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These good samaritans saved the day! For this list, we'll be looking at the most noteworthy occasions in which security cameras captured average Joes averting a life-threatening situation and saving people from harm. Our countdown of everyday heroes caught on camera includes Hunter Olsen, Ginger Maxville, Sean Conaboy, and more!

#10: Rachel & Christopher Mowry

On August 5th 2022, just five weeks before his wedding, the life of Chris Favorin was saved by this husband and wife duo from York Haven, Pennsylvania. Favorin was in the middle of a home workout when he experienced symptoms of a heart attack. In a race against time, Favorin and his fiancée rushed to the home of their neighbors, Rachel and Christopher Mowry - a nurse and firefighter. The Mowry’s doorbell camera captured Favorin walk up their porch, in obvious signs of distress. The couple quickly administered non-stop CPR on their neighbor, ultimately restoring his pulse. Their swift response not only saved Favorin’s life, but also secured them front-row seats to his wedding, five weeks later.

#9: Hunter Olsen

Lunch break at West Jordan middle school in Utah took a terrifying turn for Jackson Johnson in October of 2020. While seated among his friends, Jackson suddenly began choking on his chicken sandwich. After failing to cough it up into a trash can, his friend Hunter Olsen promptly stepped in and saved the day. Without hesitation, Olsen wrapped his arms around his buddy and performed the Heimlich maneuver. In a matter of seconds, the morsel of food was successfully dislodged from his airway. After averting such a life-threatening situation, Olsen just sits back down and continues with his meal. He has since said he doesn’t consider himself a hero, but on that point, we’ll have to respectfully disagree.

#8: Tim Ratcliff

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An elderly man having a quiet lunch at a Japanese restaurant in Hollywood on August 1st 2022, became the victim of a robbery attack in broad daylight. As the assailant attempted to flee following the incident, the restaurant’s owner, Tim Ratcliff, sprang into action. Ratcliff immediately pursued the attacker and managed to tackle him to the ground, right next to a busy intersection. Security cameras outside the restaurant captured Ratcliff’s determined struggle to keep the assailant subdued, even though he was sucker punched in the face. Remarkably, he successfully held him down for nearly 10 minutes until police officers arrived. Despite suffering a bruise to the face, Ratcliff says he’ll gladly do it again.

#7: Group of Good Samaritans

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Events like this are powerful reminders of just how much good there is in the world. On May 5th 2022, a group of strangers risked their own safety to rescue Laurie Rabyor, who had passed out in her car, at a busy intersection in Boynton Beach, Florida. As Rabyor’s vehicle slowly veers into traffic, her coworker runs out of her own car and waves her arms to get the attention of other drivers. Within seconds, several motorists join her in bringing the drifting car to a stop. They then smash the rear window and are able to unlock the front door. Not only did their actions save Rabyor’s life, they also prevented a potential accident, which could have claimed others.

#6: Tom & Maddox Westerhaus

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On May 18th 2022, Xavier Rigney, a nonspeaking boy in Lawrence, Kansas wandered out of his mother’s apartment and into the complex’s locked pool area. In this footage, obtained from a security camera outside the building, Rigney steps into the water and is immediately submerged. The boy was spotted by a neighbor, Maddox Wersterhaus, who alerted his father, Tom, to the situation. Tom, a former lifeguard, quickly jumped over the fence and pulled the boy out of the pool. He then reportedly performed life-saving chest compressions for almost three minutes before reviving Rigney. The father and son averted a potential tragedy, and their actions earned them Hometown Hero awards from the Lawrence Fire Medical Department.

#5: Ginger Maxville

Yet another life saved by a quick-thinking person performing the Heimlich maneuver. In this case, the beneficiary of that timely action was a young student of the Mannford Public Schools in Oklahoma who accidentally swallowed a coin on the bus. Ginger Maxville, the bus driver and a teacher’s assistant at the school, initially thought the boy was being unruly. But after being brought up to speed by his sister, Maxville wasted no time in grabbing the student and executing the Heimlich. Fortunately, the coin was coughed up onto the floor of the bus. After ensuring his safety, Maxville makes the boy promise not to swallow coins in the future. We can only hope he sticks to his word.

#4: Dozens of Subway Commuters

It was all hands on deck to save one man’s leg. On August 6th 2014, security cameras at this subway station in Perth, Australia recorded an extraordinary event. While boarding the train, a passenger found himself trapped when his leg slipped and became wedged between the rail platform and the carriage. Initially, commuters inside the train were asked to move to the opposite side, with the aim of alleviating the pressure on the man’s leg. However, that approach proved ineffective. What happened next was nothing short of remarkable. Dozens of passengers trooped out of the train and banded together to tilt it away from the platform, allowing the man to be pulled out safely.

#3: Sean Conaboy

Freelance camera operator Sean Conaboy made the difference between life and death for a 54-year-old woman at the Street-Union Square station in Manhattan, New York. Just around 10pm on May 19th 2021, the victim was standing on the train platform alongside several other passengers when a man walked up to her brandishing a knife. Without hesitation, Conaboy pounced on the assailant, tackling him to the ground and effectively restraining him. However, by that point, the woman had already suffered multiple stab wounds. Luckily, none of them were life-threatening. The culprit, later identified as Joshua Nazario, was arrested by police on charges of assault and criminal possession of a weapon.

#2: Keanon Lowe

On May 17th 2019, Oregon student Angel Granados-Diaz brought a loaded shotgun onto his school premises, with the intention of taking his life. The presence of the weapon caused widespread panic among students, but fortunately, no lives were lost that day. That’s all thanks to the efforts of football coach Keanon Lowe. Security footage from the hallway showed Lowe successfully disarm the student and wrap him up in a warm embrace, while another staff member took the gun away. Lowe was hailed as a hero for his quick-thinking and compassion for the troubled student in that moment. Granados-Diaz later pleaded guilty to two gun charges and was sentenced to three years of probation, coupled with mental health treatment.

#1: Mayur Shelkhe

It looked like something straight out of a “Mission Impossible” film. This footage, released in April 2021, was taken at the Vangani Station in Mumbai, India. At first, a woman and her young son are shown walking down the platform. Suddenly, the boy darts towards the edge and falls onto the tracks, just as an oncoming train speeds in his direction. Stepping into the Tom Cruise role is railway worker Mayur Shelke, who sprints for the child and lifts him off the tracks a split second before the train zooms past. As if this wasn’t enough, Shelkhe donated the monetary reward he received for his actions to the child’s family. All we can say is, we are not worthy, Mr. Shelkhe.