Songs You Didn't Know Were Written by Harry Styles

Songs You Didn't Know Were Written by Harry Styles
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Who knew these songs were written by Harry Styles? For this list, we'll be looking at tracks the former One Direction member had a hand in crafting that the general public might be unaware of. Our countdown includes "Changes," "I Love You," "Night Changes," and more!

Songs You Didn't Know Were Written by Harry Styles

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Songs You Didn't Know Were Written by Harry Styles.

For this list, we’ll be looking at tracks the former One Direction member had a hand in crafting that the general public might be unaware of.

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"Changes" (2020)

Country music singer Cam has garnered a strong reputation of performing songs that she wrote solo. However, she was still willing to include several co-written tracks on “The Otherside” album. For the song “Changes”, she teamed up with Harry Styles and a few other artists to bring it to life. Cam takes such command of this country bop that it’s easy to see why no one attributed it to the former One Direction artist. However, not only can Styles write great songs, but he can also whistle. You can hear him whistling on the bridge of that very track. After tuning into this sweet tune, we’d definitely love to hear Styles and Cam collaborate more in the future.

“Alfie's Song (Not So Typical Love Song)” (2018)

When asked about making this track with Ilsey Juber and Harry Styles,Bleacher lead singer Jack Antonoff said “We were in a room together and it just kind of happened.” That casual description doesn’t do this catchy song justice. “Alfie’s Song” is an upbeat track that perfectly captures what it feels like to reminisce about old love. It was notably listed at the top of the soundtrack list for the groundbreaking LGBT+ “Love, Simon” rom-com. Admittedly, we were a little disappointed that Styles doesn’t make an appearance in the music video. But his absence couldn’t make us love “Alfie’s Song” any less.

“I Love You” (2014)
Alex & Sierra

The “Out Of The Woods” track on Taylor Swift’s “1989” album was essentially a breakup song about her ex Harry Styles. Given Swift’s penchant for writing songs about her exes, this didn’t surprise anyone. But what most people didn’t realize at the time was that Styles had written a breakup song about Swift that had come out a few weeks earlier. Why wasn’t his creation huge news when it dropped? Well, that might’ve been because Styles wasn’t the one singing the song. While Styles co-wrote “I love you”, it was recorded by Alex & Sierra for their debut album. Styles also used the pseudonym Mick Greenberg in the credits to further distance his name from the song. Over time, fans figured out where this track came from and who it was really about. .

“Night Changes” (2014)
One Direction

While some might assume a studio pumps out all the songs a boy band performs, that couldn’t have been further from the case when it came to One Direction. Each of the members has actively contributed to the group’s discography. Altogether, they have over 20 writing credits combined on One Direction songs that have been released over the years. If we’re just talking about Harry, we can point out his co-writing credits on A.M., “Night Changes,” and “Story of My LIfe”. Although hardcore “One Direction” fans might’ve picked up on his work sooner, hearing how much he contributed onstage and behind the scenes is still music to our ears.

“Someday” (2016)
Michael Bublé feat. Meghan Trainor

Canadian crooner Michael Bublé made a name for himself doing covers of classic songs and being a go-staple for sweet Christmas music. And he’s also found great success with original tracks on studio albums like “Nobody but Me”. However, there was something different about one of the songs on that collection of work. The “Someday” duet he sang actually has songwriting credits from Meghan Trainor and Harry Styles. What made this song stand out so much was that Bublé only featured original songs that he’d written himself on his albums. Once he included “Someday” on a major release, Trainor and Styles must’ve known they made something special.

“Just A Little Bit of Your Heart” (2014)
Ariana Grande

If you take a stroll through the credits on Ariana Grande’s “My Everything” album, you’ll see that her tracklist features a whole variety of song writers. Iggy Azalea, Big Sean, Donald Glover and even Sean Combs all have writing credits. But don’t forget to show some love for Harry Styles along the way. He served as the co-writer of “Just a Little Bit of Your Heart.” Styles collaborated with Carolina Liar member Johan Carlsson to bring us this ballad. Surprisingly, this isn’t the only time Styles and Carlsson made music together in 2014 either. They worked with a few other big names to craft the song “Stockholm Syndrome” for One Direction. And did we mention that Styles and Carlsson worked on the previously mentioned “I Love You” for Alex & Sierra? This duo is clearly an under-the-radar songwriting dream team.