10 Most Ruthless Acts of Revenge on Cheating Partners

10 Most Ruthless Acts of Revenge on Cheating Partners
These ruthless acts of revenge are not for the faint of heart. For this list, we'll be looking at moments of people getting brutally even with their adulterous companions. Our countdown of the most ruthless acts of revenge on cheating partners includes Jet Setting Breakup, Twin Traitor, Writing Revenge, and more!

10 Most Ruthless Acts of Revenge on Cheating Partners

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we're examining our picks for the 10 Most Ruthless Acts of Revenge on Cheating Partners.

For this list, we’ll be looking at moments of people getting brutally even with their adulterous companions.

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DJ Disaster

Some radio deejays like to push boundaries on their shows to generate controversy and entice listeners to tune in. In 2005, Kerrang Radio’s Tim Shaw interviewed model and bodybuilder Jodie Marsh, and joked with her that he was tempted to leave his wife and family. Unfortunately for Shaw, his wife, Hayley, heard the conversation. Fed up with Tim disrespecting his family for his show, after a few drinks, Hayley put his prized possession up for sale on eBay, a Lotus Esprit Turbo valued at £25,000. But instead of making a tidy profit, she sold it before he got home for a mere 50 pence!

Airing Dirty Laundry

A panel hosted by C-SPAN2 discussing the future of conservative politics doesn’t seem like an obvious place for jilted lovers to seek justice. But that’s what Todd Seavey did in 2010. Partway through the discussion, he begins taking verbal shots at fellow panelist Helen Rittelmeyer, accusing her of some rather sadistic and hypocritical behavior. Although his remarks get a few laughs from the crowd, it’s hard to tell whether he’s actually joking. Then Seavey reveals that he and Rittelmeyer dated for two years, and even indirectly accuses her of cheating with some of the people in that very room. It certainly made this panel far more interesting than your typical C-SPAN content.

Jet Setting Breakup

Sometimes, a simple conversation is too easy. In 2023, TikTok user Foilux, who creates custom-made scratch-off tickets to give as gifts, shared an order she’d received from an unidentified woman. The customer wanted the company to create a scratch card to give her partner the impression that he was getting a trip to Dubai for his 21st birthday. But when he scratched off the foil, he wouldn’t find a ticket to a luxury vacation in the sun. Instead, a very different message would be there, stating that the woman knows he’s been cheating and ending with an explicit insult.

Malicious Musician

They say that living well is the best revenge – and if you can rub your newfound success in your ex’s face, even better. That’s exactly what musician Izza got to do in 2022. To advertise the release of her debut EP, “I Say This With Love,” she bought billboard space across Los Angeles featuring the album title and a giant image of herself. Pretty normal so far. But Izza specifically chose a billboard that faced her cheating ex’s home. So, when he wakes up and opens the curtains every morning, he's greeted with a very visual reminder of what he did and what he’s now missing out on.

BFF No More

Discovering you’re being cheated on is bad enough. But when it turns out your partner has been doing the deed with your best friend, that’s a whole other tier of betrayal. In a 2022 TikTok, jewelry company Stir of Beauty detailed a devastating order they received. A woman had found out her fiancé had been sleeping with her BFF. With her former friend’s birthday coming up, she asked the jewelers to make a necklace for her and another for him with explicit messages calling out their devious deeds. To show their support, the company also included a necklace that said “Queen,” free of charge.

Writing Revenge

Just a year and a half into her marriage, actor and author Gabrielle Stone discovered that her husband had been cheating on her for the last six months. To make matters worse, the other woman was only 19 years old. And this was no one-night stand. Stone’s husband had met the young woman’s family and gone on vacation with her parents. He’d even lied and given a fake name, “Daniel.” Stone divorced him, fell in love with someone else, and the two planned a long trip to Italy together. However, when that relationship fell apart, she went abroad alone. Afterward, Stone wrote the best-selling book “Eat, Pray, #FML” based on her marriage experience, in which she named the character of the unfaithful ex-husband “Daniel.”

Dramatic Ending

Thea Loveridge went the extra mile to get revenge on the woman her boyfriend was cheating with. Detailing her story on TikTok in 2021, she discovered her partner had been sleeping with his ex while Loveridge was pregnant with their child. After he went to prison for an unrelated assault, the other woman messaged his phone, seemingly not knowing about his run-in with the law. Loveridge told her that her partner had passed away. To sell the tale, she even teamed up with the man’s sister to create a fake funeral and sent the mistress photos of it. Three years later, the woman was still posting social media tributes to her not-really-dead former lover.

Sticky Situation

When Donessa Davis let one of his girlfriends tie him to a hotel room bed, he thought things were about to get steamy. But instead, three more women soon showed up at the room, including Davis’s wife. They had discovered that Davis had been sleeping around on all of them, and they were ready for revenge. The women hurled insults at the helpless cheater and one of them, Therese Ziemann, hit him in the face. She then glued “little Davis” to his stomach. Soon after, the women fled, taking Davis’s wallet and car with them. All four were eventually sentenced to probation and community service for the incident.

Stinking Cheat

In 2013, one short video took the internet by storm. Recording himself, an unidentified man in Lincolnshire, England reveals that he accidentally discovered his wife, Becky, had an active profile on a dating website. In the profile, she admits she’s married but is looking for something extra. She even insults her husband for being an “idiot” and “crazy” and says she only loves her convertible and her horses. The man then films himself dumping a load of manure into the beloved car while its top is down. If Becky didn’t learn a lesson about cheating, we hope she at least learned to log out of her email.

Twin Traitor

Ting Su had just gone through a major life change after giving birth to twins. But as it turns out, another big upheaval was in store for her. Suspicious of her husband Cheng, she used a phone tracker to tail him to a shopping center parking lot in Suzhou, China. There, she found him naked in a car with -- get ready for this -- her twin sister! Startled, the lovers panicked and jumped out of the vehicle. Seeing an opportunity, Ting slipped into the driver’s side and drove off, leaving the two cheaters standing in their birthday suits.