Top 10 Epic Anime Kisses

Top 10 Epic Anime Kisses
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These anime kisses were everything we hoped for.

In between all the killing, screaming and crying it’s nice to see a lil kissy-wiss. Welcome to WatchMojo and today we will be counting down our picks for the top ten anime kisses.

For this list, we’ve chosen the kisses in anime that not only made fans lose their collective minds, but also had a huge impact on the series as a whole. As you might expect, each kiss is sort of a spoiler, so a lip-locked spoiler alert is now in effect!

#10: JP x Sonoshee
“Red Line” (2009)

Having admired her from afar for so long, JP’s love was finally cemented in the conclusion of this movie. When Sonoshee’s racer finally breaks down during the final stretch, she and JP team together and go for gold against the undefeatable Machinehead. It just so happens that love really does conquer all, including intergalactic grand prix, and after taking first place the two embrace with a spectacle of a smooch. Get a room, guys.

#9: Kirito x Asuna
“Sword Art Online” (2012-14)

When your life has literally become a video game, you’re bound to try pursuing a romantic option sooner or later. For Kirito and Asuna, that moment comes after narrowly avoid death when a fellow player tries to launch a sneak attack and slay Kirito. Overcome with the shock of nearly losing each other, the two gamers finally share a kiss with each other, leading to a romance that becomes the centrepiece for the rest of the series. This is also followed by the sudden decision to marry each other. We’ve heard of shotgun weddings but this take it to a whole other level.

#8: Issei x Rias
“High School DxD BorN” (2015)

It’s certainly not the first time these two love birds have locked lips, but this one had a particular impact to it. Following the final battle of the Born series, the lecherous hero Issei and his smoking hot devil girlfriend, Rias are finally at ease and open up to one another. Issei of course takes full advantage of the situation by manning up and giving her a kiss that so passionate you’ll forget you’re watching a shameless harem-ecchi series. Ain’t that sweet.

#7: Kyon x Haruhi
“The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya” (2006-09)

A lot of the kisses on this list are a just a way for two characters to finally admit their feelings. And while that’s all well and good, none of them have had to share a kiss that saved the entire world! As Haruhi’s time/space altering power activates, it’s up to the unremarkable and powerless Kyon to restore the old world before everything collapses and they are literally crushed by a blue giant born of the reality shifts. Following in the footsteps of Sleeping Beauty, the two share a kiss, which results in everything being restored. Not many people can say they’ve smooched God but kudos for Kyon for a job well done!

#6: Naruto x Hinata
“The Last: Naruto the Movie” (2015)

For those of you that supported this ship back in its infancy, you may rejoice in that the entirety of this movie revolves around Naruto and Hinata confessing their love for one another. After stopping the moon from plummeting into the earth, the two shinobi, after god knows how many years of waiting finally declare that they love each other and share a kiss in a beautiful moment serenaded by moonlight. While we offer our sincere condolences to those that thought our he was going to end up with Sakura, this film’s existence declares that NaruHina is explicitly canon.

#5: Kamina x Yoko
“Gurren Lagann” (2007)

Oh Kamina, you were with us for such a short amount of time but you truly were a man’s man, and this scene proved that. On the night before a battle with the Beastmen, he’s approached by Yoko who warns him not to charge in and get himself hurt. To prove a point the two share a passionate kiss, with the promise of a possible relationship following the battle. Unfortunately that never comes to pass since Kamina loses his life in the ensuing conflict, breaking both Yoko and our own hearts.

#4: Hana x Kiyoshi
“Prison School” (2015)

This might be the strangest entry you find on our list. Time and time again, Kiyoshi has inadvertently humiliated the pint-sized punisher, Hana. As a result her frustrations towards him culminate into this bizarre scenario that is…pretty hard to put into context in a short entry. She soon loses her grasp on the situation and “steals” the first kiss of our hero…only for him to return the favour. It’s funny. It’s weird. It’s… definitely unforgettable.

#3: Inuyasha x Kagome
“Inuyasha: The Final Act” (2009-10)

Ever since she first fondled his dog ears, we knew these two were destined to end up together. After finally defeating Naraku, Kagome finds herself trapped in a world of complete darkness, imprisoned by the Shikon Jewel unless she binds herself to its will. In a desperate bid to save her, Inuyasha battles through seemingly endless hordes of demons without pause until he reaches here. Alone in the emptiness, the two finally share that eagerly awaited kiss that ends up freeing them, leading to a happily ever after that feels very much deserved. Seems every dog does have his day.

#2: Okabe x Kurisu
“Steins;Gate” (2011)

While a lot entries on our list are romantic and sweet, none are as heart-breaking as this one. After discovering a microwave that allows them to send messages and even memories to the past, these two scientists discover that their actions cause various timelines to shift, resulting in the subsequent death of Okabe’s childhood friend. However, in order to save her they must return to a timeline where Kurisu is murdered. With the impending tragedy of his choice, these two share a kiss together while declaring their love for one another. Despite the sci-fi fantasy premise, this moment is so organic and heartfelt that it’s impossible to not choke up at least a little.

Before we reveal our number one pick here are a few honourable mentions.

Ban x Elaine
“The Seven Deadly Sins” (2014-15)

Shinichi x Murano
“Parasyte” (2014-15)

Takashi x Saeko (Hallucination)
“Highschool of the Dead: Drifters of the Dead” (2011)

#1: Ryuji x Taiga
“Toradora!” (2008-09)

The gradual shift from enemies to lovers may be something of a tired old cliché but there is no denying that this anime handles it beautifully! Taiga is short and adorable but has a fierce temper, while Ryuji is actually a pretty nice guy despite his intimidating aura. Needless to say these two start off despising each other, but eventually form an unconventional truce as they attempt to set each other up with their respective crushes. As each of these fall flat, the dragon and the tiger eventually realize that they both harbour some pretty deep feelings for each other, resulting in one of anime’s most enchanting kisses.