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This podcast has zero boundaries! For this list, we'll be looking at shocking, wild, and astonishing stories ever told on “The Joe Rogan Experience.” Our countdown of the craziest stories ever told on "The Joe Rogan Experience" includes Jewel's Rise to Stardom, Tyson Fury's Identity Crisis, Joel Turner's Hostage Situation, and more!

#10: Jewel’s Rise to Stardom

Singer and songwriter Jewel never had it easy. On “The Joe Rogan Experience,” she describes her experiences as she began her career. Cash strapped and homeless, she did show after show despite reaping very little rewards. As her shows began to gather more and more attention, she was discovered soon after. However, despite the rise in popularity and receiving record deal offers from labels, she was at a crossroads. She also points out that she turned down a $1 million dollar bonus. The passion as she tells her story is evident and hearing Jewel emphasize on prioritizing her happiness over all else is something that we can all learn from as viewers.

#9: Yeonmi Park’s Escape From North Korea

Some may already be familiar with Yeonmi Park. One of the more well-known defectors of North Korea, she has been heavily outspoken about her experience in the country. During her appearance on “The Joe Rogan Experience,” Park not only tells her story, but also provides details on how she escaped the country. To say that her journey was wild is an understatement. She describes crossing the frigid Gobi desert and even packing poison and a razor blade as a plan b if she was ever to be captured. Despite Park being somewhat of a controversial figure due to some of her viewpoints and several hot takes, her story of survival is nothing short of incredible.

#8: Joey Diaz Does Stand Up in Tennessee

A recurring guest on Joe Rogan’s show, everyone knows that they’re in for a treat whenever he’s in the studio. The countless stories he’s told are nothing short of hilarious and absolutely bonkers. One notable story he told on the show saw him go to Knoxville, Tennessee to do standup. It was there that he encountered a sex worker. They went on to hook up. However, while performing his second show, he was confronted by the woman’s husband. What only turned out to be more shocking was the fact that the man was angry not because Diaz got his wife, but because he didn’t pay for her services. His delivery and the manner by which he tells the story is nothing short of hilarious, and sums up why he’s a favorite guest among JRE viewers.

#7: Tyson Fury’s Identity Crisis

There are no ifs, ands or buts about: Tyson Fury is one of the greatest boxers of this generation. However, his career hasn’t been without his fair share of lows. On “The Joe Rogan Experience,” Fury delved right into the struggles he experienced. After defeating Wladimir Klitschko and becoming the Heavyweight champion of the world, Fury lost his sense of self. He soon spiraled into a depression that involved heavy drug use and consumption of alcohol. This resulted in an extended break from competition. After a near fatal death experience, Fury took it upon himself to turn his life around and focus on his mental health. Inspirational through and through, Fury’s tale ultimately shows that with the right mindset, anybody can get back on their feet.

#6: From Poverty To UFC Champion

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Today, Francis Ngannou is one of the hardest hitting fighters in MMA period. But before that, he was someone just trying to make ends meet. He details his beginnings on “The Joe Rogan Experience.” Growing up in Cameroon, he had a very rough upbringing. From working in sand mines and going days without barely eating food, Ngannou’s story is harrowing. Fortunately, his hardships only served as motivation, and pushed him to work harder. He soon after started training in MMA, and so began his rise as one of combat sports’ biggest stars.

#5: How David Goggins Became David Goggins

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David Goggins is a beast. On JRE, you find out exactly why as he tells his life story. Enduring racism and getting no love whatsoever from his father, Goggins went to the military. It is here that he developed his fortitude and surreal willpower. Listening to him speak on The Joe Rogan Experience, one would think that he is not from this planet (which somehow seems like a plausible explanation). His tale is fascinating and it will have those listening be fully engaged. A true testament to hard work and dedication at the highest level, Goggins’ story is the result of all of that and then some.

#4: Edward Snowden Exposes the NSA

Many might be familiar with this whistleblower’s story. Condemned by the United States after releasing countless documents from the National Security Agency to the press, Snowden sought asylum in Russia, and has been there ever since. While explaining what took place, Snowden also explains his mindset and goes deep into why he did what he did. Although the government has painted him out to be a villain, his appearance does the exact opposite. The interview received critical acclaim, and while Snowden’s story is quite crazy in and of itself, it showed the true depths and sacrifice he endured to expose the truth.

#3: Paul Stamets Cures His Stutter

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When Ohio-based mycologist Paul Stamets came on the show, everyone tuning in knew this would be a…very unique episode. And it was. Delving deep into all things fungi, at one point Stamets describes one instance when he took a lot of mushrooms. His ensuing hallucination and where he finds himself while it’s happening is nothing short of wild, But just when you think the ordeal can’t get any crazier, it does. Feeling as though he is on the brink of death, Stamets began reflecting on his life. Annoyed by his habit to stutter, Stamets repeatedly told himself to stop during his trip. Soon after coming down from his high (and fortunately still alive), Stamets soon realized he longer had a stutter.

#2: Joel Turner’s Hostage Situation

When former SWAT operative Joel Turner came on the show, he went into full detail on all aspects of what his previous line of work entailed. In one instance, he describes a hostage situation that he was called in to respond to. A man has taken his own daughter hostage and the way the incident is described by Turner almost sounds like a scene from a movie. Needing to take a shot, Turner details everything going through his mind as he takes aim at the assailant. Despite the intensity and stress of the situation, Turner was successful and the girl was saved. The story is told in such detail that it almost feels as though we’re right there with him. Before we unveil our number #1 pick, here are a few honorable mentions: Forrest Galante Recounts a Crocodile Attack It’s Not Something We Ever Want to See Julie Kedzie Soils Herself After a Hygienic Accident and Win, This MMA Fighter Had to Meet Vladimir Putin Shortly Afterwards Michael Scott Moore's Imprisonment Captured by Somalian Pirates, This Journalist’s Story of Survival is Mind-Boggling Steve-O's Journey to Sobriety The Jackass Star Has Come a Long Way Daryl Davis and the KKK This Musician Has Convinced Hundreds of KKK Members to See the Errors in Their Ways #

1: Nick Yarris' False Imprisonment

Stories of individuals being wrongfully convicted are terrifying, and Nick Yarris’ story is exactly that if not more. Back in the 80s, Yarris was wrongfully convicted for the murder of a woman and it resulted in an over 20 year long attempt on his end to clear his name. On JRE, Yarris gives details about everything, including his time in prison. It’s quite shocking, but fortunately, there was light at the end of tunnel, and Yarris was exonerated in 2003 after DNA evidence proved his innocence. Despite experiencing such unfairness, Yarris’ feat and ability to come out on top through it all is a true example of perseverance at its finest.