Top 10 Products That Should Make a Comeback

Top 10 Products That Should Make a Comeback
VOICE OVER: Patrick Mealey WRITTEN BY: Jesse Singer
We want these products back! For this list, we'll be looking at products that aren't as popular as they once were or have gone away for good. Our countdown includes iPod Classic, McDonald's Pizza, Typewriters, and more!

Top 10 Products That Should Make a Comeback

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Products That Should Make a Comeback.

For this list, we’ll be looking at products that aren’t as popular as they once were or have gone away for good. Either way, we want them back!

What product do you really miss? Let us know in the comments.

#10: iPod Classic

We love the world of streaming services. The ability to have millions of songs at our fingertips has been a game changer - there’s no doubt about it. However, for those of us who spent years building up our own music collection via CDs, iTunes, and Napster, being able to have that at our fingertips as well is something we miss. And something that the iPod Classic provided - before being discontinued back in 2014. Sure, all the songs are still out there ready to stream, but the OG MP3 players, particularly the iconic iPod Classic, put your personal music collection in your pocket in a way Spotify doesn’t.

#9: Sewing Kits

According to a 2016 article in the Daily Mail, the fashion industry is purposely making cheaper-quality clothes so that we have to buy more. Or maybe we can all just buy a sewing kit? Remember back in the day when you’d get a hole in your jeans or a rip in your shirt and your grandma would break out her sewing kit and fix it right up? Who says we can’t do that today? Sure, besides purchasing the sewing kit, it’ll also involve learning how to sew. But, we aren’t talking major clothing renovations here. Simple fixes and repairs aren’t that difficult. And we all spend so much time on YouTube anyway, a quick search will get you a tutorial video in no time.

#8: Traditional Alarm Clocks

Yes, our smartphones have an alarm function. But in order for them to be effective they have to have enough charge to make it to morning and regularly leaving them plugged in all night can reduce the life of the battery. There’s also some evidence to suggest that keeping your phone out of the bedroom can help you have a better night’s sleep. What about an alarm clock? It doesn’t have to charge, and it won’t tempt you to scroll through Instagram or get dragged into a TikTok rabbit hole in the middle of the night. All it does is wake you up! And it adds a nice, retro design element to your bedside table in the process. Win, win.

#7: Erector Sets

In Aqua’s 90s hit song, “Barbie Girl,” Barbie sings “Life in plastic, it's fantastic.” Well, as we all know, plastic isn’t necessarily as fantastic as we once thought. And living in a world where the toy landscape is filled with plastic, makes us pine for the days when metal ruled. Okay, maybe not ruled, but at least had a prominent seat at the table. Of course, we’re talking about the Erector Set. Which, up until 1962 even came in a steel box. The company has been bought and sold a few times over the decades. And while it does still technically exist these days as “Erector by Meccano” - the new sets just don’t match the quality of the classic Erector Set.

#6: Clothes/Washing Lines

It might sound so old-fashioned and antiquated - and maybe it is - but drying your clothes on a clothesline is a great idea that deserves to make a comeback. If only for environmental and economic reasons, avoiding your dryer as much as possible obviously uses less energy and, based on household averages, can save you upwards of $150 a year. It also avoids those embarrassing shrinking shirt mistakes we’ve all been guilty of at least a few times. If you’ve ever tried hang-drying your clothes outside in the fresh air, you also know how good they smell afterward. And for those who don’t have any outdoor space, or live in a city without a lot of “fresh” air, there are great indoor options available.

#5: McDonald’s Pizza

Going to McDonald’s, but don’t feel like a hamburger? Well, for a brief time in the 1980s and 90s, at a few locations, you could get pizza instead. Sure, it was a little expensive and took 10 minutes to prepare, but it was pizza at McDonald’s - pretty cool right? Well, guess what? While we don’t know if they’ll ever bring it back, there were two Mcdonald’s locations - Pomeroy, Ohio and Spencer, West Virginia - still serving McPizza up until 2017. Now Orlando, Florida is the only place to get it. Unfortunately, there are no Burger King locations that still serve ribs. In 2010, the chain introduced ribs for a limited time. They sold so well, the time ended up being more limited than planned.

#4: Candy Bowl

Picture your grandparents' house. Now picture the coffee table in the living room. If you’re like many of us, that picture isn’t complete without a crystal or blown-glass bowl sitting on said coffee table, filled with candy. We loved it as a kid, and we still love candy today, so why not bring back the bowl of candy as a thing - not just for grandma’s anymore! And while we’re at it, could Hershey’s please bring back their Kissables for us to put in these bowls? For those who don’t remember, Hershey’s Kissables were Hershey’s kisses covered in a candy coating. Basically, a Hershey’s Kiss M&M. Sounds delicious, doesn’t it?

#3: VW Type 2

The Volkswagen Type 2, aka the Microbus, or - as Kelso called it on “That ‘70s Show”, “a place to do it with Jackie.” But, besides the space for “doing it,” these VWs are an iconic design that still resonates with fans of a mid-century aesthetic. There have been many copycats over the years, but none that can match the true retro appeal of the VW Type 2. Unfortunately, they ended production in 2013 - although fortunately, they did so because they were unable to keep up with the implementation of stricter safety protocols. We love the van but, safety first!

#2: Typewriters

With the proliferation of personal computers and word-processing software, typewriters were slowly pushed aside. But there are reasons they should make a comeback - reasons beyond pure nostalgia and hipster retro design appeal. And those reasons could be different for different people. For playwright Sam Shepard, the tactile nature of the typewriter is important to the process. For John Mayer, it was the simple paper and words - without the distractions of spell check and other processing tools, that allowed him to actually better process his thoughts. And Tom Hanks loves typewriters. So, do we really need another reason?

#1: Video Stores

We love all the Maxes, the Pluses, and the Flixes, but we miss video stores. If you know what you want to watch, a streaming service is great. But for pure film discovery and appreciation, there might be nothing better than walking up and down those video store ailes. From new releases and blockbusters to foreign films and must-see independents - video stores had them all in the same place. These days, not only do you have to have an idea of what you’re looking for. You also might have to click through 3,4, or more services to find it. And depending on the employees, the staff picks section was better than any algorithm. Streaming services might seem more convenient, but at what cost?