Superpowers You Didnt Know Black Panther Had

Superpowers You Didnt Know Black Panther Had
VOICE OVER: Rebecca Brayton WRITTEN BY: Willow McLaughlin
This iconic superhero can do more than just claw his enemies to shreds. For this list, we'll be looking at the obscure and unusual abilities that the iconic Wakandan hero has used throughout comic history. Our countdown includes Resistant to Telepathy, Sensing the Multiverse, Psychic Powers, and more!


Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Superpowers-You-Didn’t-Know-Black-Panther-Had.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the obscure and unusual abilities that the iconic Wakandan hero has used throughout comic history. We’ll be looking at powers he gained in Earth 616 and beyond that he gained within his body and with the help of tech.

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Quick Healer

In many superhero films, the powered characters rarely seem phased by their injuries. Everything from falling from tall heights to taking enhanced hits is no problem. In the comics, T'Challa’s powers of healing are one of his many abilities. The heart-shaped herb that grants his connection to the Wakandan goddess also boosts his ability to heal. However, that doesn’t mean T’Challa can pull a Wolverine and recover from an atomic bomb in seconds. His powers make small injuries like cuts, scrapes and bruises disappear more quickly. Obviously, this helps in between fights. Giving the Black Panther anytime to recover probably means that he will return to take you down.

Expert Scent & Sight For Hunting

When you think of a panther, the image of a fierce creature stalking their prey definitely comes to mind. So, it makes sense for T'Challa to have tracking and hunting skills that go beyond what an average human would possess. Black Panther can follow a prey’s scent easily due to a highly developed sense of smell. With vision that extends into the infrared and ultraviolet, he also has an advantage tracking at night. He can also memorize scents, which allows him to pick up the trail of friend or foe. Combine all of these with his genius level intelligence and hiding from Black Panther just seems like a big waste of time.

Resistant to Telepathy

The telepaths of the superhero world are powerful. While they can do a lot of good, they have been known to mess superheroes up pretty badly. Black Panther doesn’t have to be as worried as everyone else is about someone intruding on his thoughts. He has a telepathic resistance that makes his mind an uncomfortable place to be for telepaths. In the comic “Original Sin #4” Emma Frost tries to read T'Challa’s mind. But she quickly regrets her decision. The telepathic mutant describes Black Panther’s mind as being like “a bear trap wrapped in barbed wire…that someone set on fire.” Probably better at that point to just ask T’Challa what’s on his mind.

Spirit Energy Constructs

T'Challa has access to many exciting weapons. He received many of his iconic tools from his tech-genius sister Shuri in the MCU. In the comics, Black Panther was able to create his own weapons from a spiritual force. This is an ability granted to him by his title of King of the Dead. In the comics, he can create a spear that can be used on both the material and the ethereal planes. It’s even more reliable than a Wakandan vibranium spear. And when you might be called upon to fight gods or monsters from many multiverses and planes of existence, it’s a pretty handy weapon.


In the MCU, Black Panther’s suit is equipped with tech that keeps him as quiet as possible. It also collects kinetic energy that he can later use to blast his enemies. In the comics, the suit has other properties that give T'Challa some serious advantages. One of these is the power to turn invisible. Unlike the Invisible Woman, Black Panther can’t vanish whenever he wants. But when he’s wearing the suit, it definitely helps him sneak up on his enemies. The Wakandan hero is already so good at stealth that invisibility might feel a little like overkill. But hey, if we had access to Wakandan tech we’d probably make ourselves more sneaky too.

Sensing the Multiverse

T'Challa is fast, strong and able to take down an armor plated rhino with ease. Many of these abilities come from his connection with the Wakandan goddess and the Black Panther suit. However, in the comics, he also obtained power from an encounter with a cosmic being. After a run in with Galactus, he was tormented with visions of different multiverses. Soon he was able to see the cage that existed around The Marvel Universe. Eventually, whether sleeping or waking he could sense what was happening in the multiverses. There’s been a lot of multiverse activity lately in the MCU. It might help if a live-action Black Panther could see universal threats before they knocked on their home’s door.


While the Wakandans have many technological advances when it comes to travel, the Black Panther has a travel ability that’s cooler than magnetic levitation trains or cars driven remotely. In the comics, the Black Panther suit has a device that allows him to jump instantly across short distances. Characters like Nightcrawler have shown that this is a pretty impressive looking power that allows you to infiltrate enemy bases in an instant. As an added bonus, teleportation is a really good way to freak out your opponent before an attack. It also means you don’t have to rely on Interdimensional Portals from friends like Dr. Strange when you’re needed at an important battle.

Psychic Powers

While Black Panther doesn’t typically boast psychic powers, the rare occasions where it comes up have paid off. During a unique storyline started in “Black Panther #11”, T'Challa woke up one day suddenly able to read minds in a limited capacity and see the future. He unfortunately suffered through strange and disturbing nightmares of what would come. The strain on T’Challa’s mind nearly broke him. Fortunately, he realized they were caused by the energy vampire, Kiber the Cruel. Soon after defeating this villain, his psychic powers left him. Although an interesting ability, knowing the future is a heavy burden. It was probably one Black Panther was happy to let go.


We’ve seen T'Challa miraculously escape death. He also travels to the spirit world to talk to previous Black Panthers and share their wisdom. Although these feats are a result of the heart-shaped herb’s connection to the spiritual plane, the link goes further in the comics. At one point, the Wakandan deity makes T'Challa King of the Dead. The powers that come with this new title include ruling over spirits and zombies. If T’Challa felt like it, he could instantly bring a deceased comrade back to fight a battle. This is definitely something that could come in handy for a Black Panther in the MCU. After all, what if… zombies decide to make an appearance?