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VOICE OVER: Emily Brayton
In a small town like Stars Hollow, you don't need to be try very hard to stand out, but it seems as if these 10 characters have really stood out from the pack with their unforgettable personalities and quirky characteristics. Lane Kim, Lorelai Gilmore, Rory Gilmore, Luke Danes, Emily Gilmore, Richard Gilmore and Sookie St. James are just some of our favorite characters!

#10: Sookie St. James

If you are what you eat, then Sookie is amazing. Doubling as the best cook in Stars Hollow while serving as best friend to Lorelai, Sookie always has a lot on her plate. Although initially arguing with Jackson Belleville over food orders, Sookie ends up marrying him, after meeting through work at the inn. Always cooking up something good, Sookie is as great of a chef as she is a friend, often making food for people as a sign of love, or aggressively making food when a cook off or catering job is on the line.

#9: Lane Kim

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Usually planning her next big gig, Lane is the biggest music nerd in all of Stars Hollow, but not everyone is happy about it. Best friend to Rory since birth, Lane is always there when she needs advice, when she doesn't need her own help that is. Living with her strict religious mother, Mrs. Kim, Lane had to go so far to hide her love of rock music that she devised an entire floorboard storage space to contain it all. Her love of music eventually forced her to move out and focus full-time on her band, Hep Alien, where she meets friends and family she never let go.

#8: Richard Gilmore

No one exudes class quite like this Gilmore. While Richard seems first and foremost a businessman, as one of the strongest family men of the series, his heart of gold comes roaring out to protect his sacred family. While his constant pushing of business ventures on both Lorelai and her many suitors over the years may be a bit much, his heart is always in the right place and he'll never stay mad at family for too long. Keeping the Gilmore name in high regard, maintaining their assets and being the best granddad this side of Connecticut, Richard was truly one of a kind.

#7: Jess Mariano

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Rory has seen many boys in her time growing up. While some believe in the earnest but thoughtless Dean, and others in the honest playboy Logan, one beau has been easy to agree on through the years as Rory's best piece of arm candy. Jess first appears as the jaded nephew to Luke who's as quick with his mouth as he is reading books and manages to annoy half the town because of it. It's his quick wit and brutal honesty, however, that charms Rory to see past the rough exterior for the truly great person he is, which ends up making him a better person as well.

#6: Kirk Gleason

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Every town has that odd guy who's seemingly everywhere, and always has his hand in something strange. Kirk embodies all the quirks and spirit of Stars Hollow as the weirdest man in town, never without a new strange hobby or issue with his mother. Always on the move, Kirk has a seemingly endless chain of jobs in town, taking whatever duty is required, which works out quite well for his bankbooks. His love of art has led to some interesting film work and a shocking interpretive dance, leaving many to wonder how he and his girlfriend Lulu ever started dating.

#5: Paris Geller

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If you've ever had that one friend you love while simultaneously wanting to murder them on a daily basis, then you understand Paris Geller. When Rory met Paris back at Chilton, she was about as cold as they came, quickly becoming rivals with her thanks to her equally sharp mind and attitude. Never without an on-point insult, Paris' quips later served to defend Rory as the smart, but constantly aggravating best friend she never could have imagined. Practicing Krav Maga with Doyle in their dingy apartment, acting as a dictatorial news editor, and making war plans around graduation is only some of the constant light that Paris shines with her determined spirit.

#4: Rory Gilmore

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The apple really doesn't fall far from the tree if Rory is to be believed. Lorelai's only child and the youngest of the Gilmores, Rory is about as smart as they come, earning her way into prestigious schools and the jobs of her dreams thanks to her hard work and constantly firing mind. Only a few references behind her mother at any given time, Rory is just as obsessed with old movies and take-out, and seemingly just as bad with men as her dear mom. Being a better mediator has earned the love of Stars Hollow, and adoration from all sides of her family, even helping mend her grandparents' long-held rift with Lorelai.

#3: Emily Gilmore

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Being the eldest Gilmore girl means age can't slow you down. While Emily tries to uphold her kind grandma look for Rory, she's one of the most manipulative characters in the series for better or for worse. Her short temper and virtually unrealistic set of standards has found her with a new maid in virtually every episode, and has even been sued for wrongful termination because of it. Realizing her lifestyle pushed her daughter away, Emily is clearly deeply saddened by the fact and uses her controlling ways to bring them back together. She also protects her kin from other toxic families, using her strengths for good and growing throughout the series because of it.

#2: Luke Danes

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There's no better foil for Lorelai's upbeat and nonstop chatter than the stubborn grizzled wall of Luke. While Luke acts like the grumpy, old-fashioned guy who would rather shut everyone out than make friends, he's one of the warmest and most devoted souls in town when his heart is set on it. Always saving a table and coffee for Lorelai and Rory, Luke treats his close friends like family while most other customers get the cold shoulder in his diner that has maintained its no cell phone policy well into the smart-phone age. His counterpart to Lorelai's personality has magnetically pulled the two together over the years into one of the strongest will-they-won't-they relationships on television. Before we get to our top pick, here are few honorable mentions: Babette & Miss Patty Michel Gerard Mrs. Kim

#1: Lorelai Gilmore

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The Gilmore to end all Gilmores, Lorelai was never going to follow a set path. Her endless ability to reference movies while talking faster than most bullet trains has made her one of the funniest citizens of Stars Hollow. Her endless love from raising Rory has helped her solve other people's problems while eventually fixing most of her own family issues. Her tireless work ethic turned the closing of the Independence Inn from disaster to her awakening, as she opened the Dragonfly, discovering her calling in the process. Never decaffeinated, Lorelai is always fueled for more food, a walk with Paul Anka, or the next town hall meeting to argue with Taylor. Do you agree with our list? Which Gilmore Girls character is your favorite? For more coffee-fueled filled top 10s published daily, subscribe to MsMojo.