Top 10 Easter Eggs HIDDEN for Video Game CHEATERS

Top 10 Easter Eggs HIDDEN for Video Game CHEATERS
VOICE OVER: Rudolph Strong WRITTEN BY: Johnny Reynolds
These video games had Easter Eggs meant for all you cheaters out there! For this list, we'll be looking at Easter Eggs in video games that you can only reach through cheating. Our countdown includes The Serious Room from “The Stanley Parable” (2013), the Captive Ewok from “Star Wars: Dark Forces” (1995), The Godly Finger from “God of War” (2018), and more!

Script written by Johnny Reynolds

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Easter Eggs Hidden for Video Game Cheaters. For this list, we’ll be looking at Easter Eggs in video games that you can only reach through cheating. Did you happen to find any of these? Know of any other good ones? Let us know in the comments!

#10: Hidden SUV

“Battlefield 3” (2011)

“Battlefield 3” remains one of the stronger entries in EA’s series, which means this Easter Egg is widely known by now. Doesn’t make it any less cool though. In the campaign’s ‘Kaffarov’ mission, you’re meant to go after the titular arms dealer. However, right after skydiving into the level, it’s possible to exploit a glitch to go out of bounds. Taking the road less traveled to Kaffarov’s compound eventually leads to an area you shouldn’t be able to access where a lone SUV sits. It’s unclear why it’s here; perhaps it would’ve been used in an earlier version of the game. But there’s nothing stopping you from cutting loose and taking it for a joyride.

#9: Captive Ewok

“Star Wars: Dark Forces” (1995)

Many classic “Star Wars” games have great cheat codes, from unlockable space ships to actual dismemberment. But none lead to an Easter Egg quite as intriguing as the one found in “Dark Forces.” The game’s 4th level sees you investigating an Imperial research facility on the planet, Fest. As soon as you land, an invincibility cheat will make it so you survive jumping into the pit directly on your right. Another cheat lets you get to higher entrances by walking into the wall below them. By using these together, and doing a bit of snooping, you’ll eventually find a small, dark room. One of its walls hides a door, behind which you’ll see a scared Ewok held by a ball and chain.

#8: Maggot Face

“SOMA” (2015)

There are all kinds of disturbing things that happen in “SOMA.” But one of its most unsettling was never meant to be seen by normal methods. The story follows Simon, whose consciousness is uploaded into a new body inside the underwater facility the game takes place in. At certain points, he’ll have flashbacks to his past life, one of which features a love interest. During the scene, she stands with her back to Simon so that you never see her face. Naturally, some curious players couldn’t help themselves. By pausing the cutscene and using a noclip cheat, you’re able to move the camera around to get a good look at her. Although, ‘good’ might not be the right word…

#7: Underground Weapon

“Call of Duty: World at War” (2008)

“Call of Duty: World at War” was the first entry to feature the immensely popular ‘Zombies’ mode. Players everywhere were facing hordes of the undead while trying to unlock increasingly deadlier weapons. But one of its maps featured a well-hidden gun you didn’t have to pay for. On Verruckt, a mounted MG42 can be found underneath the fountain by using a noclip cheat. You can still use it, although it’s a tad awkward to control. We’re not sure why it’s there, but it’s existence made it a popular Easter Egg among fans. In fact, when the map was remastered for “Black Ops III,” the MG42 could still be found. Only this time, it sat atop a mound of bones with severed arms attached.

#6: Self Portrait

“The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” (2015)

“The Witcher 3” is one of the most popular RPGs ever released, and it ingratiated CD Projekt Red to a lot of players. As such, the team hid a portrait of themselves inside the game for anyone who wanted to meet Geralt’s makers. Within the ‘Blood and Wine’ expansion, which was the last DLC added to the original game, we were introduced to the pleasant town of Toussaint. Eventually, it was discovered that if you used a free camera mod on PC, you could teleport Geralt outside of the map’s boundaries. Here, you’d find two pillars with a portrait of the entire development team between them. It was a small but nice surprise to find the creators of the game hidden within.

#5: The Mind of a Madman

“The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” (2011)

Plenty of games feature unfinished areas you can’t reach simply by playing them. The one found in “Skyrim” is certainly one of the most interesting. Within the quest, ‘The Mind of Madness,’ PC players discovered a hidden location after enabling a ‘no collision’ cheat. This allows you to walk past the barriers of the quest, where you’ll find only a door labeled ‘The Mind of a Madman.’ Entering takes you into an empty house. But phasing through the walls reveals the house is now visible, and sitting on a giant table. Exiting through the main door reloads you into a tunnel instead of the quest’s map, leading to an unfinished cave area.

#4: The Serious Room

“The Stanley Parable” (2013)

With its heightened focus on player choice and a hilariously dry narrator, “The Stanley Parable” is a highly unique experience. Depending on you, Stanley can reach a variety of humorous endings. There’s even one there especially for cheaters. If the game detects that you’re trying to use a cheat, Stanely will be transported to what the Narrator calls his Serious Room. He’ll then go on about how this was the most serious table he could find, shame Stanley for not respecting the game, and sentence him to One Hundred, Billion, Trillion Years confinement. Try to cheat again, and it raises to Infinity years. The only way to actually make it out is to close the game. Honestly, we’d expect nothing less here.

#3: Hidden Messages

“Undertale” (2015)

Toby Fox’s “Undertale” has a very unique sense of meta humor. There are multiple ways the game addresses the player directly, including lines, jokes, and scenes you can only get through cheating. The most famous example is the ‘Dirty Hacker’ ending. If you hack the game, you’ll receive a message from Sans after the opening credits where he insults you and kicks you out. The boss fight with Muffet can be ended early with a bakery item, though if you cheat to obtain it, she’ll call you stingy. Cheating to access Debug Mode allows you to spare any monster at the beginning of combat…except Undyne as she wants to kill you too badly. These types of Easter Eggs fit perfectly with the game’s mood.

#2: Sander Cohen’s Sweet Dance Moves

“BioShock” (2007)

Nearly everyone in the city of Rapture would murder you as soon as they look at you. One of the most dangerous citizens is Sander Cohen, an artist who likes to use real people in disturbing art installations. However, there’s an Easter Egg tied to Sander that makes him a bit more silly. When the player reaches Eve’s Garden, they’ll find the spirit of Jasmine Jolene and hear her final moments before she was killed. You listen from the other side of a door as it happens, with shadows being cast behind the cracks. Using a noclip cheat to move past the door shows the shadows were cast by two Sander Cohens using pole dancer animations. We don’t know what we expected, but it wasn’t that.

#1: The Godly Finger

“God of War” (2018)

Although he’s extremely misled, Baldur is one bad dude in “God of War.” His first act is attacking Kratos in his own home, and he spends the rest of the game hunting him and his son, Atreus. This first fight made for a terrific opener and it held an Easter Egg that no one found until the game was ported to PC. The fight ends with Kratos snapping the immortal’s neck and tossing him into a ravine. While the camera is meant to linger on Kratos’ face, hacker Lance McDonald took control of the camera to have a peak over the edge. As Baldur falls, he gives Kratos two middle fingers. It’s a cheeky Easter Egg, and it wouldn’t have been found without cheating.