Dumbledore Versus Gandalf

Dumbledore Versus Gandalf
VOICE OVER: Rebecca Brayton
It's a wizard vs. wizard battle royale! In this installment of Versus, we're bringing Gandalf and Dumbledore back for a rematch. For this wizard duel, we'll be comparing everything from their magical items to character arcs to see who will win the rematch.

Dumbledore VS Gandalf Round 2

Welcome to WatchMojo, and in this installment of Versus, we’re bringing Gandalf and Dumbledore back for a rematch.

For this wizard duel, we’ll be comparing everything from their magical items to character arcs to see who will win the rematch. We’ll mainly be drawing from their live-action appearances from 2001 onward. If you haven’t seen our first versus, we’ll catch you up by saying Gandalf came out on top. And we’ll also cast a spoiler warning for every movie these two appear in.

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Round 1: Weapons & Magical Accessories

Over the years, Albus Dumbeldore managed to surround himself with a number of useful magical items. While he mainly looked after items like the sorting hat and sword of Gryffindor when they weren’t being used, he definitely owned the useful deluminator. This item could do everything from snuff out lights to help reunite separated friends. Although that item is iconic, Dumbeldore’s connection to the 3 deathly hallows was probably more memorable. While he came into contact with both the resurrection stone and invisibility cloak, he mastered the elder wand. This legendary magical weapon helped the already impressive wizard pull off incredible feats of magic. But even if he didn’t have it, Dumbledore’s magical arsenal would still be stacked.

Thanks to Gandalf’s extensive travels, he’s acquired several fantastic ways to fight and protect others. He’s been spotted with an item that was nicknamed the “Ring of Fire”. It’s said to give its wearer additional vitality and the ability to inspire more hope and resilience in others. Whenever Gandalf wants to take a more offensive approach, he can count on the epic blade Glamdring. We’ve lost count of how many enemies have fallen when he’s wielding this sword in battle. Last, but certainly not least, Gandalf is usually within arms’ length of a wizard staff. He’s shown the flexibility to use several staffs over the years. No matter which one he’s holding, you don’t want to be Gandalf’s enemy whenever he raises this magical tool.

While Gandalf’s Glamdring and various wizards' staffs are unquestionably powerful items, Dumbeldore has a more varied and unique magical arsenal. The possibilities of what you could do if you had all the items the headmaster did seem limitless.

WINNER: Dumbledore 1/Gandalf 0

Round #2: Most Capable Team

When Voldemort and his followers started wreaking havoc in the wizarding world, Dumbeldore asked a trusted group of magical people to join the Order of the Phoenix. This group consisted of legendary names like Alastor Moody and Minerva McGonagall. Unfortunately, a big portion of the original order were either slain or faced terrible fates after they were first convened. But the remaining members soldiered on and returned at pivotal moments to combat evil. Several Order of the Phoenix members played crucial roles in the climactic battle at Hogwarts. While some raised strong defenses, others took down notorious witches. Although people like Dumbeldore couldn’t be there to savor the victory, members of this alliance stood long enough to see Voldemort fall.

Once it became clear that Sauron was becoming a more urgent threat, Gandalf and eight other brave souls agreed to form the Fellowship of the Ring. Shortly after they united, they appeared to suffer two major losses. Both Gandalf the Grey and Boromir are torn away from their companions by enemy forces. Although the fellowship gets knocked down, they don’t give up. The trio of Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli inspire others to fight and each have big victories on the battlefield. Gandalf returns in a stronger form to help his allies. And while all the hobbits pull off impressive feats, Frodo and Sam help ensure the dangerous one ring is destroyed. Every member of the team definitely did their part to take Sauron down.

Although the Order of the Phoenix is definitely cool, The Fellowship of the Ring comes off as the stronger team. Not only did the middle-earth alliance suffer significantly less casualties, but time was taken to give every member an iconic scene to shine and demonstrate why they were chosen.

WINNER: Dumbledore 1/Gandalf 1

Round #3: Most Quotable

The Hogwarts headmaster had an impressive command over magic and words. While he could take on a threatening or sarcastic tone at times, fans much preferred his gentle and witty phrases. He knew exactly what to say to put a smile on a student’s face. And whenever times got rough, Dumbeldore knew the right turn of phrase to comfort or inspire the people who needed it the most. The headmaster even found a way to impart wisdom after he died! Fortunately for viewers and readers, many of the headmaster’s famous sayings can apply to real life situations. Whenever they’re feeling down, one of Dumbledore’s many quotes might bring some light into their lives.

If you asked a random moviegoer to name one Gandalf phrase, they’d probably respond with four little words. Luckily, the epic boast that the wizard definitely followed up on isn’t his only legendary quote. Gandalf’s long life has enabled him to give much needed perspective to those around him. When his allies are backed into a corner or faced with a tough moral decision, the wizard can channel his experience to find out what the listener needs to hear. He’s also the undisputed king of insults and clap backs in Middle-earth. If you anger him, you’re likely to get hit with a verbal smackdown unlike you’ve ever heard before. This wizard simply has the right words for any situation.

Both wizards have an impressive catalogue of quotes and sayings. However, Gandalf‘s sharp tongue gives him the edge. It’s impressive that the wizard's threats are just as iconic as his advice.

WINNER: Dumbledore 1/Gandalf 2

Round #4: Character Arc

Before becoming known as an extraordinary wizard, Albus Dumbeldore was a young and idealistic man who fell for the talented Grindelwald. The two intended to claim the powerful deathly hallows and lead a wizarding revolution. But after an argument between the two of them and Aberforth Dumbledore ended with the death of Ariana Dumbledore, everything changed. Albus became focused on mentoring young wizards at Hogwarts and hoped that they wouldn’t develop the hunger for power that he did. Not all of his grand plans for others went smoothly. While students like Voldemort went awry, mentees like Harry Potter succeeded after some struggle. Dumbledore was ultimately remembered as a strong and flawed wizard who put his wishes aside to ensure many others had a future.

After being chosen to help combat Sauron’s evil, the wizard who’d be known as Gandalf the Grey embarked on many adventures in Middle-Earth. When trouble started brewing and he was asked to lead, he chose to continue traveling instead. Gandalf eventually built a network of friends that he would occasionally nudge down the right path to accomplish greater goals. The wizard continued to help whenever he could until he faced the Balrog alone so his allies could progress. Fortunately, he returned as Gandalf the White and was able to continue doing his part to ensure Sauron’s defeat. In the end, the wizard was able to return from whence he came knowing that he’d brought light and hope to so many residents of Middle Earth.

As epic as Gandalf’s story is, Dumbeldore’s personal journey feels more compelling because it’s so relatable. The very human mistakes Albus made motivated him to try and save others from the same traps. In doing so, the mortal Dumbeldore became legendary.

WINNER: Dumbledore 2/Gandalf 2

Round #5: Strongest Live-Action Movie Resume

Between 2001 and 2011, Dumbeldore either fully appeared or made cameos in eight Wizarding World films. While the quality of each entry slightly varied, there were no true flops in that series. Dumbeldore also notably played vital roles either directly or indirectly in every single one of the plots. His solid movie record was tarnished a bit when he appeared in the “Crimes of Grindelwald” film. Not only did moviegoers dislike the confusing and oddly paced tale, but Dumbledore seemed more passive then he had ever been before. Although there was an in-universe reason for that, “Secrets of Dumbledore” has to work hard to get him back on track. His involvement in prequels shouldn’t dampen his stellar movie work.

Gandalf starred in three iconic fantasy films right off the bat. He had a particularly strong outing in “Return of the King”, a movie that won a stunning eleven Oscars. While Gandalf’s legacy in cinema was certified as a strong mentor figure, audiences were unsure about the three “Hobbit” films he appeared in. Viewers were mixed if the story was being stretched too thin. And although the first three films easily scored over 90% on Rotten Tomatoes, none of the “Hobbit” tales measured above 74%. Gandalf could take solace in the fact that he was consistently one of the best characters in the film. Fortunately, all the missteps of the“Hobbit” movies are unlikely to eclipse the triumphs of the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy.

Since both wizards starred in relatively flawless film series, it came down to who appeared in the highest amount of disappointing projects. Even if “Secrets of Dumbledore” doesn’t impress audiences, the title character still has to star in one more dud to match Gandalf’s streak of 3 lesser films. Although the future is unclear for both franchises, it currently looks like Dumbedore’s resume is slightly better.

WINNER: Dumbledore 3/Gandalf 2

By the tiniest margin, Dumbeldore conjures up the winning point and beats Gandalf in this rematch with a score of 3 to 2.
Who'll win the wizard battle,Dumbledore or Gandalf?