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VOICE OVER: Rebecca Brayton WRITTEN BY: Michael Wynands
You're not going to want to miss all the hottest trailers out of San Diego Comic-Con 2019. From highly-anticipated TV shows, like the return of Westworld, Star Trek: Picard, and Rick and Morty, to movies like 21 Bridges and Terminator: Dark Fate, this year's Comic-Con provided all of us with sneak peeks at some of the most eagerly-awaited movies and TV shows coming just around the bend... and we can't wait.


With their extensive work in the MCU, the Russo Brothers have risen to become among the most successful and high profile directors and producers in the industry. “21 Bridges”, which they’re producing, sees them reuniting with Black Panther’s Chadwick Boseman. The trailer shown at San Diego Comic-Con was the film’s second, and it promises a tense, dark and compelling tale of one NYPD officer’s desperate attempt to bring two cop killers to justice. The film takes its name from the 21 bridges in and out of Manhattan which are shut down by Boseman’s Detective Andre Davis to lockdown the city. As the trailer makes clear however, the situation is far more complicated, as are the lines between cops and criminals.


This HBO series, from its very first episode, set itself apart from the pack with its massive scale, incredible effects and elaborate worldbuilding. And yet, despite setting the bar high from the outset, “Westworld” somehow manages to keep outdoing itself. The Comic Con trailer for season 3 promises to take the action to a much larger scale, adding new players like Aaron Paul’s character, Caleb. Tense, gritty and teasing oh so many tantalizing conflicts to come, the trailer will have you on the edge of your seat. For devoted fans of the series, 2020 can’t come soon enough; for fans who lost interest during the gap between seasons 1 and 2, it’s compelling enough to make you want to get caught up before season 3 premieres.

Star Trek: Picard

Many a recognizable actor has served as a member of Starfleet in service of the United Federation of Planets over the decades, but few are as universally beloved as Sir Patrick Stewart’s Captain Jean-Luc Picard. The SDCC trailer opens with Picard reminiscing about his past from his vineyard. Though it seems that he’s embraced the quiet life, retirement isn’t enough to keep a natural leader and hero such as himself from doing the right thing, and so when a young woman comes to him for help, the action soon shifts off-planet. The trailer promises a new adventure with high stakes, plenty of Picard’s contemplative ways and a healthy balance of both new and familiar faces. Translation: it feels just right.

Terminator: Dark Fate

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The first trailer for this high-stakes sequel/partial-reboot received a fairly divisive response. For some, familiar faces were enough to have them feeling excited. Others opined that the action was too generic with concerns about the new film’s potential over-reliance on CGI. Well, in lieu of another trailer, the team behind “Terminator: Dark Fate” instead brought a behind-the-scenes featurette to San Diego Comic Con. And you know what? Watching this footage, it’s really hard not to feel excited, nostalgic and hopeful that this might be the sequel to T2 that we’ve all been waiting for. It promises big, non-stop action, a well-earned R-rating and a return to the fundamentals of the franchise. Here’s hoping!

His Dark Materials

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Funny, James MacAvoy appears to be finished as Professor X, and yet he’s starring in not one but two of the highest profile trailers to debut at Comic Con - more on the second one later. Phillip Pullman’s hugely influential trilogy of fantasy novels, “His Dark Materials”, was previously adapted to the big screen in 2007, but it failed to launch a franchise. Now it’s getting the big budget small screen treatment courtesy of BBC and HBO, and based on this trailer… the creative team is well-positioned to stick the landing. Our heroine, Lyra Belaqcua, is played by Dafne Keen, who became an instant star with her performance in 2017’s “Logan”. Add Ruth Wilson, Clark Peters, Lin-Manuel Miranda and some beautiful cinematography, and you’ve got a winning recipe.

Rick and Morty

Like with “Terminator: Dark Fate”, this isn’t technically a trailer, but there was no freaking way that we were going to leave this off the list. This is our first real look at Rick and Morty season 4! Without more context, it’s hard to say what’s going on in this clip, but it looks like the family has gotten themselves involved in the often-frustrating world of app development. Rick sadly doesn’t get any screen time, but even without him, this feels like a classic moment in the making. The time between seasons clearly hasn’t done much to heal Morty’s increasing mental instability and as for Jerry, well… he’s useless as ever. And is that Taika Waititi voicing Glootie the alien intern? Yes… yes it is.

Top Gun: Maverick

Did we need a sequel to Top Gun? No, no we didn’t. Especially not 34 years after the original, which remains an enduring time capsule of late 80s America. But you know what? This trailer totally works. It strikes a perfect balance of self-awareness, nostalgia, and the dynamic, high-octane visuals that have become Tom Cruise’s bread and butter in recent years. What has LT Pete "Maverick" Mitchell been up to all these years? Pretty much the same old stuff. And you know what? In these tumultuous times, maybe a bit of good old-fashioned fun is exactly what we need. The plot largely remains a mystery, but really… Top Gun has always been about mood - and Maverick has got that in spades.

The Witcher

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Has Netflix got their very own Game of Thrones? It’s too early to tell, but from the looks of this trailer, the budget is certainly there. Henry Cavill could use a little extra scruff on that jawline, but nitpicking aside, he looks like Geralt of Rivia come to life. And the world they’ve built for him is simply breathtaking. This trailer teases epic battles, supernatural forces rendered in stunning detail, high stakes drama and plenty of brooding from our stone-faced protagonist. For fans of the video game series and the Witcher novels (from which this series is adapted), this is must-watch television. For those unfamiliar but itching for more adult-oriented fantasy with high production value, it’s definitely worth checking out.


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Anytime somebody tries to do anything with Alan Moore’s landmark 1986 limited series, people get heated. This is, in the eyes of many, the pinnacle of graphic novels as a medium. And so, when it was announced that this series would actually be an original story set in the world of Watchmen, well… the reaction from fans was a divided one. But watching this trailer and taking it at face value, trying to drop the baggage, it’s honestly hard not to be blown away. It’s stylish. It has a clear sense of identity and a lot to say. The conflict and characters are immediately engaging. In short, the trailer promises a series that does the source material proud without retreading the same old narrative ground.

It: Chapter Two

There’s something rotten in the small town of Derry, and it refuses to stay dead. The misfits that made up the Losers Club are all grown up and are now being played by A-listers like James McAvoy, Jessica Chastain and Bill Hader. As our narrator Mike reminds us, moving away from Derry might enable one to forget the horrors inflicted by Pennywise the Clown. But returning home... it all comes flooding back with a vengeance. In 2017, filmmaker Andy Muschietti introduced a whole new generation of viewers to arguably Stephen King’s most terrifying monster, but as this trailer shows, he saved the scariest stuff for the sequel. This trailer is sure to pack theatres - though it might have equally scared more than a few people away.