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Top 10 Characters Who Have ALSO Become Black Panther

Top 10 Characters Who Have ALSO Become Black Panther
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Some of these alternative versions of Black Panther may shock you! For this list, we'll be looking at the most interesting and powerful people who have taken on the mantle of Wakanda's hero who weren't named T'Challa. Our countdown includes T'Chaka, Steven Rogers AKA [Captain America], N'Jadaka AKA [Erik Killmonger], and more!

#10: Mosi [A.K.A Black Panther 1,000,000 BC]

Ever wondered what a Black Panther movie would look like on Fred Flinstone’s Stone Age tv? Well, a Wakandan hero named Mosi has you covered. He was rumored to be the very first person that Bast pushed to take on the legendary mantle. Mosi carried out the sacred task while wielding claws and a pelt he probably got from an actual black panther. On one occasion, he was even worthy enough to lift mjolnir. When Mosi wasn’t going solo, he worked with heroes like a mastodon-riding Ghost Rider and Odin to help protect earth from ancient threats. His tenure ended when he died after a tense battle. In the wake of Mosi’s death, his nation adopted an isolationist policy that would influence future Wakandan leaders.

#9: T’Chaka

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Most people remember T’Chaka as the man who mentored and molded his famous son T’Challa into a great man. But the patriarch shouldn’t be remembered solely for his great parenting skills. After T’Chaka ascended to the throne, HYDRA agents led by Baron von Strucker came knocking on his door. But the heroic king was able to lead his people to a decisive victory. It looked like Ulysess Klaue would also face a crushing defeat when he came to Wakanda. Unfortunately, when the villain aimed a sonic cannon at T’challa, T’Chaka sacrificed his life to save his son. The selfless actions of the royal king and his wise lessons were never forgotten by his eldest child or his nation.

#8: Olumo Bashenga, Wakanda’s First King

A warrior shaman permanently etched himself into Wakandan history by becoming the first king of the nation. But it wasn’t an easy trip to the top. After gaining the powers that would make him legendary, Bashenga had to constantly prove that he was meant to lead. He single handedly held back powerful storms, fought dangerous enemies and rescued his people from near disaster. Bashenga’s deeds eventually made him the perfect candidate to be crowned as the ruler…of most of the tribes. While not everyone agreed that he should be king, it’s undeniable that the Wakanda we know and love wouldn’t exist if he hadn’t stepped up. Generations of warriors owe everything to Bashenga’s bold actions.

#7: Steven Rogers AKA [Captain America]

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Nick Fury has a habit of keeping some pretty big secrets from Captain America. In one reality, the director of S.H.I.E.L.D. completely lies about how he got T’Challa to work for the U.S. When Cap learned the Wakandan royal was being forced to remain stateside, the star-spangled man decided on a wild plan. Steven Rogers pretended to be Black Panther on missions while T’Challa secretly returned home. This isn’t the only time heroes have worn each other’s outfits in comics. But the grim reason why Cap donned the Black Panther suit makes this storyline one of the darkest costume swaps in comic history.

#6: Ngozi’s Venom-Ous Black Panther

After getting in an accident in the city of Lagos in an alternate universe, a young woman named Ngozi was no longer able to use her legs. But everything changed after she saw Black Panther fight The Rhino. During the battle, Ngozi touched a sample of the venom symbiote that the hero had. This interaction gave her a suit that allowed her to walk and made her look like Lady Venom. Ngozi used her new abilities to defeat the Rhino quickly. Unfortunately, Black Panther tragically died in that battle. So, she was chosen to become the next Wakandan hero. Since parts of Ngozi’s backstory have been criticized for being ableist, her origins would likely be altered before appears in any mainstream stories.

#5: Officer Kevin “Kasper” Cole

While Kevin “Kasper” Cole was working for the NYPD, he took an opportunity to grab a durable Black Panther suit that was in police storage. He ran around NYC dispensing his own brand of justice while looking like the hero. After other Wakandans caught on, Cole considered making a formal challenge for the mantle. But it didn’t go his way. While backed into a corner, he made a deal with Kilmonger to get superpowers from a different version of heart shaped herb. Cole’s bargain also meant he had to completely switch up his identity and become the White Tiger. Although his tenure as Black Panther has a big asterisk around it, his determination made him a great hero in his own right.

#4: Ororo Munroe [AKA Storm]

In many stories, Black Panther and Storm become so close that they marry and become king and queen of Wakanda. His death in one of these realities led to the weather-controlling heroine putting a cool twist on her husband’s identity. While the full story is very complicated, the short version is that comic book science leads to the creation of a Storm that’s made of memories and energy. Tony Stark helps her contain her massive power by building a suit that is modeled after the Black Panther outfit. While calling herself Ghost Panther, she goes on a mission to expose her evil clone. Despite having an extremely complex backstory, seeing a Black Panther that has all of Storm’s powers is simply cool.

#3: Azari T’Challa

Around 12 years after Ultron slayed the Avengers, the son of Storm and Black Panther was forced to battle against evil. Fortunately, he had all the enhanced reflexes and strength that his dad possessed and electrical powers. All those skills definitely came in handy when Azari had to fight enemies like a robotic version of Black Panther. Although the young hero could be a little cocky at times, he was ultimately able to keep his ego in check when it counted. It’s unfortunate that his parents could never see how much Azari accomplished. He was able to honor both Black Panther and Storm’s legacies with his courage and skill.

#2: N’Jadaka AKA [Erik Killmonger]

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The MCU’s Killmonger spent years becoming a deadly fighter before he stepped foot into Wakanda for the first time. After making his way there, he challenged T’Challa for the title of Black Panther. In a shocking upset, Killmonger won a heated fight and won the right to bear the title. The new Black Panther wasted no time in trying to spark a worldwide revolution by launching a plan to give Vibranium weapons to oppressed people. Although he was quickly stopped, it would’ve been interesting to see this intimidating Black Panther with the other live-action Avengers. Based on what we saw on the animated “What If…”, Killmonger’s version of the hero wouldn’t always play nice with others.

#1: Shuri

Although Shuri’s genius and fighting skills made her well-respected in Wakanda, she secretly wished she could become the Black Panther. She was finally given a chance to get tested for the title while her brother T’Challa was recovering from a battle with Dr. Doom. Unfortunately, the panther goddess didn’t think Shuri was the person for the job. Despite the rejection, Shuri put on the Black Panther suit and fought for her country anyway. Her immense courage is rewarded when she gains the powers that were once denied to her. While in the suit, Shuri made a name for herself by facing off against tough enemies like Namor and Dr. Doom. It soon became clear that she was always meant to become the Black Panther.