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VOICE OVER: Ryan Wild WRITTEN BY: Jake Riddell
From smart phone accessories to appliances, we're spoilt for choice when it comes to quirky, cool and sophisticated gadgets on the market. But with the insane amount of products out there, how do you know which are the best - and which ones you should buy? To help you decide, we've sifted through numerous website and consumer reviews to present our 10 recommended products.
Script written by Jake Riddell

Top 10 Gadgets of 2020

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Welcome to GetMojo, where we do the research so you don’t have to! In this video, we’re offering our picks for the 10 best gadgets of 2020. From smart phone accessories to appliances, we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to quirky, cool and sophisticated gadgets on the market. But with the insane amount of products out there, how do you know which are the best - and which ones you should buy? To help you decide, we’ve sifted through numerous website and consumer reviews to present our 10 recommended products. Okay, first up.

The Gaming Handheld

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Nintendo Switch Lite

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This portable gadget from Nintendo is essentially a handheld-only version of the original Switch, with the ability to play most of the games from it’s parent system. Being more affordable and yet still delivering an amazing gaming experience, it’s no wonder this device has become one of the most popular gaming systems on the market. We especially love how sleek and comfortable it feels while playing, not to mention the variety of colors this system is available in.

The Smartphone Sanitizer

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PhoneSoap 3 UV Smartphone Sanitizer & Universal Charger

Now more than ever, consumers are weary of the germs and bacteria plaguing the surfaces we come in contact with on a daily basis - smartphones being a big culprit. This product from PhoneSoap aims to be the solution to that problem, utilizing UV light bulbs to disinfect our mobile devices while charging them at the same time. The awesome thing about the PhoneSoap 3 is that in addition to fitting and charging any smartphone device, it’ll actually sanitize anything that fits inside - keys, earbuds, watches, or anything else you’re constantly touching.

The Dog Camera

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Furbo Dog Camera

If you’ve ever been worried about not being able to keep an eye on your fur babies while away from home, worry no more. This device features a HD camera and 2 way audio, which you can access from an app on your phone. It even has the ability to dispense treats at your command - an aspect both dog and owner will love. The icing on the cake is that this dog camera is compatible with Alexa voice commands.

The Wake-Up Light

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Philips SmartSleep Sleep and Wake-Up Light

While many of us dread the feeling of waking up in the morning after a night of tossing and turning, a quality wake-up light can certainly help make the experience more enjoyable. This pick gradually dims and brightens at night and day respectively, mirroring natural light to help you sleep and wake up. It also comes with an array of other features, including customizable color and brightness settings, soothing natural sounds, FM radio, and the ability to charge your smartphone.

The Smartphone Printer

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Fujifilm Instax Mini Link Smartphone Printer

Thanks to smartphones, taking photos in an instant has never been easier. But if you miss the experience of having your photos in a physical format, instant-print devices have been released to satisfy that nostalgic itch. We particularly love this printer from Fujifilm that easily connects to an app on your phone via bluetooth. What’s even better is that this product’s ‘fun mode’ allows the user to edit their photos with filters and frames before printing.

The Bluetooth Tracker

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Tile Pro

We all know the awful feeling of losing everyday items, like your keys, bag or other valuables. That’s where this nifty gadget comes in. Simply pair it with your smartphone, attach it to a keychain - or even just place it inside of something - and you can track its location via the smartphone app. The Tile Pro device itself is durable and water resistant too, so you can be confident that your tracker device won’t fail you.

The Smart Speaker

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Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen)

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Amazon’s 4th Gen model of its flagship smart speaker sports an enticing, spherical design that looks good virtually anywhere. One of our favorite perks is that it’s compatible with so many other smart devices, i.e. many of the picks on this list. This speaker is truly an essential for any smart home system. Reviewers particularly love the crisp sound quality and simple functionality this pick offers.

The Smart Plug

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Wemo Smart Plug

Speaking of making your home smarter, our next entry offers unmatched convenience when it comes to having full control of your electronics from your mobile device. Through the Wemo app, you can power on and off any appliance plugged into the smart outlet, and even set schedules to automate the process. We especially love that the non-intrusive design doesn’t interrupt use with any adjacent outlets. What’s more is that this pick is pairable with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple Homekit.

The Water Bottle

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LARQ Insulated Self-Cleaning and Stainless Steel Water Bottle

While reusable water bottles are definitely a more sustainable alternative to single use plastic ones, our next entry takes it up a notch. This device from LARQ uses its UV LED light to purify water - as well as the bottle's inner surface - in just 60 seconds. The insulated double wall also keeps its contents cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. It even comes in a variety of colors to suit your taste. Before we reveal our final pick, here are few other great products to consider.

Kasa Smart HS300 Plug Power Strip

Bose Portable Smart Speaker

Apple AirPods Pro

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The Smart Thermostat

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Google Nest Learning Thermostat (T3007ES)

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Rounding out our list is this incredible device from Google that is designed to save you money - and who doesn’t love that? On top of being a solid and aesthetically-pleasing thermostat, it actually learns your temperature preferences, and adjusts accordingly. This includes a feature that tweaks the temperature when you leave the house, so that you’re not wasting energy when nobody’s home. You can even control it from your phone, tablet or laptop, and of course - it’s also compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. So which of these gadgets should you buy? Well, our advice is, whatever gadget you’re considering buying - be it a game console, smart thermostat or dog camera - just be totally sure you’re going to use it, since many of them are pricey. If you’re just looking to explore the exciting world of smart tech however, something like the Amazon Echo Dot is very affordable - and serves as a great stepping stone for other fantastic products. Stay tuned to GetMojo for the most complete video product reviews!