Top 10 LGBTQ+ Anime Romances

Top 10 LGBTQ+ Anime Romances
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Time to get lovey-dovey with the best LGBT romances in anime. We'll be looking at the best gay and lesbian relationships to grace the medium. Keep in mind we'll only be including pairings that were officially confirmed to be mutual and not one-sided within the show itself. MsMojo ranks the most romantic LGBT romances in anime. What's your favorite LGBT anime romance? Let us know in the comments!

Time to get lovey-dovey. Welcome to MsMojo and today we are counting down our picks for the Top 10 LGBT Romances in Anime

For this list, we’ll be looking at the best gay and lesbian relationships to grace the medium. Keep in mind we’ll only be including pairings that were officially confirmed to be mutual and not one-sided within the show itself. So sorry shippers, don’t expect to see Attack on Titan or Madoka Magica anywhere on here.

#10: Shion and Yayoi
“Psycho-Pass” (2012-14)

Yes these two women are indeed wrapped up in an intimate relationship, one that they certainly aren’t shy about expressing…even around the workplace. While it’s not given much focus, it does add another dimension to these two polar opposites. While the glamorous if lazy Shion spends her days around a lab, Yayoi is blowing up limbs as a hardass Enforcer. You’d think they wouldn’t be able to gel, but given the horrific state of the world they inhabit, its comforting to know they found solace in each other.

#9: Haruka and Yuu
“Sakura Trick” (2014)

High school is an awkward time for everyone. Friendships and social circles constantly in flux, needless drama, it can seem like life is too crazy to grab a hold of. In order to ensure that their long-lasting friendship remains cemented, Yuu and Haruka agree to employ the art of…kissing in secret? What starts out is a cute idea soon turns far more serious as the two girls start to discover that you can only lock lips for so long before thoughts of love start to enter the equation.

#8: Touya and Yukito
“Cardcaptor Sakura” series (1998-2000; 2018-)

No amount of dubbing is going to take away the fact that these two are totally into each other. Yes, despite being Sakura’s crush it soon becomes obvious that Yukito’s affections are reserved only for her brother, Touya. And throughout the series, the relationship between these two is not subtle in the least. Best of all, their love transcends all barriers, as each of their incarnations in the CLAMP multiverse are inexplicably tied to one another. All we can say is that if these two don’t hook up by the time Clear Card has finished there will be RIOTS!

#7: Yuzu and Mei
“Citrus” (2018)

While we could have certainly done without the sisterhood element, what’s fascinating about this couple is their dynamic. Despite being glammed up and eager to lose her v-card, Yuzu is by far the most innocent one here, especially since her stoic new lover Mei gets her kicks from kissing teachers and then throwing herself at her new sibling. We aren’t saying that there isn’t a destructive element to their relationship, but it’s still kinda intriguing to see these two try to find some semblance of normalcy together.

#6: Ryouma and Izumi
“Love Stage!!” (2014)

We’ve all been there. You find yourself finally in love, only to reunite with your crush several years later and…surprise! She’s actually a fella. Well, maybe not all of us have been through that, but Ryouma certainly has. Try as he might, the reveal that his precious Izumi is actually the same gender doesn’t change how he feels. What follows is a series of adorable escapades as the two strive to accomplish their dreams, with plenty of spicy moments shared along the way. Now that’s a Hollywood romance for you.

#5: Kusakabe and Sajou
“Doukyuusei” (2016)

It doesn’t get more wholesome than this. While they could not be more different from one another in terms of personalities and goals, these two lads soon find deep comfort in one another’s company, paving the way for more beautiful moments and confessions of love than we know what to do with. Don’t expect any gimmicks going into this one, only the pure harmony of two decent young guys finding themselves falling head over heels for each other as they try to figure out their futures.

#4: Utena and Anthy
“Revolutionary Girl Utena” (1997)

We can safely say that no one on this list has had to fight harder to protect someone than Utena. And we mean literally fight! After meeting the beautiful Anthy, who is known by some members of the school as the Rose Bride, Uthena finds herself duelling against several other students, hoping to free her of the game for her hand. Things only get crazier from there as dashing and dastardly princes aplenty try to cut their plans to pieces. In the end however, their relationship evolves into something more intimate, with pretty heavy romantic undertones.

#3: Shion and Nezumi
“No. 6” (2011)

Just goes to show, even in the midst of a dystopian future filled with death and corruption –love conquers all. After finding evidence of a conspiracy, the formally high-class citizen Shion finds himself discarded to the slummiest quarters of the city. Along the way, he’s saved by a known fugitive going by the name of Nezumi. The bond between these two eventually becomes so sweet and genuine that their relationship pretty much overshadows everything else in the series…which is saying a lot given the presence of parasitic wasps that rapidly age people.

#2: Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus
“Sailor Moon” series (1992-97; 2015-16)

They are not cousins. They never have. Never will be. Screw you 90s dubbing companies. Now, with that out of the way, we can gush over why these two members of the sailor senshi make for quite the power couple. Haruka is aggressive and flirty while Michiru can come across as rather cold, yet together their love is so palpable that they almost take the mantle away from Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon at times. When these two are on screen together, the stars light up!

#1: Yuri and Victor
“Yuri on Ice” (2016)

You know it, we know it, everybody knows it, this couple shook the anime landscape. With minimal fanservice and copious amounts of heart, Yuri and his dazzling mentor find themselves not only soaring to the championships, but also find themselves falling deeper and deeper in love with each passing episode. It’s hard to discern which is more spellbinding, their relationship or their performances on the ice. Their first kiss pretty much broke the internet after all.
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