looking to score their 15 minutes of fame takes as harmless of an approach as the man in our previous entry. During a piece on crime rates in North Carolina, Ashley Taylor was interrupted by a man who stole her mic and yelled profanities. It’s one thing to photobomb or do something silly in the background, but when you shove a reporter and grab their mic, it’s not just disrespectful, it’s actually assault. Taylor ended going to the police about the actions of the man, who was identified as then 20-year-old Justin Moore and subsequently charged with assault and battery.

#5: The Weather Gets Crazy!

Kids can get excited about pretty much anything, and this was one of those moments. As weatherman Patrick Ellis gave his forecast, a little boy stepped in front of the camera, ecstatic about...something. The kid asked Ellis if he was “crazy sure” and started dancing (or breaking wind?) in front of him. Just when Ellis gave him a chance to talk about the weather (or whatever “farts and toots” refers to), the youngling was promptly carried off camera. Dang, if only we knew what was so exciting and wondrous about Ellis’s forecast! This kid knows how to appreciate the news.

#4: Raining On Your Report

As we learned with Hurst during his run-in with the angry property owner, it pays to discerning when picking a place to shoot your broadcast. On one fateful rainy day, English reporter Lauren Hewitt was standing near a busy road while doing a piece on housing in Norwich. According to our math, massive rain puddles plus passing cars equals… Yep, and even the crew got a dose of it! Hewitt’s facial expression is absolutely priceless. With her back to the road, she never saw the wave of dirty puddle water coming. Live TV or not, she couldn’t help but let out an expletive. And honestly, we can’t hold it against her!

#3: The Toughest Job Interview

In May of 2006, Guy Goma got more than he bargained for when he visited the BBC Television Centre to apply for a job at the IT department. What he actually got was a Live on-air interview with Karen Bowerman on a subject he knew little about. It turned out that it was all a case of mistaken identity as the producers thought he was Guy Keweney, a well-regarded British technology expert. Surprisingly enough Guy was able to get through the interview without too much of a hitch but unfortunately for him he never got the job.

#2: ...Sasquatch?

There's been a few odd encounters on the list so far, but none quite as strange as this peculiar moment. It was an unusually snowy day for this reporter, and things got more unusual when a person in a costume walked into frame. Wait, could it be...Sasquatch?! Nah, the costume is too big and bushy. Whether it was Sasquatch or not, our reporter couldn't help but laugh. Props to her for managing to get through the rest of her broadcast! If we were in her shoes, we’d either be creeped out or freeze up in shock.

#1: A Father at Work

This interview couldn’t be more perfect. As Professor Robert Kelly spoke to BBC News, his kids opened the door and crashed the segment. Seconds later, his wife rushed in, grabbed the kids, and closed the door while keeping low to avoid the camera. Surprisingly, Kelly managed to keep his composure, repeatedly apologizing for this golden moment. Don't be sorry, please; this made our day! Sometime after the segment went viral, BBC News conducted another interview with Kelly, only this time, it was to respond to the video and introduce his family properly.