Top 10 Best Derek & Spencer Moments on Criminal Minds

Top 10 Best Derek & Spencer Moments on Criminal Minds
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Derek and Spencer got us through the dark times on "Criminal Minds." Welcome to MsMojo, and today we'll be looking at the times these two BAU profilers were major friendship goals. Our countdown includes Brains & Brawn, saying goodbye, elevator freakout, and more!

Top 10 Best Derek Morgan and Specner Reid Moments on Criminal Minds

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Best Derek Morgan and Spencer Reid Moments on Criminal Minds.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the times these two BAU profilers were major friendship goals.

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#10: Brains & Brawn
“The Popular Kids”

Many unsubs think they can outsmart law enforcement. Although Cory Bridges thought he’d be different, he couldn’t win when Dr. Spencer Reid and SSA Derek Morgan worked together. After killing two of his classmates and trying to pin the murders on outsiders, Cory speaks to Reid. The unsub made his interest in Friedrich Nietzsche and criminal profiling clear. Later on, Morgan catches on to Cory’s act, leading to a standoff with Reid being held at gunpoint. But Cory loses the upper hand after he’s thrown off by Reid quoting Nietzsche. That smart decision gave Morgan the chance to tackle the suspect. It was great to see Morgan and Reid use their individual strengths to save each other and apprehend a murderer.

#9: Reid Stays with Morgan While He Disarms a Bomb
“Hero Worship”

The BAU profilers are no strangers to life-threatening situations. After all, it is their job to stop the worst of the worst. Morgan and Reid have almost died together and separately many times. But an incident in a Season 10 episode that centered on two active bombers in Indianapolis made for a particularly tense episode. When criminal Allen Archer accidentally triggered a bomb under his gas pedal, Morgan made a quick decision. The former bomb squad member worked to disarm the homemade device as Reid stood close by. Naturally, Morgan tells his friend to flee the area. But he should’ve already known that Reid wouldn’t leave because they would be by each other's sides if the roles were reversed. Fortunately, the duo walked away unharmed.

#8: Sharing High School Horror Stories
“Elephant’s Memory”

In this episode, the BAU travel to a small Texas town where the young Owen Savage is on a killing spree. When the team learns that he’d been physically and psychologically mistreated at home and at school, they realize he’s seeking revenge. Reid relates to the situation because he endured traumatic experiences too. However, it’s clear that he’s not the only one. Morgan opens up to his friend about the harassment he faced in school before he established himself as a jock. The admission makes Reid feel safe enough to speak about a humiliating incident that still haunts him as an adult. During this heartbreaking reveal, we wanted to hug him through the TV. But we loved that Morgan comforted Reid in his own way.

#7: Morgan Helps Reid on a Personal Case
“The Instincts” & “Memoriam”

When the team travels to Spencer Reid’s hometown of Las Vegas for an abduction case, the situation conjures up a nightmare about a boy from his past. Derek Morgan can see that these events are eating away at his ally. And when Reid stays behind to investigate the unsolved case, Morgan and David Rossi join him on his quest for the truth. As more secrets are revealed and it becomes more personal for Reid, the normally timid profiler lashes out. But Morgan is there to keep him grounded. He lets Reid know when he’s out of line without making him feel alone. Additionally, Morgan reminds his friend that they’re in a position to make things better.

#6: Brotherly Pep Talks

One of the best things about Reid and Morgan’s relationship is that they both sense when the other is feeling down and react accordingly. Morgan sees when his friend is struggling and is usually the first one to check in to make sure he’s okay. Reid had backup when dealing with the death of a friend and when he experienced possible symptoms of schizophrenia. Whenever he’s dealing with something difficult, Morgan steps up so that his little brother won’t be left to suffer in silence. Although Reid may not have to be the one to lend comfort as often, he knows the right thing to say when the time comes. We definitely had to highlight when he helped Morgan face the anxiety of impending fatherhood.

#5: Morgan Teaches Reid to Play Softball
“The Apprenticeship”

Every “Criminal Minds” fan knows that Dr. Spencer Reid is not an athletic person. So, he was more than hesitant when Derek Morgan tried to draft him onto the bureau’s softball team. But Morgan was determined to get Pretty Boy out of his head and into the game. Watching batting practice is a barrel of laughs. At the same time, it’s also endearing how much Morgan wants his buddy to succeed. In the ninth inning, Reid felt the pressure at the plate. And Morgan was once again there to hype him up. The show of support worked because Reid scored the winning run! While we don’t expect him to become a permanent player, we loved to see him succeed outside of his element.

#4: Reid Protects Morgan from Anthrax Exposure

In this heart-pounding episode, the team faces a possible bioterrorist threat. The duo decide to check out suspect’s Lawrence Nichols' home. When Reid sees a broken tube of Anthrax spores in the home office, he quickly locks the door to prevent Morgan from getting infected. After being saved, he gets emergency help for his friend. Reid solely focuses on searching through the suspect’s work for a cure. Although we already knew the BAU doctor was a hero, this was one of the most dangerous and selfless things he’d ever done. Thankfully, the team captures the unsub who was actually responsible and Reid pulls through. From the house to the hospital, Morgan never leaves his side.

#3: Elevator Freakout
“Scared to Death”

Despite being a crime drama with dark subject matter, “Criminal Minds” has a lot of comedic moments. Some of the most laugh-out-loud scenes stem from Spencer Reid’s habit of info dumping. It’s especially funny when he discusses facts and statistics at the worst times, like when he’s stuck in an elevator with Derek Morgan. At the apartment building of a recent victim, Reid and Morgan decide to take the seemingly faster way up. That choice backfired when it became clear they had a bumpy and terrifying elevator ride. From the break in Morgan’s tough exterior to Reid’s oddly high-pitched call for help, everything about this scene is hilarious. The post-scare teasing was icing on the cake.

#2: Saying Goodbye
“A Beautiful Disaster”

After playing SSA Derek Morgan for 11 seasons, actor Shemar Moore departed from “Criminal Minds.” His story arc ended with a series of traumatic events. At one point, Morgan almost lost his fiance and unborn son. After enduring that incident and more, he left the team at the end of episode 18 and shared heartfelt goodbyes with his teammates. But perhaps the most incredible moment was his emotional exchange with Spencer Reid. As many tears were shed, Morgan told him the name of his newborn son – Hank Spencer Morgan. While we would’ve loved to see Reid interacting with little Hank, we'll settle for this beautiful scene.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

“Play On, Playa”, “God Complex”
Morgan Teases Reid About His Secret Girlfriend

Bickering, “True Night”
While They May Have a Sibling Dynamic, This Scene Gives Old Married Couple Energy

Flirting 101, “52 Pickup”
Morgan Helps Reid Find His Confidence

A Bond Beyond Words, “Entropy”
Although Morgan & Reid Struggle to Verbalize Their Love, We Can Feel It

Pretty Boy, Various
Morgan’s Nickname for Reid Is Just Iconic

#1: Prank War

Out of all the funniest and saddest moments between Morgan and Reid, it’s the episode-long prank war that fans love the most. Their playful and creative tricks also help balance out the dark subject matter of the episode. Apparently, the games began when Reid did really well with betting in a basketball pool after failing to mention he had vast knowledge of the sport. In retaliation, Morgan gave Reid’s cell number to the media. This resulted in endless phone calls for the BAU doctor. But Reid definitely came out on top after a recording of him screaming found its way onto Morgan’s MP3 player and cell phone. Honestly, we wish this all-star plotline became a multi-season running gag. We would’ve loved every second of it.