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These Karens paid the price in 2023. For this list, we'll be looking at infamous incidents involving rude, entitled, and horrendous people who got their comeuppance this year in one form or another. Our countdown of Karens who faced justice this year includes famous Karens, racist Karens, entitled Karens, and more!

Serenading Karen

Getting inebriated on airplanes is a bad, bad idea. Just like Erica Jayne Carlson found out! In January 2023, she was on a Jetstar plane at Gold Coast Airport, Australia, on her way to meet her kids. Carlson, who was reportedly intoxicated, was asked to leave by cabin staff. But she refused as she didn’t want to pay for another ticket. So she had to deal with the police who escorted her from the flight. As she was leaving, the passengers burst out into song with Steam’s “Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye.” In March, Carlson was charged with behaving in an offensive or disorderly manner on an aircraft, which comes with a fine of up to $9310.13 USD.

Bellew's Bad Bellow

Sometimes, it’s the smallest things that can get under a Karen's skin to cause them to immediately descend into racism. In February 2023, Rita Bellew was at Amy’s Family Pizzeria in Hatboro, Pennsylvania. The TV there was playing a Spanish-speaking series, and that triggered Bellew. She went on a racist tirade at co-owner Omar Quiñonez. Apparently, because Bellew’s father fought in World War Two, that means speaking non-English languages in the US is bad. She then played the victim as she recorded the event. But the police later arrived to stop that. Bellew was charged with Ethnic Intimidation and Harassment afterward and is awaiting a trial date. In better news, Amy’s Pizzeria has seen an increase in orders as people rallied around them.

The Case of the Missing Biscuit

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As Belinda Miller opened her order bag from Popeye’s in Augusta, Georgia, she experienced something that we’ve all gone through at some point: a missing item. Instead of handling it politely, she went another way in February 2023. Even after the store fixed the error and handed her the missing biscuits, she wanted more. Miller called the fast food chain and threatened to drive her vehicle into them. Then, instead of realizing that she probably shouldn’t do that, she rammed her SUV into Popeye’s entrance. Thankfully, she didn’t hit anyone since debris blocked her path. Miller was later arrested, with police seeing the obvious damage to her car at her home. She was charged with first-degree criminal damage to property and aggravated assault.

Extinguisher Rampage

Even paying for food is apparently a no-go for some Karens. In January 2023, Jennifer Holder allegedly ran from the bill at a Buffalo Wild Wings at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. She attempted to escape staff through a secure exit, prompting security to arrive. When they got there, they saw Holder holding a fire extinguisher and going on a rampage through the terminal with it. Police, airport staff, and passengers were all victims of Holder as she walked around spraying the extinguisher with abandon. Some people even had to go to the hospital with breathing difficulties. Eventually, she was arrested by the police, who were allegedly spat on and kicked by Holder. She was charged with several offenses, including assault and battery.

Hockey Hell

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On paper, Katey Stone seemed like a good egg. After all, she had led Harvard’s women’s ice hockey program for nearly three decades and coached the Harvard Crimson to several championships. But in January 2023, what she’s like behind the skates came out when players under her care came forward. They accused Stone of making racist comments, abusing her position, and taking part in hazing events. Reportedly, on top of forcing players to drink alcohol, the coach made the players strip, then slide across the ice, causing burns. Stone also allegedly fostered a toxic atmosphere between the players. She even ignored mental health issues and injuries. In June, with an investigation happening, Stones decided to retire, probably before she was pushed.

Kitchener Karen

When Karens are confronted over their racist comments, sometimes, they’ll resort to violence. In May 2023, Mifrah Abid, who worked for the Coalition of Muslim Women of K-W, shortly began recording a woman - who wasn’t named by the press - who was allegedly uttering racist comments at the DriveTest center in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, when she was asked to wait in line. Of course, on camera, the Karen denied the accusation. Yet as Abid pressed her, she exploded in rage. She lunged at Abid, took the phone, then pitched it at her. As people called for security, the woman left the center. But fear not, justice came calling later. She was arrested by the police and charged with assault and theft.

Halifax Karen

The next time Justine Morrison goes out, she may want to take some more time before she speaks and acts in public. In January 2023, she and another person were rowdy in the Vine Bar in Halifax, England. When Morrison refused to quiet down and reportedly threw a drink at the bouncer, she was escorted out. Then, she responded with a venomous racist tirade towards doorman Dally Whylie. When the interaction was released online, Morrison was unsurprisingly and permanently banned from the venue. She also obtained a police caution, accepted responsibility, and had to undergo a restorative justice program. Morrison even lost her part-time accounting job at the Shine Theatre Arts company.

Ten Items or Jail

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For those of us that aren’t keen on people, self-checkouts in grocery shops are wonderful. But sometimes, there are rules on using them. In March 2023, Lynda Ukeh tried to go through one at an H-E-B store in Spring, Texas. When she was denied the option because she had more than ten items, an agitated Ukeh left the grocery store. The employees were probably hoping this was the end of it. But no. She then returned with a friend. Ukeh reportedly attacked a staff member and pulled her hair before hurrying away from the scene. The cops later tracked her down and charged her with assault. As part of her bond, Ukeh is banned from shopping at any H-E-B stores throughout Harris County.

TSA Tantrum

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Having to throw away liquids at an airport is annoying, sure, but it's necessary. In April 2023, at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport in Arizona, Makiah Coleman had to give up her unfinished apple juice. Well, she wasn’t having that! Coleman, on top of ranting, tried to get her stuff back. When TSA agents attempted to stop her, she reportedly got physical and elbowed one in the head so hard that she gave them a concussion. After taking her shirt off, Coleman grabbed another agent by the hair and punched them repeatedly. When a co-worker stepped in to help, Coleman attempted to strike them and allegedly bit them. After all that, the passenger was eventually arrested and charged with several crimes.

Harassment Karen

Apparently, if your family owned a property decades ago and sold it, that still means it’s yours - at least according to Judy Kline. Since January 2022, she had been harassing a Mexican American family in St. Louis, Missouri, accusing them of being in the country illegally. Over several incidents, Kline had broken into their basement, damaged items, racially abused the Suarez family, and threatened them with a hammer. It wasn’t until Ring footage of her shouting obscenities on the family’s doorstep was put online that the authorities took things more seriously. In the past year, Kline had reportedly only been taken into custody temporarily, which is why she kept coming back. In February 2023, Kline was arrested on several charges, including burglary and using a weapon. In June, she gained another offense with the interference of housing rights. Kline is also banned from being near or contacting the family.