Another Top 10 Modern Metal And Hard Rock Bands

Another Top 10 Modern Metal And Hard Rock Bands
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These bands might be fairly new on the scene but they're certainly heavy and they know what they're doing. Join as we count down our picks for another Top 10 Modern Metal and Hard Rock Bands. For this list, we're looking at recent bands that have been turning the volume up with their music and style, and that have found popularity and success in the current era of metal.

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Another Top 10 Modern Metal And Hard Rock Bands

These bands might be fairly new on the scene but they’re certainly heavy and they know what they're doing. Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down our picks for another top 10 modern metal and hard rock bands.

For this list, we’re looking at recent bands that have been turning the volume up with their music and style, and that have found popularity and success in the current era of metal. If you don’t see a band that you think should be on the list, be sure to check out our first list of Top 10 Modern Metal and Hard Rock Bands.

#10: Arch Enemy

Known for their melodic death metal and aggressive lead vocals, you probably didn’t know that this band from Halmstad, Sweden were originally a supergroup during the late ‘90s. Arch Enemy has so far released nine studio albums, with their sixth album “Doomsday Machine” reaching number 87 on the Billboard 200. Critics have described the band’s sound as a blend of progressive and death metal, which allows them to still provide metalheads with the influence of their hardcore music today.

#9: Nightwish

As with Arch Enemy, this symphonic metal band was also formed in the ‘90s when metal music was changing shape. Although Nightwish has been successful in their home country of Finland since their debut album “Angels Fall First”, they would only achieve international fame with the release of later records like “Oceanborn,” “Wishmaster” and “Century Child”. With big hits like “Wish I Had an Angel” and “Amaranth” though, it’s no wonder they are one of the most successful Finnish bands in the world.

#8: Volbeat

Not many bands can get away with mixing hard rock with Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley, but this Danish band does just that. Dating back to 2001, all five of their albums have received gold status in their native Denmark. While their previous albums have garnered success, their fourth record “Beyond Hell/Above Heaven” was notably met with critical acclaim in Europe and was also their first album to receive Billboard 200 chart success. Their next album, “Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies” even netted netted them a Grammy nod with the tune “Room 24,” while their 2015 tour with Anthrax earned them serious metal cred.

#7: Lacuna Coil

Hailing from Milan, Italy, Lacuna Coil emerged in 1994 and were formally known as “Sleep of Right” and “Ethereal” before they took on their current moniker. Most of their albums achieved chart success, but it was their sixth album “Dark Adrenaline” that achieved top 20 status when it hit number 15 on the Billboard 200 in 2012. Meanwhile, songs like their Depeche Mode cover “Enjoy the Silence”, “Trip the Darkness” and “Spellbound” are hits not to be missed. Chart success aside, the band has gained praise for lead singers Andrea Ferro and Cristina Scabbia and their unique blend of female and male vocals.

#6: Gojira

Formally known as “Godzilla”, this critically acclaimed heavy metal band from France are known especially for focusing on environmentally conscious themes. With influences like Metallica, Tool, Slayer, Pantera and many others, Gojira’s musical style is hard to pin down and is best left to the ears to decide upon. The band has released five albums as of 2015, all of which have earned praise from critics and fans alike. 2008's “The Way of All Flesh” was cited as one of the year's best by Metal Hammer while 2012's “L'Enfant Sauvage” has been their highest charting album in North America to date, hitting 34 on the Billboard 200.

#5: Children of Bodom

Also known for their fusion of musical styles, which some critics and fans label as melodic death metal, power metal and thrash metal, Children of Bodom are also one of the most popular and successful bands in their home country of Finland. In fact, they’ve sold over 250,000 records there alone. Their third album “Follow the Reaper”, became their first album to receive gold status at home, with their 6 other records achieving the same status since then while also achieving chart success on the Billboard 200. Meanwhile, 2015 saw the release of their album “I Worship Chaos”, proving that they’re still going strong.

#4: Five Finger Death Punch

This American heavy metal band has sold more than 2.5 million albums in the United States alone since their formation in 2005. While their debut album “The Way of the Fist” gave them their first Billboard 200 chart success, their second album “War Is the Answer” remains their best-selling album, with sales of over 900,000. 2015's “Got Your Six”, meanwhile, became the band's third album to premiere at #2 on the Billboard 200. Although a few band members have come and gone, Fiver Finger Death Punch are still going strong today and are showing no signs of slipping.

#3: Mastodon

This American sludge metal band are known for their sludge-stoner-metal outfits while also being considered one of the greatest metal bands of their generation. With six albums under their belts since their 2002 début, Mastodon turned heads with their Moby-Dick based concept album “Leviathan,” while 2006 saw the band get a nod of approval from stoner rock champion Josh Homme when he guested on the band's “Colony of Birchmen”. The public, meanwhile, threw support at the band as well, pushing later records “The Hunter” and “Once More 'Round the Sun” into the top 10 of the Billboard 200 charts.

#2: Bullet for My Valentine

Originally named Jeff Killed John before they changing their name the one we know today as a result of financial troubles and a different musical direction, this metalcore and hard rock band have sold over 5 million albums worldwide. Not only that, but they’ve earned Billboard 200 chart success with each and every album they’ve released since 2005 so far . With influences such as Guns N’ Roses, AC/DC and many others inspiring the Welsh band’s musical personality, Bullet for My Valentine continue to rock hard – and with the top 10 chart status of their 2015 album “Venom,” it looks like they gonna keep things that way.

Before we rock on with our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

- In Flames

- Meshuggah

- Trivium

- Underoath

- Amon Amarth

#1: Killswitch Engage

Considered one of the founders of metalcore and one of more prominent bands of the New Wave of American Heavy Metal movement, Killswitch Engage currently has six albums to their credit and over 4 million records sold in their native U.S. alone. Known as much for their combination of extreme metal and hardcore as they are for Grammy-nominated hits like “In Due Time,” Killswitch Engage have gained praise from the get-go. Their 2000 debut album is considered to be one of the most successful albums in the metalcore genre, while their 2009 self-titled release and 2013's “Disarm the Descent” both topped out at #7 on the Billboard 200.

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