Top 10 Funniest Desperate Housewives Moments

Top 10 Funniest Desperate Housewives Moments
VOICE OVER: Rebecca Brayton WRITTEN BY: Tal Fox
Sometimes they had us on the edge of our seats and other times they had us falling off them with laughter. For this list, we'll be looking at the moments in Desperate Housewives that provided us with some much needed comic relief. Join MsMojo as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Funniest Desperate Housewives Moments.

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Script written by Tal Fox

Top 10 Funniest Desperate Housewives Moments

Sometimes they had us on the edge of our seats and other times they had us falling off them with laughter. Welcome to MsMojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Funniest Desperate Housewives Moments.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the moments in Desperate Housewives that provided us with some much needed comic relief.

#10: Susan Walks in on Tom & Lynette

“Pleasant Little Kingdom”
Tom and Lynette get all hot and steamy as they imagine life once all their kids have flown the nest. Their intimate moment is cut short as Susan barges in looking for their daughter’s doll. She is clearly mortified by the encounter, but the audience can certainly see the funny side. Not wanting to make the same mistake again, she knocks and loudly announces herself as she returns to the Scavo home. Tom and Lynette’s unflustered reaction to Susan’s dramatic entrance has us cracking up all over again.

#9: Gaby Tries to Get Carlos Arrested

“Like It Was”
The only thing rockier than Gabrielle and Carlos’ relationship in the early days, is their subsequent divorce. Carlos announces that he’s moving back into their home for some financial support and needless to say Gaby isn’t happy. We’re not sure what’s funnier; Gaby’s nonchalant phone call to the cops as Carlos throws a chair through the window, Gaby being dragged kicking and screaming into a police car after swatting a policeman or Carlos’ smug face as he watches his soon to be ex wife driven away in handcuffs.

#8: Lynette Drags Her Kids Out of the Pool

The Scavo boys’ mischievous behaviour has always provided viewers with a lot of laughs. In the pilot, Lynette is told that her sons have decided to go swimming in the middle of Mary-Alice’s wake. Poor Lynette is humiliated as the boys cause a scene, but her no nonsense approach proves to be both effective and hilarious. All dressed up and in heels, she walks straight into the pool and starts thrashing about until she manages to grab the boys. Still holding onto a shred of dignity, she apologizes and leaves, dripping as she goes.

#7: Gaby & Carlos Divide Their Assets

The phrase “All’s fair in love and war” couldn’t be more fitting for describing Gaby and Carlos’ divorce. In retaliation to Carlos’ settlement offer, Gaby starts smashing all their possessions, claiming she’s only helping Carlos pack. Carlos gets his revenge by taking a sledgehammer to the walls, but stating that he’s helping her redecorate. The funniest moment is when Karen McCluskey comes knocking and Gaby answers the door holding a baseball bat while Carlos walks by with a chainsaw. Despite Karen’s understandable intrigue, both remain unperturbed, which just makes the whole thing even funnier to watch.

#6: Lynette Gets High

“The Game”
Lynette loses her title as ‘Charades ninja’ after eating some special brownies that were made to help her feel better while she’s battling cancer. The weed clouds her typical quick-thinking and her friends are left speechless as she kicks over a lamp before drawing a blank during her turn. Watching everyone’s reaction is almost as funny as watching Lynette try and fail to play the game, as things get awkward pretty quickly. Lynette’s spaciness does manage to break the tension when things go downhill - and even if no one else is laughing, we certainly are.

#5: Danielle’s Halloween Costume

“Now I Know, Don’t Be Scared”
When Bree wished her daughter could be more like her, this probably isn’t what she had in mind. Danielle turns up at a Halloween party, despite Bree’s strict instruction that no one should see her and is dressed as a mirror image of her mother. The best part is Danielle’s commitment to the character, which is hysterically spot on and it’s clear the other party guests think so too. Bree decides enough is enough a moment too late as Danielle’s waters break mid-argument, causing the family to make a swift exit before anyone notices.

#4: Tom Gets Drunk

“Never Judge a Lady by Her Lover”
It’s Tom to the rescue when a secretly pregnant Lynette finds herself unable to say no when offered wine at dinner. He finds all sorts of creative ways to cover up for her and it’s not long before he’s completely wasted. The conversation take a hilarious turn as we learn how Tom feels about fish and what kind of dog he wants. While everyone clearly wishes he’d stop talking, especially Gaby, we cannot stop laughing. The dinner comes to humourous conclusion when Tom tells the others that if Lynette drinks anymore, he will puke.

#3: Orson Riders a Scooter

“If There’s Anything I Can’t Stand”
Orson is excited when Rex’s mom sends Danielle a scooter and will find any reason to take it on a test run. He rides the two wheeled motor vehicle joyfully up and down the street in rather unconventional manners, making Bree worry but keeping us laughing. Bree is forced to bring the conversation with her friends to a swift conclusion when we hear a loud bang moments before seeing that Orson has crashed into some trash cans. Bree does not seem particularly amused, but we think it’s hilarious.

#2: Gaby Gets Into a Catfight with a Nun

“There’s Something About a War”
This show has offered up some pretty epic fights throughout its run, but none have been as comical to watch as this one. Gaby has come to make sure that Sister Mary Bernard knows it’s Gaby who got her transferred to Alaska and it doesn’t take long for things to turn physical. Watching the women bite, slap and pull hair in a church makes it all the more amusing and even catching on fire doesn’t slow them down. Just as you think it couldn’t get any funnier, enter the priest with his weak attempt to keep them apart.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.
Julie Asks Susan When She Last Had Sex

Edie Ties Carl to the Bed
“There’s Something About a War”

Danielle Says She’s Homeschooling Her Son
“Kids Ain’t Like Everybody Else”

#1: Susan Gets Locked Out Naked

“Pretty Little Picture”
When an angry Susan follows Karl to his car mid argument, she realizes moments too late that her towel has become trapped in his car door. To make matters worse for Susan but funnier for us, she realizes she’s locked out of the house and starts looking for other ways to get back in. If watching her run around covered by just a plant isn’t embarrassing enough, Mike turns up to find her sprawled naked in the shrubbery. Susan may be humiliated, but Mike clearly thinks this is hilarious and we couldn’t agree more.