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VOICE OVER: Ricky Tucci WRITTEN BY: Ty Richardson
"Fortnite" sure does know how to put on a show. Welcome to WatchMojo, and today, we're counting down our picks for the most thrilling, the most exciting live events we've experienced in “Fortnite”! Our countdown of live events in "Fortnite" includes The Big Bang from Chapter 4, Season 5, Operation: Sky Fire from Chapter 2, Season 7, The Final Showdown from Chapter 1, Season 8, The Meteor from Chapter 1, Season 3, and more!
Welcome to WatchMojo, and today, we’re counting down our picks for the most thrilling, the most exciting live events we’ve experienced in “Fortnite”!

#10: The Meteor

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Chapter 1, Season 3 This live event was a simple one going all the way back to when “Fortnite” was just gaining traction. Players got to experience a beautiful meteor shower that seemed to pop out of nowhere. However, the biggest surprise was when the shower showed no signs of stopping and started getting closer to the map. Many began speculating what this was all leading up to, with most claiming Tilted Towers was about to be leveled. In the end, we said goodbye to Dusty Depot, and it helped birth the idea of live in-game events within “Fortnite”. Since then, each idea has gotten crazier and crazier as you’ll see throughout the rest of our list.

#9: The Cube

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Chapter 1, Season 5 By this point, we were getting used to mysterious occurrences within “Fortnite”. Then, this giant purple cube showed up. Players were initially confused as to what the purpose of this entity was until one day, it started to move! We remember the hysteria over this as legions of players and content creators were trying to guess what it was doing, where it was going, and what it could all lead up to. What we got were several enigmatic runes sprouting in the cube’s wake and the eventual creation of the floating island we’d see in the following season.

#8: Operation: Sky Fire

Chapter 2, Season 7 The Zero Crisis Finale was pretty great, but Operation: Sky Fire surpassed everything with an almost “Destiny 2”-like ending! With a plan to finally bring an end to the Mothership, you and your friends board the ship with explosives while sneaking past alien soldiers. Once you find the core, it appears empty, until…big reveal - the Cube from Chapter One was responsible for the whole thing! It was such an epic setup for Season Eight’s story surrounding the mysteries of the Golden Cube.

#7: The End

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Chapter 2, Season 8 It was almost hard to believe that Chapter Two was drawing to a close, and it was coming a tad quicker than Chapter One’s ending did. After seeing the way Epic suddenly brought an end to the first chapter, how do you pull off the same scale of wonder a second time? Well, let players witness the birth of a colossal Cube Queen that calls upon a race of aliens to invade. Of course, the biggest, most mind bending moment was when we all saw the island get flipped upside down, revealing the map we’d be playing on for Chapter Three.

#6: Fracture

Chapter 3, Season 4 It’s sort of bizarre how Chapter Three ended so soon compared to the other chapters. However, it did wind up getting one of the coolest finales. Fracture brought everything to a close for the Zero Point saga as the four players attempted one final defense on the Reality Tree. As the title implies, the island gets completely fractured with all sorts of locations floating by their lonesome. It all ends with Chrome vortexes all over the place and the eventual assembly of a brand new island, leading us into Chapter Four.

#5: The Big Bang

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Chapter 4, Season 5 This was a wild ride! With the OG Season rubbing some players the wrong way, some folks were wondering whether “Fortnite” was starting to lose steam. Far from it. The Big Bang was an eleven-minute-long teaser of what was to come in Chapter Five Season One. Racing with cars from “Rocket League”, a Lego-fied game mode, and even a “Guitar Hero”-like segment where we got to see famed rapper Eminem perform “Lose Yourself”, one of his most iconic songs. And it all capped off with a massive Marshall Mathers destroying the world while singing “Godzilla”.

#4: The Device

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Chapter 2, Season 2 The Device has gone down as a fan favorite event, and for good reason. The Agency was a fun addition to the lore and first introduced the concept of heists into “Fortnite”. But the big question was, what exactly is this shady organization planning? What’s the goal? Well, it was to finally rid the world of the ever-closing storm. Things quickly started getting trippy as buildings and the Device itself began getting pulled into the ground and screens began glitching out. It was as if the entire universe imploded and endured a hard reset…and it was awesome!

#3: The Devourer of Worlds

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Chapter 2, Season 4 So far, this has been the only time where an outside IP has had a hand in “Fortnite’s” story, at least at this level. The Devourer of Worlds began just before Chater Two’s fourth season ended when Galactus first emerged from outside the map. From the level of interactivity between Galactus and the environment to Iron Man and Wolverine’s involvement, this event was wild in how it managed to continue a (somewhat) cohesive narrative while roping in Marvel Comics for an epic crossover.

#2: The Final Showdown

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Chapter 1, Season 8 One of the coolest additions to Season Eight was the giant mecha that stood towering above Pressure Plant. Would be a shame if it wasn’t used for something cool, and Epic knew what we’d all be wanting the second we saw it. Seeing the sudden appearance of the Devourer immediately told us the mecha was about to come alive for one of the most explosive fights we had seen in “Fortnite” by this point. And that climactic end where Neo Tilted’s statue turned out to be a sword!? Truly one of the greatest events to ever happen in the game!

#1: The End

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Chapter 1, Season X This one was an event no one could have ever forgotten. It was already bizarre that we jumped from regular numbers to a Roman numeral, but we didn’t expect this momentous milestone to mark a monumental maneuver into an ever-changing landscape. As the finale to the End Event in Chapter 1, a black hole emerged and spent roughly a day and a half pulling in sections of the map. Eventually, the entire world was wiped. “Fortnite” went offline for two whole days as many were wondering what was about to happen to the game itself. This signified how “Fortnite” was about to solidify itself in today’s pop culture, and since then, massive transitions like this have been a touchstone ending to every season. What was your favorite event in “Fortnite”? Did it make our list? Let us know down in the comments, and be sure to subscribe to WatchMojo for more great videos everyday!