Top 10 Most HATED Joe Rogan Experience Guests

Top 10 Most HATED Joe Rogan Experience Guests
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These JRE guests fell flat. Welcome to WatchMojo, for this list, we'll be looking at the Top 10 Worst Guests to Appear on The Joe Rogan Experience. Our countdown of guests Joe Rogan hated on The Joe Rogan Experience includes Jack Dorsey, Mel Gibson, Iliza Shlesinger, and more!

Top 10 Worst Guests to Appear on The Joe Rogan Experience

Welcome to WatchMojo, for this list, we’ll be looking at the Top 10 Worst Guests to Appear on The Joe Rogan Experience.

#10: Jack Dorsey

Prior to former Twitter (now X) CEO and Co-Founder Jack Dorsey’s first appearance on JRE, fans were expecting the host to really push and interrogate Dorsey on all matters relating to the platform. It has faced its fair share of criticism and controversies over the years, so fans were expecting an in-depth episode. Instead, the episode fell completely flat. What took place was a discussion that many deemed as either boring or just uninteresting altogether, with some pointing out how Rogan barely challenged Dorsey if not at all. The episode’s reception was so bad that Rogan even had to send out an apology. Fortunately, Dorsey would later return to the podcast and ultimately redeem himself.

#9: Aubrey Marcus

This entrepreneur and health guru was once a frequent guest on “The Joe Rogan Experience.” During his appearances, Marcus discusses everything from life and business to holistic approach to facing obstacles. While there has never been any culpable tension between himself and Rogan, and some enjoy his appearances on the podcast, others are not so enthusiastic. Many have labeled him as self-serving and that he only seems primarily interested in selling his brand. Others often point out that what he preaches pretty much means nothing and that he frequently contradicts himself.

#8: Steven Crowder

While things started off relatively tame with this guest, all hell broke loose when the topic of conversation veered towards marijuana use and legislation. A shouting match of sorts ensues, with Crowder constantly trying to chime in and Rogan not letting him do so. Insults are hurled and it becomes very clear that Rogan is no longer in control of his podcast. It is important to note that Rogan and Crowder enjoyed a few drinks throughout this episode, so it might explain why things went south. Perhaps this explains why the guest’s show is called “Louder with Crowder”.

#7: Deadmau5

The lack of chemistry between Rogan and Deadmau5 is quite evident from the very start. The whole conversation is awkward and it seems as though no matter what Rogan did, he simply couldn’t get the musician to open up about anything. There are instances when things get contentious between the two, notably when the topic of recreational substances comes up, something which the host and guest have clearly opposing views on. As with our previous entry, it didn’t help that both men were having a few drinks during the show. Even the likes of featured guests Eddie Bravo or Russell Peters couldn’t save this episode…

#6: Mel Gibson

When it was announced Mel Gibson would appear on Joe Rogan’s show, fans were excited. Arguably one of the biggest and most eccentric film stars, many anticipated listening to Gibson tell stories from his experiences being on set of his hit movies, working in Hollywood and delving deep into his past controversies. Instead, they got…this. There wasn’t really much substance behind the conversation between Rogan and Gibson, and it didn’t help that the episode featured a doctor who specializes in stem cell research; naturally, the discussion often steered towards this topic. For those who anticipated listening to Mel Gibson have his say on everything that has transpired over his career, the episode was most certainly a letdown.

#5: Jamie Kilstein

During this comedian’s appearance on “The Joe Rogan Experience”, at one point the men discuss whether it was appropriate to make jokes with regards to sexual mistreatment. The argument then turned to whether this or murder was the “worse” crime, with Kilstein stating the former was worse. This soon spirals into a heated debate that sets Rogan off. He quickly loses his temper and actually yells at Kilstein, calling him “crazy”. He then tells him that he’s talking nonsense. The very fact that Kilstein believes and debates this made for an uncomfortable listening.

#4: Brian Dunning

Anytime a proclaimed skeptic appears on JRE, one can expect fireworks. But while a discussion and heated debate did take place between Rogan and Brian Dunning, it was more so just irritating rather than entertaining. The whole episode was just one entire argument between both men and neither seemed to be able to get their points of view across. The conversation goes nowhere and Rogan even goes on to admit that inviting him on was a bad idea. Rogan was most likely correct in his assumption, as the episode would subsequently be removed from several platforms.

#3: Tom Delonge

If one could sum up Blink-182 guitarist Tom Delonge’s appearance on the JRE podcast in one word, it would be: bonkers. From start till end, the whole conversation was off the rails, with Delonge going full steam ahead on his conspiracy theories. However, what left many JRE listeners disappointed was not so much by the topics which Delonge discussed, but more so by the manner by which he did it. More often than not, Delonge was incoherent and despite the boldness of his claims, never wanted to go too much into detail about them. For longtime Blink-182 fans or believers in extraterrestrial life, this episode left many with a bitter taste in their mouth.

#2: Iliza Shlesinger

A recurring guest on the show, to say this comedian’s appearances on the show have been poorly received is an understatement. When she came on in 2017, it seemed as though she was primarily focused on promoting her new book “Girl Logic.” The stories and jokes she also told fell flat. A subsequent appearance on the show years later was even worse. When Rogan discussed having Bernie Sanders on the show, Shlesinger chimed in. Rogan’s facial expression says it all. Her “joke” (or rather, attempt at a joke) was so poorly received it went viral. It’s hard to see her ever returning after that…

#1: Ari Shaffir

Although this comedian’s appearances haven’t drawn any notable controversy, many fans have frequently pointed out their displeasure at the comedian’s overall demeanor. Some consider him rude, arrogant and quite demeaning at times. In one appearance, he even went so far as to…relieve himself…in the middle of an episode! His behavior has frequently rubbed audiences off in the wrong way. However, despite this, he continues to make frequent appearances on the show and seems to get along quite fine with the JRE crew. Those closest to Shaffir have pointed out that this is merely a persona and off camera he is a very likable person. Alas, JRE viewers still have yet to see that side of him…

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