Top 10 Most Complicated Cakes on Cake Boss
Top 10 Most Complicated Cakes on Cake Boss

Top 10 Most Complicated Cakes on Cake Boss

VOICE OVER: Phoebe de Jeu WRITTEN BY: Tori Serpico
The most complicated cakes on "Cake Boss" are full of layers. For this list, we'll be looking at the most over-the-top, elaborate creations from Buddy and the crew that'll probably have you wondering– is that even a cake?! Our countdown includes Lisa's birthday cake, Carlo's 1st birthday, NASA cake, and more!

Top 10 Most Complicated Cakes on Cake Boss

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Most Complicated Cakes on Cake Boss.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the most over-the-top, elaborate creations from Buddy and the crew that’ll probably have you wondering– is that even a cake?!

If you could have your own elaborate Carlo’s Bake Shop cake, what would you want it to look like? Let us know in the comments!

#10: Roulette Cake
“Weddings, Water and Whacked!”

Always bet on black… or Buddy Valastro! Buddy is made an offer he can’t refuse: to make a casino themed cake for a “Man of the Year” event. He knows he has to pull out all the stops for this customer, who requests that the cake look like a real roulette wheel. And of course, Carlo’s Bake Shop delivers! The finished cake looks spot on, and is actually designed to spin! The recipient of the cake– another “boss,” in his own right– stoically examines it at first, but tells the crew that they did an amazing job.

#9: Lisa's Birthday Cake
“Governor, Giant Lisa, and Good-bye Mama”

If your husband is the Cake Boss, you would hope he’d make you an elaborate birthday cake each year! For Lisa’s 30th birthday, Buddy wants to make something super special for her– her! She has always wanted a replica of herself as a cake, so he’s eager to surprise her with one. Working with her height and proportions, he and the team bake and construct a life-sized model cake of Lisa. The stakes are high. After all, Buddy has to make sure his version of his wife looks beautiful. At her party, she’s absolutely floored by the reveal!

#8: A Working Toilet
“Toilets and Textiles”

Nothing’s more decadent than… a toilet bowl? For the 100th anniversary of a local plumbing business, owners Ian and Justin task Buddy with a challenge: a toilet cake that can actually flush! He and the bakers are ready to take on the project, but it takes some thought. Finally, they come up with the idea to wrap a plastic tube around the inside of the “bowl” part of the cake and run water through it, and it works! It goes without saying, but the clients are impressed with how well the Carlo’s Bakery team brought their vision to life.

#7: Carlo's 1st Birthday
“Fitting In, Fed Up and a First Birthday”

How cute is baby Carlo?! He deserves a birthday treat as sweet as him, and Buddy takes that job seriously! For the little one’s first birthday party, his dad makes him a massive candy mountain cake. Its structure is enormous, not to mention it’s covered with sweets. There are even two huge gumball machines on either side of it. We’d say this candy-themed cake is pretty much any little kid’s dream, and it must have been a blast for Carlo to dig into! He probably won’t remember it when he’s older, but at least he can revisit the footage.

#6: Statue of Liberty
“Liberty, Layups and a Loaded Dinner”

People always say liberty is sweet, and this cake takes that sentiment very literally! The Statue of Liberty park rangers call upon Carlo’s Bakery to create a confection for the famous landmark. Buddy immediately knows that the plan is simple– make a replica of Lady Liberty! But the problem is, how are they going to bake something so huge? It takes some teamwork, but the crew finds a way to scale the creation to a manageable height for transportation. They very carefully stack the cake for the event, and the final product is spot on!

#5: Ski Slope
“Sugary Slopes”

Some requests feel like an uphill slope, even for the Cake Boss! This cake, however, is a literal slope! Windham Mountain ski resort is celebrating, and needs an extravagant centerpiece for the occasion. They don’t just want a recreation of the mountain– they want a fully functioning ski lift built in. No task is too big for Buddy and the sculptors at Carlo’s, and they manage to construct a mechanism that even picks up the little sugar-filled people! The final cake is so heavy, they need a snow plow to transport it once they arrive at their destination.

#4: A Full-Sized Race Car
“Cars, Collapse and Couture”

On your marks… get set… eat! The folks at NASCAR get to taste a cake from Buddy, and it’s nothing if not on theme. This race car cake is an order larger than Carlo’s Bakery has ever had up to this point. But as always, the crew is ready to start their engines and make a masterpiece! With a creation this size, mishaps should be expected– and at one point, Buddy and his team are actually forced to reconstruct an entire section of the car. Rest assured– they gave the cake a tune up, and it was off to the races!

#3: NASA Cake
“Space Shuttle, Stepping Up and Surprise!”

Get ready for take off… or should we say, cake off! Buddy takes a solo mission to Florida and visits NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. He’s honored to learn that they want him to build an amazing creation for them, and, naturally, he wants it to be out of this world. He decides that this cake won’t just be delicious, it’s also going to have its very own space shuttle that lifts off! With the help of special effects guy Drew, Buddy gets his vision off the ground – literally. As expected, the crowd at the event goes wild!

#2: Leaning Tower of Pisa
“Leaning, Lobsters and Lectures”

Can we get a mamma mia? An adventurous couple comes into Carlo’s Bakery with a wedding cake request, and it’s anything but ordinary. The pair envision something larger than life: a model of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Buddy not only has to make sure that this cake is beautiful and delicious, but that it leans without falling apart! The team builds the treat perfectly, complete with all of the intricate details that make up the real monument. Plus, adding the couple on a Vespa is an adorable way to incorporate them into the piece!

#1: Bumblebee
“A Big Bumblebee and a Bossy Grace”

Get ready to transform and roll out! The wildest, most complex creation on “Cake Boss” was designed to advertise both a Camaro and “Transformers 3.” Naturally, it included a seven foot model of character Bumblebee! The cake itself is designed and shaped like the aforementioned vehicle, and building it is a real team effort. They get special effects specialist Drew on board as well to help make this confection really pop! The final product is unbelievable, and acted as the perfect way to promote the film and car. We just wonder how anyone could cut into a cake as intricate and impressive as this!