Top 10 Singer Scandals You Completely Forgot About

Top 10 Singer Scandals You Completely Forgot About
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How could people forget these singer scandals? For this list, we'll be looking at the most outrageous, disreputable, and shocking things musicians have said and or done that somehow slipped our minds. Our countdown includes Drake's secret love child, the Rihanna vs. Ciara Feud, Beyoncé's many so-called scandals, and more!

Top 10 Singer Scandals You Completely Forgot About

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Singer Scandals You Completely Forgot About.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the most outrageous, disreputable, and shocking things musicians have said and or done that somehow slipped our minds.

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#10: The Ed Sheeran, Ellie Goulding, Niall Horan Triangle

In 2013, Ellie Goulding and Ed Sheeran were photographed holding hands, leading many to believe they were an item. How long did Ellie love Ed? Well, according to Goulding, they never dated at all. However, the rumor mill believed it was until former One Directioner Niall Horan entered the picture. Supposedly the “Burn” singer ditched her rumored beau to join Horan in his bedroom. Adding more fuel to this speculation fire, fans believed that Sheeran wrote his song “Don’t” about the entire saga. The singer has refused to confirm this, although he’s confessed that it was inspired by a former paramour who left him feeling spurned. Whatever the truth is, it appears all three have moved on.

#9: Drake’s Secret Love Child

Drake and Pusha T had been engaged in a long diss track battle. However, the latter took things perhaps too far when he announced that Drake had a son in his track, “The Story of Adidon.” This wasn’t just some poor attempt at smack talk; this was a major exposé. He revealed that Drake had fathered a child with French model and former adult film star Sophie Brussaux. Understandably, this scoop caused quite a storm, amassing approximately 2.5 million views on its first day. Of course, people wanted to know if it was true, leaving Drake no choice but to fess up. Celebs feud all the time, but maybe they should leave the children out of it.

#8: The Hilary Duff vs. Lindsay Lohan Feud

These teen idols dominated the big and small screen in the early noughties. Duff had won us over as the loveable Lizzie McGuire. Meanwhile, Lohan was starring in flicks like “Life-Size” and “Freaky Friday.” While they were Disney’s sweethearts on screen, things were sourer behind the cameras— and a boy was to blame. You might remember that Aaron Carter dated Lohan after a brief romance with Duff. Carter confessed that there was actually some overlap between the two and that he “got a little bored” in his relationship with Duff before moving on to LiLo. This started a long feud between the two until, in 2007, Duff announced that they’d grown up and put all that drama behind them.

#7: Sean Combs & JLo Flee the Scene

If it slipped your mind that these two ever dated, you probably also forgot that they once got arrested together. In 1999, the couple was hanging out in a New York club when a fight broke out; shots were fired, injuring three people, and the pair fled the scene. However, when they were pulled over, apparently for running a red light, the cops found the weapon in their car. An inconsolable JLo supposedly spent between one to 14 hours in jail, depending on who you ask, before getting acquitted. However, Combs’s charges were taken to court, although eventually, they were dropped as well. Combs changed his name from Puff Daddy to distance himself from this scandal.

#6: The Rihanna vs. Ciara Feud

While appearing on “Fashion Police” in 2011, Ciara shared an unflattering experience about meeting RiRi. The Fenty queen wasn’t thrilled about being publicly called out and decided to clap back on Twitter. This launched a series of catty comments between the two until Rihanna called for a truce. However, things kicked off again in 2013 when the “Rude Boy” singer posted footage of herself and a friend laughing at Ciara’s “Body Party” video. The singer “Leveled Up” on firing back against this inelegant behavior. While Rihanna didn’t explicitly respond, in 2018, she seemingly held out an olive branch through a karaoke performance of “Goodies.” Later that year, Ciara wrote a sweet birthday tribute to the beauty icon.

#5: Kanye Calls Out George W. Bush

Never one to stay on script, Ye’s been at the eye of so many controversies that it’s hard to keep track. However, given his support for a more recent President, this one is easy to forget. During a Hurricane Katrina relief telethon, Kanye called out the former Republican President over his relationship with the African-American community. Ignoring the teleprompter, he told audiences... This was long before the days we practically expected Ye to go rogue, so it was rather shocking. Bizarrely, Kanye would later apologize for his comment, saying, “I was programmed to think from a victimized mentality.” The apology was equally unprecedented, but his initial message packed a hard and long-lasting punch.

#4: Beyoncé’s Many So-Called Scandals

When you’re a star of Beyoncé magnitude, scandals seem to be pretty much inevitable. Even though the icon’s famously private, it never stopped anyone from planting the seeds of controversy. So much has been reported about her to varying levels of truth. She’s been accused of plagiarism, lip-syncing, lying about her pregnancy and age, and sabotaging her former band members during their Super Bowl reunion. It was alleged that her brand, Ivy Park, produced its clothing in an Indonesian sweatshop that mistreated and underpaid employees. Also, we’re still wondering who on earth “Becky with the Good Hair” is and what really went down in that elevator. The list goes on, and we haven’t even delved into her Destiny’s Child days.

#3: Ariana Licks a Doughnut & Hates America

When Grande visited Wolfee Donuts in California, she might’ve left with a sweet treat, but she left a sour taste behind. Security footage showed the singer licking and spitting on some donuts. She’s also seen laughing and jumping when her boyfriend seemingly joins in. You can also hear her cussing when an employee returns with another tray and declare that she hates America. It was all so bizarre, and Grande’s behavior comes across as somewhat bratty. In response to the viral video, Grande apologized and said her actions stemmed from her concerns over America’s eating habits and childhood obesity. According to a leaked document, her behavior cost her a gig at the White House.

#2: Did Justin Bieber Have a Kid at 17?

The teen pop idol was forced to deny these rumors after a fan alleged that the “Baby” singer was the father of her child. The 20-year-old Belieber claimed that she took the singer’s virginity and got pregnant after he supposedly told her he didn’t want to use protection. She was now demanding a paternity test and child support, and Beiber was reportedly even ordered to appear in court. He and his team continued to dismiss these allegations; a paternity test proved he wasn’t the father, and the case was dropped. The singer told his fans that he wanted to ignore the drama and focus on the positives instead. Still, that didn’t stop him from putting this wild story to music the following year.

#1: Miley Cyrus’ Smoking Scandal

It was Miley Cyrus herself who said. But for a while, it seemed like we could barely get through a week without Cyrus making some scandalous headline. In 2013, everyone was talking about her outrageous VMAs performance. But buried somewhere between that controversy and her Vanity Fair cover, you might’ve forgotten the time TMZ shared footage of Cyrus smoking a bong while hanging out with friends. At the time, she was still working for Disney, and this didn’t really fit into the network’s preferred squeaky clean image. We imagine the parents of her impressionable young fans weren’t too thrilled either. Although she apologized at the time, Cyrus has since made it clear that she’s done apologizing for scandals imposed on her by others.