Top 10 Most Evil TV Dolls EVER

Top 10 Most Evil TV Dolls EVER
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Avoid these evil dolls on TV at all cost, even if they come with a free Frogurt. Our countdown includes "Family Matters," "Are You Afraid of the Dark?," "Goosebumps," and more!

Top 10 Evil Dolls on TV

Welcome to WatchMojo and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Evil Dolls on TV!

For this list, we’ll be looking at the most wicked or mischievous dolls featured on the small screen - including miniseries and made-for-TV movies. And, since we’ll be discussing specific characters’ fates, this is your spoiler alert!

Which of these naughty toys would YOU send back to the manufacturer? Let the stuffing fly in the comments below!

#10: Ashy Slashy
“Ash vs Evil Dead” (2015-18)

It’s probably best to be wary of dolls whose names refer to stabbing things in a violent manner. Exhibit A: Ashy Slashy, a possessed puppet created to help in the breaking of demon hunter Ash Williams’ psyche. Besides resembling its namesake’s appearance, the admittedly cute demon doll also inhabited the anti-hero’s obnoxious behavior. But, while Ash found a sweet spot for the lil’ guy, the same couldn’t be said for fellow demon fighter Kelly Maxwell. After discovering Ash’s mini-me was, well, alive, a scuffle between the two ended with the puppet’s head getting blown off. That’s one way to end playtime!

#9: Stevil
“Family Matters” (1989-98)

Nothing says “special Halloween episode” quite like an evil doll come to life. This was certainly the case for the sitcom “Family Matters,” as an infamous Season 8 episode saw everyone’s favorite next-door nerd, Steve Urkel, bring a ventriloquist dummy into the Winslow home. Thanks to a conveniently aimed lightning bolt, Stevil was born, and ready to wreak havoc on the household. The diabolical doll’s atrocities included the likes of stuffing Eddie in the chimney, dismembering Laura, and turning Harriet into a Jack-in-the-box! But alas, it was all revealed to be a horrible nightmare, marking the end of Stevil’s wicked reign… until the following year of course, where he returned with the equally diabolical Carlsbad!

#8: The Doll
“Night Gallery” (1969-73)

As illustrated in a creep-tastic episode of “Night Gallery,” “some of the least likely objects can be filled with the most likely horror.” It all starts when Colonel Masters returns home from India during the times of British era colonialism. It’s here that he finds his niece in possession of a mysterious doll, delivered by an unknown sender. Turns out the gift is one of deadly revenge! Infused with magic, the doll was sent to eliminate the Colonel on account of him leading the execution of an enemy soldier. A nasty doll bite and staircase tumble later, the Colonel is done for, BUT, not before he sends out a package of his own!

#7: Scarface
“Batman: The Animated Series” (1992-95)

From a clown, to a penguin, to a scarecrow, it’s only fitting Batman also has a villainous doll in his rogue’s gallery. Featured in multiple episodes of “Batman: The Animated Series,” Scarface is ventriloquist/criminal mastermind Arnold Wesker’s personal dummy. But don’t get it twisted, this wooden doll is definitely the one in control. It began when Wesker, who suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder, created Scarface to aid in his crimes, only to have the disorder manifest within the dummy itself. What followed were many bullet-ridden crime sprees in Gotham City. There’s just something unnerving about a doll with a Tommy Gun!

#6: The Crimson Clown
“Are You Afraid of the Dark?” (1990-96; 1999-2000; 2019)

It’s one thing to be an evil doll, but to be an evil CLOWN doll? Why that’s a double whammy! Meet the Crimson Clown. Appearing in a popular episode of “Are You Afraid of the Dark?,” this porcelain problem solver is said to terrorize badly behaved children into being good. And so, when bratty Sam unfairly makes his older brother’s life a living hell, the Crimson Clown comes a-knockin’. After a series of exceedingly frightening life lessons, Sam eventually sees the error of his ways and is given a second chance at doing the right thing. Talk about getting scared straight!

#5: Evil Krusty Doll
“The Simpsons” (1989-)

This Krusty doll made for some delightfully devilish parody in “The Simpsons’” third “Treehouse of Horror.” Purchased at the “House of Evil” for Bart's birthday, Homer naturally ignores the shopkeeper’s warnings about the talking doll’s supposed curse. It doesn’t take long for things to turn deadly for the doting dad, however, as it becomes clear he is the target of this doll’s murderous intent. Following multiple attacks and a failed disposal, it’s Marge who calls the company over, only to discover the switch on the doll's back was set to “Evil” the whole time. “D’oh!”

#4: Zuni Doll
“Trilogy of Terror” (1975)

What harm can a little shopping do? Turns out a lot - if you bring home an indigenous fetish doll that is. Appearing in the third tale of the made-for-TV movie “Trilogy of Terror,” a Zuni Warrior Doll unleashes horrifying frights on its unwitting buyer, Amelia. The unassuming wooden doll actually contains the spirit of a hunter named “He Who Kills” (never a good sign) and is adorned with a gold chain to keep the entity at bay. But, when the chain falls off, Amelia enters the fight of her life! And, just when it appears the evil spirit has met a fiery demise, the stab-happy warrior finds a new host… in Amelia!

#3: Chinga
“The X-Files” (1993-2002; 2016-18)

When not investigating alien conspiracies, special agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully set their sights on other supernatural occurrences, like, say, a homicidal doll empowered through witchcraft! The episode in question, co-written by THAT Stephen King, follows 5-year-old Polly and her antique doll Chinga, who was discovered by the girl’s father while lobstering. It’s not long before Chinga overtakes Polly, using her demands and short temper to lead people to commit suicide - in particularly nasty ways mind you. It looked like the evil entity finally met its end when Scully “nuked” the doll in the microwave, but alas, another fisherman would later find Chinga and once more hear her demands to “play.”

#2: Slappy the Dummy
“Goosebumps” (1995-98)

With many antagonists in the “Goosebumps” series, it’s Slappy the Dummy who reigns supreme. Carved from coffin wood and infused with the soul of an ancient sorcerer, Slappy springs to life whenever a few fateful words are read aloud - a magical phrase he cleverly keeps in his jacket pocket. Once revived, Slappy will try to force the poor individual who brought him back to serve as his slave. Apparently, fans can’t seem to get enough of the demented doll, as he’s appeared in more books and TV episodes than any other Goosebumps character – not to mention those starring roles in the franchise's movies. It’s Slappy’s world, we’re just living in it!

Before we unveil our top pick, here are some honorable mentions:

“Friday the 13th: The Series” (1987-90)

“Regular Show” (2010-17)

Puppet King
“Teen Titans” (2003-06)

Peg Dolls
“Doctor Who” (1963-89; 2005-)

#1: Talky Tina
“The Twilight Zone” (1959-64)

Introduced to the world over 50 years ago, Talky Tina still holds the benchmark as television’s most evil doll. And there’s no wonder, seeing as how she was expertly unleashed in a highly memorable episode of “The Twilight Zone.” The story sees Erich Streator’s vendetta against a plastic plaything take him to the brink of insanity. Initially annoyed at the large price tag associated with the doll his wife bought for his stepdaughter, Erich’s displeasure quickly turns to horror after the talking doll makes her intentions known. And while “The Twilight Zone” featured a later episode with an evil ventriloquist dummy named Caesar, it’s Tina’s terrifying phrases, chilling death threats, and icy stares that make her TV’s top killer doll!