Comic Book Origins: Talia Al Ghul

Comic Book Origins: Talia Al Ghul
VOICE OVER: Dan Paradis
Script written by Clayton Martino

She is Batman's deadliest lover. Welcome to and today we will explore the comic book origin of Talia al GhShe is Batman's deadliest lover. Join as we explore the comic book origins of Talia al Ghul. Talia is a skilled martial artist and excellent hand-to-hand fighter, and is able to take on numerous attackers at once.

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Comic Book Origins: Talia al Ghul

She is Batman’s deadliest lover. Welcome to and today we will explore the comic book origin of Talia al Ghul.

As with most comic book characters, there are often re-imaginations and different versions to a character’s past. We have chosen primarily to follow the original storyline which unfolded in 1971’s “Detective Comics” #411 and “Batman” #232, that was expanded upon in 1987’s “Son of the Demon”

As previously mentioned, Batman and Talia have developed a complicated relationship over the years, as she is both a love interest but also the daughter of one of his greatest enemies. In her first appearance, however, she actually assumes a damsel in distress role, as she is held captive by the sinister Doctor Darrk.

While pursuing Darrk, Batman is ambushed and overwhelmed by members of the League of Assassins. He awakens, unmasked, held prisoner in a dungeon alongside a woman, who reveals herself to be Talia, the daughter of the mysterious Ra’s al Ghul.

Placed in an arena, Batman fights and defeats a bull before rescuing Talia who had been tied to a post. Batman confronts Darrk, who attacks him with gas and a knife. Before Darkk can finish the job, however, he is shot by Talia and killed by a passing train.

If the first meeting between Batman and Talia set the tone for their love affair, the second time the pair encountered each other introduced their biggest obstacle: Talia’s father. Titled “Daughter of the Demon”, the comic begins with Batman receiving a note that Robin has been captured.

Batman returns to the Batcave to investigate further but discovers someone there waiting for him, a man named Ra’s al Ghul, who reveals that he received a similar message regarding his daughter, Talia. Batman, believing the two kidnappings to be related, agrees to assist Ra’s and Ra’s servant, Ubu, in their search.

Batman traces the kidnappers to a cult known as the Brotherhood of the Demon and discovers a temple belonging to the Brotherhood in the Himalayan Mountains. Inside, Batman finds Robin being held hostage by armed guards.

Batman easily defeats the guards and soon discovers that the entire kidnapping was planned by Ra’s. Ra’s enters the room and reveals that he did so because he wanted to see if Batman would be a worthy son-in-law. Talia is in love with Batman and tries to convince him to make the pact. This would only be the beginning of a very complicated relationship between the three characters.

Talia’s relationship with Batman was developed even further in 1987’s “Batman: Son of the Demon”, and we are also given more information about her past. Batman, searching for a terrorist known as Qayin for the murder of a Gotham scientist, encounters Talia and her father, who is also searching for Qayin. Ra’s reveals that Qayin murdered Talia’s mother and his beloved wife, Melisande, by throwing her into the Lazarus Pit in front of the youngTalia.

After Batman agrees to help Ra’s find Qayin, he is seduced by Talia, who reveals that they are already married because in her home country only the consent of the bride is required. Although Batman is skeptical, the pair quickly consummate the marriage, because who can resist a femme fatal.
Not long afterwards, Talia reveals that she is pregnant with Batman’s child. This news drastically changes Batman, however, as his primary focus becomes protecting Talia at all costs. In order to get Batman to return to normal and to please her father, Talia lies and tells him that she miscarried, resulting in the end of their marriage Talia eventually gives birth to the child, however, who can be seen wearing a jewel encrusted necklace, the same one that Batman had previously given Talia. This child, named Damien Wayne would eventually become the new Robin, and further complicate Batman and Talia’s relationship.

Talia is a skilled martial artist and excellent hand-to-hand fighter, and is able to take on numerous attackers at once. Much more than just an outstanding physical specimen, however, Talia also holds degrees in engineering and biology.

Aside from comics, Talia al Ghul has appeared in various media. She was voiced by Helen Slater and Olivia Hussey in the 1990’s television show “Batman: The Animated Series”, where she appeared as both an ally enemy to Batman. She also plays a major role in “The Dark Knight Rises”, the third film in Christopher Nolan’s “Dark Knight” trilogy. Marion Cotillard plays Talia, who stays true to the comics as both a love interest and enemy of Batman.

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