Top 10 Craziest Things To Happen to Reporters on Live TV

Top 10 Craziest Things To Happen to Reporters on Live TV
The craziest stuff always happens live! Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we're looking at the Craziest Things To Happen to Reporters on Live TV. Our countdown of the craziest things to happen to reporters on live TV includes A Migraine Leads to Slurring, Forest Fires Erupting, Reuniting After School Attack, and more.

Top 10 Craziest Things To Happen to Reporters on Live TV

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re looking at the Craziest Things To Happen to Reporters on Live TV.

#10: A Migraine Leads to Slurring

Over a decade ago, reporter Serene Branson was reporting live outside the 2011 Grammy Awards show for CBS2. As she began speaking, it was clear something was amiss as she began to slur her words. The incident went viral, with many wondering what precisely was happening with Branson and why she exhibited such behavior. It turns out that she was suffering from a migraine, which resulted in her speech impairment. Branson wound up making a full recovery and has since been more mindful of her health.

#9: Grape Lady

You might have seen this one before. During a report for Fox 5 at a local winery, Melissa Sander can be seen alongside another person discussing a grape stomping competition. In the spirit of the discussion, both women are seen stomping grapes. Unfortunately, Sander loses her balance and falls off the platform face first into the ground. The subsequent moaning noises further demonstrate the pain she’s experiencing. As with our last entry, the clip went viral and Sander has since been coined the nickname “The Grape Lady.”

#8: Witnessing a Bank Robber Escape

When reporting on a bank robbery in the state of Texas, KXAN-TV reporter Adam Sallet was just outside the scene of the crime. While providing details on what transpired to his anchor and colleague, an employee working at the bank exited the building to let Sallet know that the culprit was right before him. He pointed him out to Sallet and following the announcement, the latter let his colleague know that he’d be fulfilling his civic duty. Sallet’s reaction really says it all and basically says what everyone watching was thinking. The fleeing suspect was later apprehended.

#7: Forest Fires Erupting

Back in May of 2016, Fort McMurray, Alberta was hit with a wildfire of epic proportions. Reporting on it all as it happened, Global National’s Reid Fiest was on camera when the flames of the wildfire burning behind him grew in significant size and stature. One can easily sense Fiest’s shock with what is taking place right before his very eyes. He even begins to question his own safety. Nonetheless, he keeps his composure and continues his report on the matter at hand. The clip became so popular it wound up being featured on YouTube Canada’s list for most trending videos in 2016.

#6: An Unintentional Shank

Reporting for Israel’s Channel 1, Eitam Lachover visited a facility that fabricates safety vests. One of the facility’s employees asked Lachover to test out a “knife-proof vest.” He complied. It would seem that, based on the footage, and the fact that Lachover claimed he did not feel any pain during the demonstration, the test proved successful. Only, it didn’t. Lachover would later discover that he sustained a superficial wound as a result. He later visited the hospital to receive stitches. A Vice-President from the company would later explain that the area where Lachover was “stabbed” did not contain the proper protective material which would have shielded him from the knife’s impact during the test.

#5: Slapped from Behind

Alex Bozarjian, a young reporter in Savannah, Georgia, was covering a race. The 23-year-old was giving her report in front of the camera when suddenly a participant competing in the race smacked her backside. Naturally, she was startled, but she remained calm and continued on with her report of the event. She would later take to social media to call out the man and emphasized the importance of women's rights. The culprit was later apprehended and pleaded guilty for his behavior. He was also fined, sentenced to a year of probation and required to complete 200 hours of community service.

#4: The Worst Kind of Interruption

In the streets of Madrid, Cuatro television’s Isa Balado was conducting a report on a store robbery. Moments into the broadcast, a man can be seen walking behind Balado. He greets her by touching her buttocks. After politely brushing him off, the on-air anchor asks what happened and requests that they show the man. She confronts him, and he assures her that he has done no wrongdoing. As he walks away, he proceeds to “mockingly” touch her head. He was soon after arrested for his actions. Similar incidents in the past have shown that many female reporters have frequently had the misfortune to deal with this grotesque behavior.

#3: Getting Hit by Car

Tori Yorgey was reporting live on air for NBC affiliate WSAZ in West Virginia when she was suddenly hit by a car. The anchor’s face as he witnesses it all unfold is essentially everyone’s reaction. She tumbles of course, but much to everyone’s surprise, she is quick to get up and reassure everyone that she’s alright. Not only that, but she continues on with her report, albeit having a brief discussion with the anchor on what just transpired. Coincidentally, at the time of the incident it was her last week working at the news station. What a way to make an exit.

#2: Reuniting After School Attack

On March 22, 2023, a student attending East High School arrived on the school’s premises and shot two teachers. Fox News correspondent Alicia Acuna was just outside the school’s building while the events transpired. She was soon interrupted by someone in the middle of her report. This person turned out to be her son, who attends the high school. They share a quick embrace before she continues on with her report. While keeping her composure, Acuna’s relief is evident and she was getting understandably emotional. Knowing now that her son was at the very school where this incident was taking place, we’re just surprised she could even go through with the report in the first place.

Before we unveil our number #1 pick, here are a few honorable (and dishonorable) mentions

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Snot Fall
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Snow Plowed
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Heckler Interruption
This is Commonplace, But It’s Not Often It Gets This Confrontational

#1: Rushing to Safety and Saving a Girl From an Earthquake

In Turkey, journalist Yuksel Akalan was giving a live report on camera concerning an earthquake when a second one occurred soon afterwards. As a result, a building close by began to collapse. Alongside his cameraman and several pedestrians, Akalan ran for his life to safety all while still being live on the air. He later spots a young girl with her mother across the road. He abandoned the live broadcast to approach her. He proceeds to help evacuate her to safety and also takes the time to comfort and calm her down.

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