Top 10 Products You've Never Heard Of

Top 10 Products You've Never Heard Of
VOICE OVER: Patrick Mealey WRITTEN BY: Jesse Singer
These products are insanely handy! For this list, we'll be looking at the most useful products you didn't know existed - some of which you probably won't be able to live without once you do! Our countdown includes Posture Corrector, Thaw Claw, Pizza Scissors with Spatula, and more!

Top 10 Products You've Never Heard Of

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Products You've Never Heard Of.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the most useful products you didn’t know existed - some of which you probably won’t be able to live without once you do!

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#10: Posture Corrector

Don’t you hate it when friends and family are constantly telling you to stand up straight? Sometimes even coming up behind you to physically adjust your shoulders and correct your posture? Well, now you can tell them all to back off because you’re wearing your posture corrector. This harness-like brace goes over your shoulders and around your abdomen – sort of like a baby carrier without the baby part! It’ll keep your upper back upright and your shoulders from curving forward, but the big claim here is that it provides relief for back pain.

#9: Split-Temperature Duvet

Do you like sleeping cozy under a big duvet while your partner likes things a little colder? How much of your night is spent trying to pull just a few extra inches of covers from the blanket hog on the other side of the bed? Well, this product might just be the thing that kills both of these birds with one split-temperature duvet stone. There are different versions out there, but the basic idea is two duvets attached together by magnets. That way, the whole acts as one large cover for those lets-get close and snuggle moments, but splits easily apart to make hogging an issue of the past. With various duvet inserts available you can also adjust your side exactly how you like it.

#8: Vertical Chess Board

As anyone who plays knows, a chess match can go on for quite a while. For some of us, dedicating that kind of table or desk space to an ongoing game just isn’t feasible. Not to mention, it leaves open the possibility of someone, or a furry friend, accidentally knocking the whole thing over. But imagine if you could put the board on the wall instead of a table? Well, you can. It may not be ideal to stand for a one-off game, but these vertical boards are great if you want to play in passing. And the good ones even come with a marker which allows you to mark down the last move made so the players can come and go over an extended time period.

#7: Thaw Claw

How do you thaw your meat? Get your minds out of the gutter, this isn’t a euphemism. For many of us, who often forget to take it out of the freezer in the morning, the choices come down to microwave or submerged in water. There are two schools of thought as to the safety of microwave de-thawing, but when it comes to using water, the biggest issue is the package of meat always floating to the top. Enter: the Thaw Claw. It conveniently suctions to the side of your sink and keeps the package fully submerged. You: one; the Laws of Motion: zero.

#6: Car Dip Clip

You’ve gone through the drive-thru, you have your drink in the cup holder, your fries in the other and your burger solidly in one hand. Everything is safe and secure. Everything except the dip! Ketchup, mayo, barbeque sweet and sour sauce… whatever it may be, finding a place to put it for easy and safe access is one of the most frustrating things about eating in your car. Luckily, someone’s come up with a solution. The car dip holder is basically a tiny cup holder that attaches to your dashboard and is the perfect size to hold a takeaway dip container. Some also come with standard containers that allow you to fill up with ketchup or other condiments that don’t come in a dip-convenient package.

#5: CrunchCup

Running late? Breakfast on the go? In that case, options usually consist of smoothies, fruit, maybe a PB&J, or picking up a breakfast sandwich at a drive-thru. But you’d never have cereal right? Wrong! Say hello to the CrunchCup. The CrunchCup does what we never thought was possible, by making cereal a portable option. And, most importantly, it does this while never letting the cereal get soggy. The device is basically a smoothie bottle but with an added insert that is the genius of the whole thing. While the bottle is filled with milk, the insert keeps the cereal dry and crunchy. It’s only when you take a sip that the milk and cereal come together in your mouth for the bite every time.

#4: Long-Distance Connection Bracelet

Whether you’re in a long distance relationship or just away from your partner for a period of time, it can be hard to maintain that close connection you have in person. Texts and video chats are nice, but sometimes you need something a little more intimate. And no, we aren’t talking about those long-distance kissing devices Howard and Raj tested out that one time. Long-distance bracelets are much less awkward, but in a way, just as personal. There are a bunch out there, but the basic idea is that you and your partner both wear a bracelet that’s connected to an app. This allows the semblance of touch via a small vibration of the bracelet whenever you want to let them know you’re thinking about them.

#3: Smart Basketball

There’s an app for everything and everything connects to our phone these days, so why not a basketball? With a smart basketball you can monitor your dribbles, follow online dribbling tutorials and classes, and track your stats as you improve over time. Through the legs, around the back - it’s time to up your dribble game. Now, this ball won’t help you sink a 3-pointer like Steph Curry, but practice drills can help with your handling and speed, which could get you open for more threes. Sinking them is on you though.

#2: Pizza Scissors with Spatula

Pizza is awesome! But cutting a pizza is less than. Using a knife or kitchen scissors is awkward and those rollers are cool, but they don’t help with the second part of the process: moving the cut slices to the plate. Sure, we guess you could use more than one utensil, but why would you want to do that? This brings us to the Reese's Pieces of kitchen gadgets, the scissors with attached spatula. Cut, lift and serve in one motion with one tool. The only thing better than cutting pizza with this thing is eating the pizza itself.

#1: Personal Sauna

What’s the worst part about going into the sauna at the gym? If you said ‘the other people in there’, then have we got just the thing for you. The personal and portable sauna is the perfect way to get the heat and relaxation you want without all the sweaty strangers you don’t. Sure, it looks a little ridiculous with your head and hands poking out, but who’s going to see you in the comfort of your own home? It’s the price us socially awkward people have to pay, but it’s still better than small talk.