Top 10 Most Confrontational Hell's Kitchen Moments

Top 10 Most Confrontational Hell's Kitchen Moments
VOICE OVER: Phoebe de Jeu WRITTEN BY: Nathan Sharp
The most confrontational Hell's Kitchen moments brought the room temperature to a boil. For this list, we'll be looking at the loudest, fiercest, and most explosive confrontations from Hell's Kitchen. Our countdown includes the quail, the brunch debacle, Gordon vs Giovanni, and more!

It’s getting hot as hell in here. Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top ten most confrontational “Hell’s Kitchen” moments. For this list, we’ll be looking at the loudest, fiercest, and most explosive confrontations from “Hell’s Kitchen.” These don’t necessarily need to involve Gordon Ramsay. As long as it’s a confrontation between the show’s participants, it will be included.

#10: The Quail

Gordon Ramsay really does come up with the best insults. Who else would think to call someone an effing quail? By this point, customers should know not to confront Ramsay about the food, especially when he’s in the middle of a stressful night of overseeing the kitchen. This particular customer approaches Ramsay about his piece of meat, calling it “rare” and “low grade dog food, at best.” Ramsay proceeds to insult his knowledge of food, swears at him multiple times, and ends the argument by saying that he looks like an “f-ing quail.” And with that, the customer walked back to his table with his tail between his legs, the unfortunate victim of the insult Shakespeare.

#9: Jeff Insults Ramsay and Storms Off

Has Ramsay met his match in Jeff? No, not really, but he gives him a good fight! The argument begins normally enough, with Ramsay insulting Jeff’s food output and lambasting him for not cooking a good lamb. After some sulking on Jeff’s part, he proceeds to call Ramsay an epithet under his breath. Unfortunately, this slight was caught by a fellow chef, who proceeds to bring it to the kitchen’s attention. Jeff repeats his insult to Ramsay’s face before throwing off his whites and storming out of the kitchen. All this about, oh, thirty seconds after saying that he wasn’t a quitter…

#8: Bryant Fails to Keep His Cool

Losing service is a bummer, and it can result in some heated emotions. But Bryant’s emotions get really heated! While discussing elimination, Bryant and Aaron get into a vicious argument, which includes Aaron slamming his hands onto the table and screaming at Bryant until he goes red in the face. Bryant also breaks out a few really cringy bits of dialogue, including, “I’m dominant more than you,” “that’s what’s up bro,” and “everyone knows how the f*** I roll, man.” And all that immediately after saying that he was talking to Aaron like a grown man. It’s really embarrassing stuff, and it makes him come across like a petulant child.

#7: The Brunch Debacle

Sometimes the service is just so poor that Ramsay doesn’t even know what to do. That’s the case here, when both teams are named joint losers and told to “f- off” and explain what happened. This results in some heated deliberations. On the Blue Team side, Frank gets into it with Jared and Manda over some raw chicken and French toast. The Red Team is in a similar argument, as Chad is attacked for his poor French toast, Ariel criticized for forgetting quail eggs, and Jackie insulted for her chicken. It’s just one of those times when nothing goes right and no one in particular is to blame for a poor performance. Sometimes, everybody sucks.

#6: Liquid Mashed Potatoes

During a dinner service in season seven, Ramsay notices that a batch of mashed potatoes are particularly runny. No, that’s being kind. These potatoes are pure liquid. It’s enough to make you gag. Contestant Andrew Forster then makes the unfortunate decision to add the runny potatoes to a fresh batch, and Ramsay tells him that it won’t make a difference. Andrew then has the gall to claim that that isn’t true. Gordon proceeds to kick Andrew out of the kitchen and calls him “a joke to the industry.” This resulted in Andrew walking out of Hell’s Kitchen and quitting the show, making him another contestant to quit during service, following our old friend Jeff.

#5: “Whole or Diced?”

If you think Ramsay calling someone a quail was hilarious, you haven’t seen anything yet. This customer complains that there is no pumpkin in his risotto and storms up to the kitchen to give Ramsay a piece of his mind. That is . . not a smart move. Ramsay proceeds to give him one of the most vicious comebacks in “Hell’s Kitchen” history, telling him that he will ram the pumpkin up his…well, you know. He caps the insult by asking the customer if he’d like it whole or diced. This is certainly pushing the limits of “hilarious insult” and veering into “legitimately scary threat.” But then again, that’s precisely what makes Gordon Ramsay such an intriguing reality show host.

#4: Ramsay Tells Everyone to Get Out

Oh, Gordon Ramsay has his limits all right, and those limits were met in season four. Most of his issues stem from contestant Matt, who claimed to be working through a migraine. Ramsay has no empathy, and gets so fed up with Matt’s supposed excuses that he dramatically kicks Matt out of the kitchen and calls him an “f-ing useless piece of shit.” Don’t mince your words there, Gordon! After Matt goes to lie down, Christina notices that Jen had left rice on the stove and ruined the batch. Gordon then proceeds to kick them both out of the kitchen – Jen for burning the rice and Christina for standing next to it for an hour without noticing. This all proves too much, and Ramsay eventually yells at everyone to get out of the kitchen.

#3: Siobhan Is a Donkey

Nilka is right – don’t talk back to Ramsay, because he’s only going to dig deeper. Unfortunately, Siobhan learns that the hard way. Siobhan thinks that her scallops are golden brown, when in actuality they are burnt and ruined. Gordon asks her to point out the golden-brown ones, and when she does, he retorts by calling them unseasoned and boiled. He proceeds to call her a “donkey,” kicks her out of the kitchen, and orders her to eat the ruined scallops in the dining room. As if being called a donkey wasn’t punishment enough! Unfortunately, this was pretty much the last straw for Siobhan, and she was eliminated from the competition.

#2: Gordon vs Giovanni

This argument between Gordon and Giovanni is legendary, and it’s probably the angriest we’ve ever seen Mr. Ramsay. After Giovanni puts out some subpar chicken, Ramsay calls him a “dickface.” It’s not the nicest thing he’s ever said, and Giovanni defends himself against the personal attack. After he speaks back, Ramsay approaches Giovanni and absolutely explodes in anger, screaming at the top of his voice and repeatedly lunging towards Giovanni’s face. And yes, we get another classic “donkey” insult. Only, this one is said with much more fervor. This heated argument proved to be a big part of Giovanni’s downfall, and he was eliminated.

#1: The Epic Joseph Fight

While the Ramsay and Giovanni fight is loud and fierce, this is by far the scariest and most confrontational. It all begins when contestant Joseph repeatedly fails to properly answer Ramsay’s commands, whatever his motivation. After some choice words, Joseph proudly declares that he isn’t a bitch and rudely tells other contestants to shut their mouths when they fight back. He proceeds to tear off his whites and approach Ramsay in a threatening manner while challenging him to a fight in the parking lot. Rather than responding physically, Gordon fiercely but calmly orders him to leave. He does…and trips over a step in the process. It all makes for one of, if not the most, shocking exit in “Hell’s Kitchen” history.