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VOICE OVER: Sophia Franklin WRITTEN BY: Jesse Singer
If they gave Emmys for bloopers, "Modern Family" would've swept. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we're counting down our picks for the best “Modern Family” outtakes where any cast members couldn't hold it together. Our countdown includes after mints, someone tooted, the haircut, and more!

#10: The Haircut

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In the season two episode “Regrets Only”, Gloria gives Phil a haircut while they try to figure out what his fight with Claire from the night before was all about. The final scene has plenty of LOL moments for the audience, but during the filming of the scene there was plenty to laugh about for both ​​Ty Burrell and Sofía Vergara. Take after take, either Sofia or Ty would break for one reason or another. Although, according to Sofia - one of the reasons she kept laughing was - jokingly - because of Ty’s “Stupid Face.”

#9: "Menimonic" Device

For the record, what Phil is talking about in the season two premiere when discussing how he remembers people’s names, is called a mnemonic device. It’s not, as he refers to it, a "menimonic" device. And if you thought his mispronunciation was funny - you aren’t alone. Because it cracked up Ty Burrell and Julie Bowen for multiple takes as they kept trying to get through it without breaking. One time it was even someone behind the camera who cracked up first, thus sending Burrell and Bowen to laugh town once again.

#8: Dun-phy

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Have you ever had to take someone syllable by syllable through the pronunciation of your last name? Did it end in the two of you cracking up? Ya, us neither. But for Ty Burrell and Ed O’Neill it sure did. And really, can you blame them? Because the way Burrell exaggerates the pronunciation of the “Dun” and then the “Phy”... we know we sure wouldn’t have been able to hold it together. In the first take it’s O’Neill that cracks up, and in the second, Burrell also joins in.

#7: Someone Tooted

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Most of us don’t want to admit it, but the truth is that, no matter how old we get, farts are almost always funny. They make us laugh in movies, and the humorousness of them is proven yet again in this “Modern Family” outtake. In this scene the child actor playing Joe Pritchett lets out a little toot and none of the three older actors in the scene can hold it together (Although we will point out that the kid himself doesn’t break at all). Even funnier is the fact that one of them thought it was Adam Devine who’d tooted, and not the little kid.

#6: Topless with Matthew Broderick

The season four episode with Matthew Broderick features some of the show’s classic character misunderstandings, as Phil invites Broderick’s Dave over to watch a football game. Dave however, thinks it’s a romantic invitation, and hysterical misunderstandings and wordplay ensues. As does the semi-undressing of both men, and multiple outtakes as Burrell tries to get out his lines without breaking. All Broderick has to do is stand there, but keeping a straight face gets harder and harder with each broken take. You can even hear the crew behind the camera laughing it up.

#5: Little Aubrey’s First Day on Set

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Actress Aubrey Anderson-Emmons took over the role of Mitchell and Cameron's adopted daughter Lily in season 3. She was only four years old at the time, but apparently she was already a fan of the series and was aware of the show’s characters before she even showed up to work. Her first day on the set Aubrey cracked up the cast - and the crew - when she came into a scene, looked at Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet, and told them that she’d seen them on “Modern Family.” Come on… How adorable is that?!

#4: After Mints

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Talk to most men and we’re pretty sure they’d agree that prostate exams aren’t usually the most humorous situations. However, on sitcoms, every situation has the potential to lead to laughter — and Phil Dunphy’s bend-over moment with his doctor in season three was no exception. But as funny as his line about dimming the lights and playing some Norah Jones is, the doctor’s line in the outtake about the mints was even funnier. We don’t know why the line didn’t make it into the show - maybe they just couldn’t get a take without everyone cracking up?

#3: Three Different Hair Dryers

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With this outtake, it isn’t so much Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s inability to get the line out properly that breaks everyone — it’s Eric Stonestreet’s witty retort when Ferguson just can’t get it. Granted, the line he is having trouble with is a bit of a tongue-twister, but Stonestreet’s friendly jab at him is pretty great. And it’s evidence of just how close they all are that they can take little verbal jabs at each other like that. Ferguson even follows it up with a funny self-deprecating line about how this is why he wasn’t nominated for an Emmy award.

#2: Booker Bell

Booker Bell might not be an inherently funny name, but say it over and over again and some folks might just crack up. At least that’s what happened to Jesse Tyler Ferguson. Ed O'Neill is working hard to get his line out properly. But after he messes up the first try, Ferguson can’t hold it together long enough to let him get it right. So, O’Neill just keeps going, throwing the line at him again and again. But at this point Ferguson is too far gone and has to beg O’Neill to stop saying the name, and cracking up the rest of the cast in the scene along with him.

#1: Knick-Knacks

From ‘doggy dog world’ to ‘baby cheeses’, “Modern Family” fans have gotten plenty of laughs throughout the series from various Gloria mispronunciations. And so have the cast and crew - including Sofía Vergara herself. There are many mispronunciation outtake examples throughout the run of the show - but the best one has got to be the one with the “nicks-nacks.” Vergara walks into the scene asking where to put a box of knick-knacks. And at first it looks like they’re going to get through the scene no problem. But when Bowen turns around towards her, she loses it. In the next take, Vergara goes even harder on the mispronunciations and Bowen is down for the count. Which “Modern Family” blooper has you breaking every single time you see it? Let us know in the comments!