Supervillain Origins Titania (Marvel's She-Hulk)

Supervillain Origins Titania (Marvel's She-Hulk)
VOICE OVER: Callum Janes WRITTEN BY: Andrew Tejada
It takes one strong supervillain to take on She-Hulk! Before She-Hulk has to grapple with this fierce femme fatale in live-action, we're
diving into the background of this villain's origins. We'll be taking a look at how a meek, small woman became a villainous force to be reckoned with in the Marvelverse.


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Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re exploring the origins of the supervillain, Titania.

Before She-Hulk has to grapple with this fierce femme fatale in live-action, we’re diving into the background of this villain’s origins.

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It takes a powerful person to battle the world’s greatest superheroes. The supervillain Titania definitely became formidable enough after encountering a legendary villain. But before she embraced an evil destiny and got a threatening nickname, she was just Mary “Skeeter'' MacPherren. To everyone in her hometown, she was a meek and small statured woman who was often tormented by her peers and locals. She eventually found an escape by reading about the powerful and beautiful heroines that appeared in her favorite comic books. When the second Spider-Woman appeared in her hometown, Mary saw an opportunity. She lied and said she was underneath the mask. Eventually, Mary’s story got out and she became the talk of the town. But her plan got majorly derailed when The Beyonder got involved.

This cosmic being took the entire Denver suburb she lived in into space to add to his new planet, Battleworld. While we have no idea why this Colorado city was specifically targeted, we know that all the residents were terrified at this sudden turn of events. As the city was flung through space, Spider-Woman appeared to help control panic during a party Mary was attending. But the heroine’s presence made it clear that Mary had been lying the whole time. An angry crowd chased her and her best friend deeper into Battleworld. That’s exactly where Doctor Doom was lying in wait.

Unbeknownst to Mary, she and Doom were right in the middle of the Secret Wars crossover event. While this big story was initially published to sell toys, it was also the setting for Titania’s debut. A being named the Beyonder decided to collect a bunch of powered and few non-powered people to participate in a battle royale on a planet called Battleworld. Although the terrifying Doctor Doom had an army of the Marvel Universe’s vilest villains, he realized his forces were insufficient. When he stumbled upon Mary, he realized she hungered for power. Doom asked if he could enhance her body with alien tech. Mary “Skeeter” MacPherran agreed and gained immense super strength and near invulnerability. In Secret Wars #3, she named herself Titania!

Titania established herself as a formidable enforcer for Doom pretty quickly. She was eager to fight heavy hitters like Thor right away. After battling a few heroes, Titania encountered She-Hulk in Doom’s base. The villain was shockingly able to overpower She-Hulk. To make matters worse, she encouraged a team known as the Wrecking Crew to help her slay the heroine. Fortunately, a bunch of She-Hulk’s friends showed up right in time to turn the tide. Since the jade giantess was too injured for a rematch, Spider-Man dueled Titania. The villain was crushed when she realized that she was no match for the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. This battle traumatized her so much she developed a deep-seated fear of everyone’s favorite wallcrawler. At the same time, Titania’s brutal attack on She-Hulk was just the start of a bitter feud.

Once the villains and their chunk of Denver return to Earth thanks to the all-powerful Molecule Man, Titania strengthened her relationship with fellow villain Absorbing Man. Since he could take on the properties of any material he touched, he could match her strength. The duo’s powers made them perfect candidates for Baron Zemo’s Masters of Evil. Together, the pair helped cause headaches and strife for the Avengers. Their romance got so serious that She-Hulk was willing to jump into a battle with Spidey to keep Absorbing Man safe. But the power of love wouldn’t help with another grudge match. While She-Hulk was arguing against the Marvel Universe’s first version of the Superhuman Registration Act in court, Titania arrived. The villain kept trying to interrupt the heroine while she was in court. A peeved She-Hulk eventually thoroughly trounced Titania outside the courthouse in which she was litigating. After this encounter, Titania learned she should never interrupt a lawyer trying to do the right thing.

From that point on, Titania continued trying to sew chaos. At one point, she became a member of the Frightful Four, the evil analog to the comic's first family. And she was always down to keep battling heroes like Thor and of course, She-Hulk. But things started to change when Titania’s long term partner Creel encouraged them to step out of a life of crime and get married. Unfortunately for all the Marvel heroes, this duo wasn’t able to resist breaking the rules and city blocks for long. They kept going back and forth between retirement and recklessness until Titania had a major health issue.

When Titania was diagnosed with cancer, she and Absorbing Man decided to get help…by capturing Jane Foster. The plan was going relatively well until Thor showed up to save the day. During a heated battle, the building Jane and Titania was in collapsed. It looked like they were done for until Thor witnessed a shocking sight. A sick Titania had used all the strength she had to save Jane from the collapsing building. After this incident, it became clear that there was more depth to this villain than we believed. It would still take quite a while for Titania to really make an effort to break good. After many wild adventures, she chooses to join the-kind-of heroic Gamma Flight team, with her sort-of-but-not-really reformed husband. It was the biggest step she’d taken toward the light since she first became super.

The knowledge that Titania is a fearsome villain with lots of potential for good will definitely make her an interesting live action character. Actress Jameela Jamil will be tasked with portraying all the character’s complex traits in the “She-Hulk” Disney+ series. While we think her Titania will clash with the jade giantess, it’ll be interesting to see what motivates the villain. Marvel has a tendency to create complicated yet relatable antagonists. Finding out what drives Titania to interrupt She-Hulk in court should be as fascinating as the villain’s history.

Ahead of Titania’s live-action debut, her key comic appearances are seeing significant increases in aftermarket sales. Her first appearance in MARVEL SUPER- HEROES SECRET WARS #3 sells for a fair market value of $30 ungraded and $190 at higher grades. This issue’s newsstand, Canadian price-variant, and second print copies are all seeing their own significant market increases. Who knows what heights these comics will reach after Titania gets into a brawl or two in 2022.