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VOICE OVER: Adrian Sousa WRITTEN BY: Thomas O'Connor
You can always judge a spider by his threads. For this list, we're once again taking a trip to the wall-crawler's closet to look at some more of our favorite Spidey suits, whether worn by Peter or other Spider-People. Join WatchMojo as we count down our picks for the Another Top 10 Spider-Man Costumes.
Script written by Thomas O'Connor

Another Top 10 Spider-Man Costumes

You can always judge a spider by his threads. Welcome to and today we’re counting down Another Top 10 Spider-Man Costumes. For this list, we’re once again taking a trip to the wall-crawler’s closet to look at some more of our favorite Spidey suits, whether worn by Peter or other Spider-People. If you think a suit is missing, be sure to check out our original list.

#10: MCU Iron Spider

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When you’re going up against Thanos, it’s generally a good idea to bring along some extra padding. Trust us, fabric isn’t gonna cut it when the Mad Titan is coming to town. Thankfully, Peter got an upgrade in “Avengers Infinity War” that helped him trade blows with the powerful villain and look awesome doing it. His new suit not only features more armor and an oxygen supply, but robotic spider-legs that came in handy numerous times in the young hero’s space adventures. Unlike the Iron Spider suit of the comics, this suit also sticks more closely to Pete’s classic look. After all, why fix what isn’t broken?

#9: All-New, All-Different Spider-Man 2099

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This futuristic Spider-Man has had his fair share of adventures, both in his home time period and the present, but everyone needs to mix it up sometime, and in 2015 this webhead donned a fancy new suit. The new duds definitely get across the idea of a futuristic Spider-Man, with a mix of red, white and black helping the suit stand out from the original 2099 suit. The suit also has its fair share of bells and whistles, with thrusters in the boots augmenting his gliding ability and a variety of scanners to help him track targets.

#8: Kaine

One of several clones of Peter Parker created by the villainous Jackal, this broody hero prefers to walk his own dark path. While he’s had several looks over the years, his most distinctive outfit is the red and black costume he wore as The Scarlet Spider. Originally Spidey’s stealth suit, this snappy number was given a new color scheme that looks fairly simple at first glance, eschewing details like the traditional web pattern. But the suit’s simple color layout gives it a sleek, iconic appearance that suits this character to a T. The suit can also turn invisible, giving its wearer a distinct advantage when stealth is required.

#7: Spider-Gwen

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It would have been pretty easy to have this character just wear a variant of Spidey’s classic blue and red outfit, but Marvel instead chose to give her a look of her own. The Gwen Stacy of an alternate universe, this fan-favorite web slinger got bitten by the radioactive spider that would have given Peter his powers. Donning a hooded white and black suit with pink lining, the young hero took to the skies of Manhattan as Spider-Woman. The character’s distinctive and eye-catching suit does a ton to give her her own identity among the increasingly large legion of webheads, and she’s skyrocketed in popularity as a result.

#6: Stealth Suit

Spider-Man’s abilities make him pretty good at sneaking around, but sometimes he needs an extra edge for adventures that require him to go full-ninja. For such occasions, Peter put his scientific genius to good use and whipped up this sleek stealth suit. The suit can bend light around it, making the wearer invisible. That feature is pretty essential since the outfit has some extremely hard-to-miss glowing panels. Eye-catching? Sure, but not terribly stealthy if we’re being honest. The suit can also deflect sound, further enhancing Spidey’s stealth abilities and granting him immunity to sonic attacks, something that came in extremely handy when Spidey was fighting the Hobgoblin.

#5: Insomniac Spider-Man Suit

No, this isn’t the outfit that Spidey wears when he just can’t get a good night’s sleep. This update to Spidey’s classic duds was designed by Insomniac Games for their 2018 Spider-Man game, which unleashes players in a massive open world sandbox with all of Spidey’s powers. Insomniac added some new white details to the uniform, most notably a large white spider symbol on Spidey’s chest and back. This is definitely a bold design choice, and Insomniac took a pretty big risk by augmenting Spider-Man’s iconic outfit. Thankfully, that risk paid off and we got an awesome and visually distinct Spidey suit to swing around digital New York in.

#4: Scarlet Spider (Ben Reilly)

Not every iconic spider-suit can be a slick, streamlined technological marvel packed with amazing gadgets, and that’s ok. Sometimes it’s enough for a suit to just look cool, and that’s exactly what this one does. Worn by Peter’s clone Ben Reilly, this homemade suit uses the same red and blue color scheme seen in the classic Spidey costume, but trades in the usual spandex for a tattered hoodie over a red bodysuit without the classic webs. He also made some updates to Spidey’s web shooters, allowing them to fire paralyzing darts at his enemies. This hero’s saga may have been controversial, but his fashion sense is definitely on point.

#3: Future Foundation Suit

While Spider-Man definitely spends a lot of time as a lone hero, he isn’t above joining the occasional team when the occasion calls for it. On one such occasion, the webhead joined the Future Foundation, a group formed by Reed Richards in order to train the next generation of super-geniuses and help ensure a brighter future for humanity. While on duty with this group, Spidey donned a white and black number based on the team’s official uniform. The suit was also able to invert these colors to be mostly black. Talk about slick!

#2: Superior Spider-Man

After transferring his mind into Spider-Man’s body, the formerly villainous Doc Ock took over as the webslinger for a short time. Despite a turn to the heroic side of things, the former villain retained his enormous ego and became determined to surpass Peter as Spider-Man. Step one in this endeavor was upgrading Peter’s suit, which he outfitted with various technological innovations including zoom lenses, robotic arms and more. Finally, he made the blue parts of the suit black, giving it a more modern edge as well as some sinister vibes. Ock’s time as the webslinger eventually came to an end, and Peter sadly put this suit back in the closet.

#1: MCU Suit (AKA Stark Suit)

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When it came time for Spider-Man’s triumphant arrival in the MCU, nothing less than the best Spider-Man costume ever put to film would do. Thankfully, Spidey donned this near-perfect costume for his MCU debut after receiving it from none other than Tony Stark. The costume retains much of the classic Spider-Man look but adds in some black lines to give the suit a more rugged feel. But most importantly, the costume features eyepieces cable of contracting and expanding, giving Tom Holland’s Spidey the ability to emote even underneath the mask, a first for live-action Spider-Man suits. There have been lots of Spidey suits over the years, but this one really is Amazing.