Superhero Origins America Chavez

Superhero Origins America Chavez
VOICE OVER: Rebecca Brayton
It's time for a deep dive! For this video, we'll be looking at the story behind the reality hopping heroine who's left a star shaped impression on Marvel comics. Our video will details the character's origins, villains, plans for the future, and more!

Superhero Origins America Chavez

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re looking at the superhero origins of America Chavez.

For this video, we’ll be looking at the story behind the reality hopping heroine who’s left a star shaped impression on Marvel comics.

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Before America became known as one of the most powerful young heroines in the multiverse, she remembered her life starting with one pivotal encounter. When she was around six years old, she washed up on Jones Beach in New York. Three members of the Santana family spotted America and immediately wanted to help. Instead of taking her to authorities, they decided to look after her until she told them more about her family. The idea of a young girl mysteriously arriving and being taken in by a kind family sounds similar to Supergirl’s origins at first. However, there was one major difference between the two heroines: America didn’t remember anything about who she was or where she came from.

Over time, America’s memories of her traumatic past started flooding back to her. She remembered that she was born in another dimension known as the Utopian Parallel. Unfortunately, the seemingly peaceful place America lived in faced a crisis that could have led to the end of the world. Her mothers Amalia and Elena nobly gave their lives to save everyone in the dimension. While the Utopian Parallel had found peace, a young America was still restless. She decided to use her universe jumping powers to arrive in a world that needed her talents. America believed she came to earth to be a heroine just like her moms.

Although her adopted parents had trouble believing her fantastical origin story, America quickly convinced them by taking flight for the first time. But that wasn’t the only power she had hiding up her sleeves. America became incredibly strong, able to withstand superhuman attacks and could move at blazingly fast speeds. But her signature power centered around her ability to create star shaped portals that allowed her to create holes in space and reality. America was eager to use all her superpowers to help people around her Washington Heights neighborhood. While she was proud of what she was doing, her adopted Santana family became increasingly worried about the danger the young heroine was putting herself into. After the tension between her and her family built to a boiling point, she left home to do more for the world as Miss America.

It didn’t take her too long at all to find others who wanted her help. At first, she worked on a team called the Teen Brigade with notable mutant Angel Salvatore. After having a few bad run-ins with kid Loki, she found herself working with the Young Avengers. Her time on the team paved the way for her to develop an extremely close friendship with Kate Bishop A.K.A. Hawkeye. Eventually, America would serve alongside extremely heavy hitters like Black Panther, Captain Marvel and Monica Rambeau, A.K.A Spectrum on the Ultimates team. The young dimension hopping powerhouse was truly living up to the legacy her moms left behind. But everything changed when she started having trouble using her powers.

Around the same time she told her girlfriend Ramone that something was off, a news report showed that Washington Heights residents were in danger. America immediately portaled away to see if her adopted family was alright. After saving them from a fire, she found a note from a mysterious antagonist. Unfortunately, America’s investigation led to her being captured by a powerful foe and taken to a remote facility. The restrained heroine was shocked to learn that her sister Catalina Chavez was the enemy behind all these recent events. Although America thought she was an only child, her sibling revealed that everything the Young Avenger believed about her past was wrong. It was time for America to discover the truth behind her origins.

After being born on Earth, her moms realized their daughter was suffering from a rare medical condition. Desperate to save their child, they traveled to a facility on an island called the Utopian Parallel. The eccentric billionaire known as Mr. Gales said that America and other young girls like her could be healed if they interacted with a magical energy locked inside of a special chamber. Fortunately, the treatment worked for America and allowed her to develop superpowers. But her mothers soon realized their eldest daughter, her younger sibling Catalina and other test subjects might be forced to work for the billionaire permanently. Amalia and Elena Chavez came up with a plan to get everyone out of the facility and destroy the magical chamber. Unfortunately, both women lost their lives while escaping. An emotional America was able to create a portal to get away. After being unable to reach her sister in time, she appeared on Jones Beach with mixed up memories.

While America was still reeling from the truth behind her origins, her sister Catalina revealed that she had continued the experiments the billionaire started. The younger Chavez believed this was the only way to find a cure for the condition that was sapping their powers and could be fatal. But America refused to go along with it and fought her sister. In the end, Catalina ended up falling through a star shaped hole to an unknown destination. An exhausted America proceeded to rescue the test subjects before returning home to Washington Heights. Although she was still losing her powers, she was determined to keep protecting New Yorkers for as long as she could.

Over the last ten years, America’s interesting backstory and tremendous powers have caused her star to rise fast. Within that time, she made history in Marvel comics by leading a series as an openly LGBTQ+ Latin-American character. America has also made big appearances in several animated films and specials alongside other heroes. And although she was supposed to make her live-action debut in “No Way Home” with Spider-Man, plans were changed so she’d first be seen with Dr. Strange. America’s future in multiple mediums looks as bright as the star portals she makes.

Despite her origin story shifting a few times, this heroine usually ends up in the same place: on the front lines helping as many people as she can. America is a wonderful and groundbreaking character whose adventures have taught her the value of a family and teamwork. And her immense power set is ridiculously fun to see in any medium she’s in. In the future, it would be fun to see America join a live-action Young Avengers team or star in an Ultimates movie. But no matter where her star shaped portals take her, we’ll be cheering for this one-of-a-kind heroine.