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10 Times Millennial Karens Faced Justice

10 Times Millennial Karens Faced Justice
These Karens paid a price for their actions. For this list, we'll be looking at the most entitled, problematic, and rude Millennials who used their privilege in the worst way possible, but received some karma in return. Our countdown includes Karens facing justice over racist acts, fast food tantrums, and drinking way too much coffee!

Extra Sauce Tantrum

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Working fast food usually means dealing with rude customers at one point or another. Employees at Bel-Fries in Manhattan, New York, probably weren’t expecting this, though. In July of 2022, three women by the names of Pearl Ozoria, Chitara Plasencia, and Tatiyanna Johnson asked for extra sauce and were told there would be an extra fee of $1.75. At this revelation, the group exploded in rage. They trashed the restaurant, stole a small amount of cash from the register, and injured employees during their rampage. They reportedly caused up to $20,000 in damages as they wrecked computers and other expensive equipment! The trio were arrested, but even attacked a police officer during the incident. All three faced many charges including robbery, criminal mischief, and assault.

Boat Barrage

When the sun comes out, water sports are a great way to cool down and enjoy the fine weather. Well, that’s exactly what Fay Johnson and her children did at a river in Bristol, England, in 2022. However, while there, a group of youngsters were reportedly throwing rocks and mud at folks on the water. Johnson confronted the group, and the dispute mounted when she struck young Antwon Forrest on the head with a paddle, leaving a grim wound and permanent scar. While it seemed that justice would be dubious, police were soon slated for not carrying out penalty against Johnson and ignoring the racial undertones to this case. Eventually, Johnson was arrested for assault. She received a four-month prison sentence and had to give Forrest £500 in compensation.

Cabin Staff Racism

Cabin staff are often seen as the unsung heroes of the sky who make traveling much nicer. A woman named Joanne Wickenden, apparently, was the exception. In 2017, while working for British Airways, she uploaded a Snapchat video where she went on a racist rant against Nigerians, going as far as to make vile sexual comments, too. The video went viral and, evidently, Wickenden no longer works for British Airways. She claimed the video was a “joke” and that she was encouraged to make it by co-workers. Shortly after, though, it was discovered that this wasn’t the first time Wickenden was terrible at her job. She was reportedly fired from Norwegian Air for spitting in the coffee of a passenger.

Bagel Karen

When mask policies were in full effect, people who refused to wear one usually ticked several other problematic boxes. That was certainly the case with Stephanie Denaro in March of 2021 when she walked into a bakery in Manhattan, New York, with her four kids. After being refused service for being maskless, she launched into a racist rant with appalling slurs. Even though she was filmed, Denaro originally claimed she didn’t say the words. Later, she changed tack, claiming that it was a “term of endearment”. She also claimed her children were biracial and that she herself has Nigerian ancestry. Whatever the case, Denaro was banned by the bakery and received some well-deserved backlash online.

Courtside Karen

It’s not every day that a fan getting verbally abusive to a player causes the game to pause, but that’s what happened when the Los Angeles Lakers took on the Atlantic Hawks on February 1st 2021. During the fourth quarter, LeBron James got into a verbal altercation with a man in the stands. The man’s wife, social media influencer Juliana Carlos, was seen pulling her face mask down to yell at James for how he apparently spoke to her husband. In a video she posted later, she even mentioned how she physically threatened the NBA legend—not a great move. The couple and two others they were with were quickly booted from the stadium for the outburst, and Carlos was dubbed the “Courtside Karen” soon afterward.

Dog Park Karen

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Top 20 Times Karens Faced Justice

In September 2021, author Frederick Joseph and his fiancée were walking their pup one night in a dog park in Brooklyn, New York. A woman named Emma Sarley mistook Joseph’s dog for her neighbor’s that apparently barks a lot. She threatened to call the police on the couple, amid some racist comments. When the shocked couple repeated the phrase to her for clarification, she seemingly noticed they were filming the interaction and pretended they were saying it to her instead. Luckily, a passerby confirmed what really happened. Once the video got publicity, Sarley’s employer Bevy fired her from the software company for her “discriminatory behavior”.

Too Much Caffeine

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Top 50 Times Karens Faced Justice

Sometimes, it doesn’t even take provocation to get a Karen going nuts. In May 2022, while inside a Starbucks in Mountain View, California, 33-year-old Daixin Neill Quan kicked off upon seeing the manager. She told him that she’d have him deported back to Mexico, even though he was of Indian descent. Then, hearing a non-American accent nearby, she ranted at another customer that they should go back to their country. But when the victim began recording the bizarre event on their phone, Quan physically attacked them. To make it worse – if that’s possible – Quan also tried to strike a child before the father stepped in. Unsurprisingly, Quan was soon arrested and charged with a hate crime.

Soup Attack

One of the worst parts of being a manager at a restaurant is having to deal with complaints. And Janelle Browland experienced one of the worst. At the Sol de Jalisco restaurant in Temple, Texas, in November 2021, a customer, now identified as Amanda Martinez, complained about the soup being so hot that it melted the plastic lid. Displeased at the lack of action, Martinez threw the container’s contents at Browland, who experienced burning from the spicy soup and nosebleeds. On top of being banned from the restaurant, the disgruntled customer was also arrested on assault charges. In February of 2023, Martinez was sentenced to 15 months deferred adjudication, 6 days of jail work release, and fined $800, plus court costs.

Extinguisher Spree

In January 2023, Jennifer Holder was at the Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport. After allegedly dipping on paying the bill at Buffalo Wild Wings, she attempted to enter a secure door. A big no-no, especially in an airport. When she was confronted by staff, Holder grabbed a fire extinguisher and went on a rampage, spraying employees and passengers with the chemicals as she wandered around. Eventually, the police managed to arrest her. But, not before they were kicked and spat on by Holder. Several airport staff even required medical attention for breathing in the extinguisher’s spray. Holder faces several charges, including assault and obstructing law enforcement.

Key Fob Kelly

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One night in 2018, D’Arreion Toles of St. Louis, Missouri just wanted to get into his apartment building. Instead, he was confronted by Hilary Brooke Thorton and her small dog. She blocked his way and kept demanding that he show her proof that he lived there. Once he got inside, she continued to follow him to his place. Even after Toles got into his apartment, a police officer called for by Mueller came to speak to him as Mueller was “uncomfortable” with him being there. When the video of the incident was released by Toles, it quickly went viral. Mueller’s employers, real estate management company Tribeca, were very unhappy. Karma did what it does best and Mueller was dismissed.