10 Life Hacks For Lazy People

10 Life Hacks For Lazy People
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Hey, you can be both lazy AND ingenuous. For this list, we're looking at hacks that, quite frankly, solve problems that were never that big to begin with. But who are we to judge? These shameless hacks are sure to get results with the least possible effort. But fair warning… they aren't always going to be pretty. Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we'll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Life Hacks For Lazy People.

Top 10 Life Hacks for Lazy People

Hey, you can be both lazy AND ingenuous. Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Life Hacks For Lazy People.

For this list, we’re looking at hacks that, quite frankly, solve problems that were never that big to begin with. But who are we to judge? These shameless hacks are sure to get results with the least possible effort. But fair warning… they aren’t always going to be pretty.

#10: Use a Ziploc Bag & Straw Instead of Cups

Among the unmotivated masses, doing dishes is a common gripe. We all have that friend whose home consists of mountains of unwashed dishes, multiple food-encrusted games of Jenga all waiting to be lost with one misplaced swing of the arm. Dishes are a very real source of conflict among roommates, none of whom ever want to take responsibility for the collective mess. With this little trick, though, you can unburden yourself of all responsibility as far as drinking vessels are concerned. With a Ziploc bag to hold the beverage, a straw to access its contents, and the knowledge that you can just recycle it all when you’re done… you’re all set! It’s like Capri Sun!

#9: Duct Tape Cup Holder!

You’d think that with all the money you spend on an automobile, you’d at least get a conveniently located cup holder included. And… you did. But as anyone who spends a lot of time in their car will tell you, the cup holder is never exactly where you want it to be. Or there aren’t enough of them! Oh, you’re actually happy with your car cup holders? Well... how about your lawn chair? Your bike? The world is full of situations not designed to hold cups… but YOU decide when you want to bring a beverage along for the ride. So break out duct tape and shape the world to fit your needs!

#8: Perfume Hair Brush Instead of Showering

Honestly, we’ve all been there. Your alarm goes off late and there’s no time to shower. You go to shower but there are no clean towels, meaning that getting soaking wet would be seriously inconvenient. Maybe the roomies already used all the hot water. Or… (no judgement) maybe you just DON’T feel like it. Usually, dry shampoo is the answer, but maybe you ran out and were too lazy to get more. If you’re self-conscious of your hair and concerned that it may have that distinct “few days without a wash” scent to it, spray your hairbrush with perfume, and start brushing. The lovely scent, paired with the brushed-out look, will have everyone fooled.

#7: Turn Your Screen on Its Side

Unless you’re a mummy, a vampire, or somebody recovering from a crash in a full-body cast, chances are, you don’t actually rest lying down on your back - regardless of what doctors recommend. Especially when lounging on the couch or in bed, you’re most likely resting on your side, begrudgingly accepting the fact that the show you’re binge-watching on Netflix is off by about 90 degrees. If you’re lying in bed with a laptop, embrace the portable technology and flip it on its side. Boom! Problem solved. We wouldn’t suggest doing this with a 50-inch flat screen, but even you desktop monitor can handle it if you feel like resting your head on your desk.

#6: Quick Dryer Refresh Instead of Ironing

Alright… show of hands - how many people actually iron their clothes? Wow. That many? Well… no need to be all smug about it. For those of us who never mastered the fine art of ironing, or who simply feel that it’s an absurd amount of effort and equipment, this little hack is a real job-saver. As in… it gives clothing a passably ironed look, just good enough to keep the boss from taking notice. Put the outfit in question in the dryer with a damp washcloth or ice cubes, and it will come out mostly wrinkle-free. With a hair straightener, you can even crisp up the shirt collar for added effect.

#5: Use Your Yogurt Lid as a Spoon

Walking to the kitchen... It’s for chumps. Sadly, you have to do it at least once if you’ve got a hankering for some dairy. But should you get back to the couch and hit play on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” Season 3, only to realize (GASP!), you’ve forgotten the spoon, don’t you give up and trudge back to the kitchen. You’ve already got everything you need. That yoghurt lid can easily be held in the shape of a taco and used to scoop out the contents of the container. If you’ve got one of those aluminum yoghurt lids, you can even get fancy and craft yourself a little origami spoon.

#4. Using an Oven as a Heater

In colder climates, winter can be a real downer, especially if you live in an old, poorly insulated house or apartment. Whatever heating method you have, it isn’t cutting it, but who’s got the willpower to face the frigid outside world and go buy an additional space heater? Just crank the oven heat and leave it open a crack. Voila! A space heater. Seriously, though, laziness is no excuse for risking your life or those of your furry friends. This should never be done with a gas stove, or if you have pets. Even then, you should NEVER leave the oven unattended, so get used to hanging out in the kitchen or baking a lot.

#3: Use a Hoodie as a Feedbag

Honestly… this hack is kinda incredible. It’s super simple, looks absurd, and totally works - pretty much everything you’re looking for in a noteworthy lazy hack. It’s nice to have your snacks easily accessible, but balancing them on your lap while you’re doing other things can result in catastrophe should you misjudge their location and knock them over. Sure, you could position them within arm’s reach on a solid surface, but doesn’t that sound like a whole lot of… well, unnecessary reaching? Wearing a sweater backwards provides you with a horse-style feedbag which you can easily reach into with minimal effort. You can even go full horse and skip the hands entirely.

#2: Treat All Underwear Like They’re Reversible

Underwear… what an inconvenience. It’s not like other clothing, which you can pretty much wear indefinitely so long as your coordinate the color with the food you eat and… inevitably spill on yourself. Are you grossed out yet? Great! Now let’s talk underwear. Even those with low standards of hygiene recognize that underwear, due to its intimate relationship with genitalia, needs to be changed regularly. But what if you switch up the surface of the underwear making contact with said naughty bits? You know what… Fred explains it best (b-roll of Fred). Just think of it like rotating your tires! Hey, we said it wasn’t always gonna be pretty.

#1: Plastic Wrap Your Dishes

We started with dishes and we’re coming full circle. By now you’ve likely got your Ziploc bag and straw game down, but in order to completely liberate yourself from dish duty, we’re going to introduce the ultimate lazy hack. You can plastic wrap all of your dishes before using them - bowls, plates, whatever! When you’re done eating, just throw the plastic wrap out and bask in the glory of the still untarnished dish underneath. On special occasions, use a Xref tortilla instead of plastic wrap for a wrapper you can eat afterwards! You may want to learn to eat with nothing but a spoon, though, as knives and forks have a risk of perforating the plastic.