10 Times People Confessed to Crimes On Camera
10 Times People Confessed to Crimes On Camera

10 Times People Confessed to Crimes On Camera

VOICE OVER: Peter DeGiglio WRITTEN BY: Don Ekama
These criminal confessions will send a chill down your spine. For this list, we'll be considering the most infamous people whose despicable confessions were caught on tape. Our countdown includes Mark “Chopper” Read, Ted Bundy, Ed Kemper, and more!

10 Times People Confessed to Crimes on Camera

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re looking at 10 Times People Confessed to Crimes on Camera.

For this list, we’ll be considering the most infamous people whose despicable confessions were caught on tape.

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Jordy Brook

In November of 2014, Peter Steer, an Australian cameraman for 7News, was sent to the coastal town of Noosa Heads in Queensland to cover a shooting. On his way there, he was hailed down by a man on a motorbike named Jordy Brook who disclosed that he was the perpetrator of the incident in question. Steer then called the authorities, as he filmed Brook making a teary confession to the crime. While waiting for police, Brook had a change of heart and stole the cameraman’s car at gunpoint. He was eventually arrested after crashing into a gas station, and brought up on multiple charges including attempted murder and armed robbery.

Jerrod Murray

Jerrod Murray and Generro Sanchez were both freshmen at East Central University in Oklahoma in 2012. On December 5th, Murray lured Sanchez into driving him to a Walmart by offering to pay him $20. This would be Sanchez’s last ride, as he was gunned down by Murray in his own car. Murray fled the scene but was eventually arrested while attempting to hitchhike to Canada. During police interrogation, Murray quickly owned up to the crime, giving a chilling confession seemingly devoid of any remorse. He admitted to planning the murder weeks ahead and believed he deserved the death penalty. Instead, he was found not guilty by reason of insanity and remanded to a mental health facility.

Earl Valentine

While many individuals have confessed to their crimes in interviews or during police interrogations, Earl Valentine basically bragged about his on Facebook. In an eerie livestream in September 2016, Valentine admitted to shooting his ex-wife, Keisha, and their son, Earl Jr. Keisha had moved to Norlina, North Carolina, with Earl Jr. in an attempt to escape Valentine after her restraining order against him had expired. In the video, Valentine accused his ex-wife of trying to tarnish his image and claimed to have shot her in retribution. Police later tracked Valentine to a motel in Columbia, South Carolina but found that he had already taken his own life.

Daniel Wozniak

A community theater actor in Costa Mesa, California, Daniel Wozniak was arrested in May 2010 after the body of Julie Kibuishi was discovered in his neighbor, Sam Herr’s apartment. At the time, police were on the hunt for Herr, who was presumed to have fled after ending Kibuishi’s life. While in police custody, Wozniak initially denied having anything to do with the crime. But after a few hours of questioning, he eventually confessed to killing Kibuishi and Herr, who was a war veteran, in a bid to collect his combat pay savings. In 2016, Wozniak was found guilty of two counts of first-degree murder and handed the death penalty.

Mark “Chopper” Read

One of the most notorious criminals in Australian history, Mark “Chopper” Read had a long rap sheet that included crimes like armed robbery, kidnapping and arson. Read’s notorious activities led to him spending a large chunk of his adult life incarcerated. While in prison, the infamous gangster contracted hepatitis C and was diagnosed with liver cancer years later. Just before his death, Read sat for a televised interview with “60 Minutes Australia,” where he admitted to having been responsible for the deaths of four people. Perhaps the most shocking thing about the interview, which was granted just 16 days before his death, was the casual nature with which Read described his graphic crimes.

Sean Vincent Gillis

The crimes of Sean Vincent Gillis were so despicable that even he referred to himself as “pure evil.” Over a ten-year period, Gillis claimed the lives of eight women in and around the Baton Rouge area in Louisiana. Dubbed “The Other Baton Rouge Killer,” he was known to perform disturbing acts on the bodies of his victims. In 2004, he was arrested and charged with three murders, and ended up confessing to all three plus an additional five. Gillis went into detail about how he would hunt down his victims and the gruesome ways he ended their lives. He was, however, only convicted of the initial three murders and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Ed Kemper

Truly a disturbing figure, Ed Kemper was responsible for the deaths of ten people, including his own mother and paternal grandparents. After killing his mother and one of her friends on April 20th 1973, Kemper called the police and confessed to the crimes. Of the ten murders, Kemper was charged with and convicted of eight, for which he was handed eight consecutive life sentences. Throughout his life in prison, Kemper granted multiple interviews, such as for the documentary “Murder: No Apparent Motive,” during which he opened up about his crimes in explicit details. He was also profiled by agents of the FBI’s Behavioural Science Unit, which was portrayed in the Netflix series “Mindhunter.”

Robert Durst

“The Jinx” was a six-part true crime docuseries that aired on HBO in 2015. The critically acclaimed show centered around real estate tycoon Robert Durst who, at the time, was suspected of killing his wife, Kathleen McCormack, and friend, Susan Berman. In the final episode, Durst is shown a damning handwritten letter about Berman’s murder that seemed to match his writing, but he flat out denies being the author. Then, in what is arguably one of the most shocking moments in TV history, he goes to the bathroom and seemingly confesses to the crimes, while his mic is still recording. Durst was later given a life sentence for Berman’s death, but he died of cardiac arrest just three months later.

The BTK Killer

The BTK Killer was the self-imposed nickname of American serial killer Dennis Rader. Rader murdered ten people in the state of Kansas between 1974 and 1991, and sent letters to the authorities bragging about it. He was eventually caught in 2005 after sending police a floppy disk with metadata that revealed his identity. On the day of his trial, Rader surprised the court by instead pleading guilty to all ten counts of first-degree murder and vividly recounted how he carried them out. Throughout the chilling, nearly one-hour long confession, Rader offered no apologies for his actions, and was later handed ten consecutive life sentences.

Ted Bundy

You’d be hard pressed to find an American adult who hasn’t heard the name Ted Bundy. The infamous serial killer claimed at least thirty lives over a four-year period, although that number is believed to be much higher. After he was caught and sentenced to death for three of the murders, Bundy appealed the decision up to the U.S. Supreme Court to no avail. On the eve of his execution, Bundy sat for a taped interview, in which he admitted guilt to the crimes and described the true nature of his murderous tendencies. A few hours later, Bundy’s reign of terror came to an end when he executed in the electric chair on January 24th 1989.