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These Karens got owned! For this list, we'll be looking at rude, entitled, and obnoxious people of any gender who got to experience the sweet taste of karma with some public embarrassment for their terrible behavior. Our countdown of Karens who got owned includes incidents at schools, restaurants, public events, and more!

The Stand-off for the Space

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Usually, fans of the same teams help each other out. But when a parking space is on the line, all loyalty goes out the window. In January 2023, TikTok user Courtney was attending MLB side Houston Astros’ FanFest. Seeing a free spot for their car, everything seemed great. The only problem, a woman was standing in the way, seemingly saving it for someone. The two remained still, waiting for the other to give in and move. Instead, the mystery woman approached the car and told Courtney they were ruining the day for everyone and weren't real Astros fans. The audacity! By the end, the Karen gave up and walked away. But not before yelling some more.

School Board Shame

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The pandemic, while grim and horrifying, did help us see some people for what they are: terrible. In April 2021, QAnon follower and prospective school board member Kara Bell decided that briefly wearing a mask inside a Nordstrom Rack in Austin, Texas, was too much trouble to reduce the spread of the disease. Bell was confronted by an employee for this and then allegedly pushed them. After refusing to leave the store and hiding in a changing room, the cops arrived to escort her out. Bell was then shown ranting to the police outside about being a “Christian woman of God” while recording the interaction on her phone. Afterward, she was charged with assault. Unsurprisingly, Bell didn’t get on the school board.

The Reverse of Embarrassment

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Picking up kids from school can be a nightmare. Many, many vehicles can litter the road, waiting to pick up their young ‘uns to take home. Sure, it’s annoying. But there’s nothing to be done except wait in line. In August 2021, Josh Ryden waited in line in Austin, Texas, as the sun shone. Yet one pick-up truck driver was WAY too important to queue up. So, they drove onto the other side of the road and looked to cut in further up. Instead, they were met with traffic coming the other way. Now, they had to reverse in shame, delighting the bored drivers in the line.

Silent Treatment

Some Karens really enjoy the attention that comes with their horrendous behavior. It’s almost a weird badge of honor for them to get the strongest reaction from decent folk. In September 2022, workers at a Subway restaurant took that power away from one rude woman spectacularly. Posted up by Charlie Kincade, we see a lady arguing with an employee, demanding her sandwich to be made. However, the worker was done with her rudeness and refused. She then acted like the Karen wasn’t there, instead attending to another customer. The confusion on the belligerent woman’s face, wondering if she'd turned invisible, was magical. Eventually, getting nowhere, she leaves, but not before shouting the classic phrase of wanting to see the employee’s supervisor.

Monkey-ing Around

In certain countries, wild monkeys can be a problem, sure. They can get rowdy and whatnot. But being rude to one isn’t a good look. In 2015, a man was wandering down a street in Shimla, India, when he spotted the primate near a railing. For a moment, he looked happy to see the furry friend. But then, he whipped out the bird directly in the creature’s face. Uh oh. Like a scene from “The Planet of the Apes” franchise, this Simian decided an uprising against humans was overdue. It proceeded to drop-kick the guy in the face like a wrestler, causing the guy to fall to the floor before darting back to the fence for protection.

Landlord Greed

Nowadays landlords don’t exactly have a positive reputation. With the rising cost of inflation across the globe, many of them have hiked up their rent prices to keep making the same amount of profit. But one greedy landlord that messed with Sean in Sydney, Australia, probably regrets doing so. In April 2023, Sean released a video about his home proprietor increasing his rent by a massive 700 Australian dollars, around 480 American. As such, the tenant understandably chose to move on rather than pay the extortionate price. Sadly, for the landlord, according to Sean, even with the vacancy rate in the city being 1%, not one person was willing to view the property at the open house. Absolute disaster. But absolutely cathartic.

Public Shaming

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It’s really weird just how often people think that standing in a parking space somehow means they’ve reserved it for their family. If it ain’t a vehicle or an official sign in the spot, then you’ve reserved nothing. In July 2022, one Karen in Long Beach, California, decided that by blocking cars from using a space, that made it hers. Posted by Vesna Frye, a stand-off had taken place as a line of cars beeped their horns at the entitled lady, who held her least for a little bit, anyway. When a driver of a handicapped vehicle began yelling at her, the awkward Karen skulked away from the space, bringing lots of cheers from those watching the bizarre event.

Litterbug Lesson

Is there anything worse than litterbugs? Yeah, definitely. But they’re at least in the top 10. In November 2021, Rob Baugh was on the highway as he and his friend headed to Las Vegas, Nevada, for the SEMA Show. They happened to catch some fun karma on the dashcam. One Honda Civic driver didn’t want to wait for a bin to throw their drink away. Instead, they lobbed it at a nearby vehicle. But as they celebrated, we assume, they took their eyes off the road and didn’t realize the cars in front had stopped. The Karen car rear-ended the helpless vehicle and, perhaps, had to pay out a lot of money for repairs.

A Wild Door Appears

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Karens love to take out the frustrations of their lives on restaurant workers. In 2015, a woman ranted at employees for not speaking English in America. Next, the bewildered staff are berated by her for putting green peppers in the food instead of red since her kids don’t “eat green things.” When the worker relented and stated they'd make a new one, the animated Karen flipped out that it’d take 15 minutes. We also discover that the woman is the first human to never make a mistake as she constantly chanted, “Get it right the first time.” As she went to leave, she thudded against the glass door, completely wrecking her exit.

Stage Slam

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It’s always great when a celebrity takes a stand against terrible behavior. In May 2022, acting legend Patti LuPone hosted a conversation alongside her “Company” co-stars after a performance. She then spotted a woman in the audience not wearing a face mask properly. So, LuPone verbally slated her for risking the health of people around her. For some reason, the Karen responded by claiming she pays LuPone’s salary. The actor scoffed and said the producer did. The Karen then claimed she was a “patriot,” which somehow meant she was exempt from common courtesy. Later, LuPone claimed the maskless woman had been a problem with staff for not wearing the cloth properly, obnoxiously putting it over her eyes like a mature grown-up.